Aegean Sea

He went back? What sort of ?refugee? goes back?

As if you needed proof that these ?refugees? are anything but, this unfortunate man lost his children and wife in the bloodless coup that is the invasion of Europe by Islamic forces. ?

The father of a Syrian toddler whose body washed up on a Turkish beach, shocking the world, has returned to his hometown of Kobane in Syria to bury his family.

Abdullah Kurdi arrived at the Turkish border town of Suruc on Friday (local time) with the funeral caskets of his three-year-old son Aylan, other young son Ghalib, five, and wife Rehan who all drowned while trying to reach Europe across the Aegean Sea, an AFP photographer reported.

A car carrying the father and the caskets entered Kobane and returned to Turkey while a convoy of journalists and activists was stopped at the border.

The father had earlier flown from the site of the tragedy on Turkey’s Aegean coast to Istanbul and then to the southeastern Turkish city of Urfa. ? Read more »