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Eleanor Mondale, Daughter of Former Vice President Walter Mondale. The entertainment reporter, worked for E! and CBS.

Eleanor Mondale, Daughter of Former Vice President Walter Mondale. The entertainment reporter, worked for E! and CBS.


Towels and Lipstick and ?

The West Wings Receptionist Buzz

?“I stood guard, a pistol at my hip, outside the Oval Office, the last barrier before anyone saw Bill Clinton”

As seen in the above photo from April 3, 1997, Eleanor Mondale arrived for the premiere of?The Saint?in Los Angeles. Eleanor died from brain cancer as a 51-year-old in 2011, but a new book by Gary J Byrne, is resurrecting her name and a whole bunch of controversy about the Clintons. It is the same book that told the world Hillary Clinton?allegedly gave Bill Clinton?a black eye.
The former Secret Service agent Byrne claims,?that things got so heated during Bill Clinton?s Presidency over his affairs that?the Secret Service discussed the prospect of ?domestic violence? between Hillary and her husband. Because of Gary?s close proximity to the Clintons during some of their most volatile days in the White House, the authors? testimony of his experiences with Bill and Hillary are being closely followed.

‘Having witnessed the personal and political dysfunction of the Clinton White House – so consumed by scandal and destroying their enemies, real and imagined – Byrne came to understand that, to the Clintons, governing was an afterthought.
Gary has likened President Clinton?s alleged revolving door of women, to running a brothel instead of leading the country via the White House.
In ?his upcoming book, Crisis of Character,?Byrne claims?while President Clinton was having an affair with Monica Lewinsky he was also having one with former Vice President Walter Mondale?s daughter, Eleanor Mondale.
In the book, the author?writes, ?There before us was E! Network host, Eleanor Mondale .?.?. and President Clinton in a compromising position, that is, making out on the Map Room table.?

According to Byrne, he was ?The last barrier before Monica Lewinsky saw Bill Clinton.? Moreover, Lewinsky?was jealous of?Mondale?s relationship with the President. Bill Clinton’s White House was a seedy “brothel” where the “horndog” President entertained a veritable harem of mistresses, the former US Secret Service agent has claimed.

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Photo Of The Day

FDR's mother Sara with her son and daughter-in-law Eleanor. Franklin Roosevelt was born in 1882. His father had been married previously and was already 54 years old with a 28 year-old son by then.

FDR’s mother Sara with her son and daughter-in-law Eleanor. Franklin Roosevelt was born in 1882. His father had been married previously and was already 54 years old with a 28 year-old son by then.

The Many Loves of?FDR

The Influence Of The Women Who Figured So Prominently in His Life

“They form and reveal him”?

In the early 1900?s, very few women were working outside the home. The Victorian ideal of the?angel in the house, a school of thought that promoted female domesticity, had crept into the new century. Women were just earning their right to vote, rarely received higher education, and if they wanted to work, were stuck with the limited options of teacher or secretary. Among these few working women was Lucy Mercer, mistress of Franklin D. Roosevelt and secretary to his wife, Eleanor.

FDR was a man who knew adversity ? he learned to live with?polio?at the age of 39, became president at the height of the Great Depression, was involved in two World Wars, and rescued the economy with his ?New Deal.? Despite these major achievements, an affair would make it impossible to save his own marriage.

When FDR proposed to his distant cousin Eleanor in 1905, his mother,?Sara Roosevelt, opposed the union vehemently. Though the future President was 23 years old, she maintained that he was too young to get married, and made herself an awkward presence in his newlywed life. The townhouse she built for them adjoined to hers on every floor, but despite these intrusions on their privacy, the couple had six children, the first four in rapid succession.

While FDR liked to socialize and was comfortable among the upper class, Eleanor preferred a simpler existence. Nevertheless, when her husband was made Assistant Secretary of the Navy in 1913, she had many public obligations to fulfill, and hired?Lucy Mercer?to be her social security. Mercer was fun, vivacious, and beautiful, and it wasn?t long before she was sleeping with her boss?s husband.

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Len Brown should be held to the same standards the Navy holds their officers

Len Brown thinks he can struggle on as Mayor…ignoring the clear issues with ethics and judgement.

A similar case has just concluded with a Navy officer being sacked for his role in a power play affair…entirely similar in many respects to the actions of Mayor Len Brown.

Disgraced high-ranking navy officer Commodore Kevin Keat has been dismissed from the Defence Force.

Delivering sentence at a court martial today Chief Judge Chris Hodson, QC, said the role Keat had held, assistant chief personnel, was one of the most important in the force. Keat had been deceitful throughout about the nature, extent, and origins of the relationship with a civilian subordinate.

Keat, 55, and married, had started a sexual relationship with the woman in 2008. ? Read more »


Understanding statistics

There are many ways to understand statistics.

You could read some claptrap in the Herald about National party supporting, christian, meat eating, coke drinking, smoking, PC using rooters with tattoos.

Or you read what a statistician thinks about their rubbish article.

Leaving aside the gaping logical chasm in identifying website members as representative of all ?cheaters?, what?the data actually say is that more members support National, not that more National supporters are members. ? As you may recall,we determined not so long ago?that more New Zealanders of all descriptions support National than any other party, so that?s what you would expect for members of the website. ? The proportion of National supporters in the election was 47%, among website members it?s 33%, so National supporters are substantially?less?likely to be members of the website than supporters of other parties.?The proportion identifying as Christian among website members is very similar to the proportion in the 2006 census. ? 79% of website users are on PC (vs Mac). ?Again that?s a?lower?proportion of PCs than in the population of NZ computers (the?Herald said 10%?were Macs in July 2010, and for Aus+NZ combined,?IDC now says 15%) but one explanation is that Macs have more of the home market than the business market. ?More members drinking Coke vs Pepsi is also not surprising ? I couldn?t find population figures, but Coke dominates the NZ cola market.

The story doesn?t say, but we can also be pretty confident that the website members are more likely to be Pakeha than Maori, more likely to be accountants than statisticians, and?more likely to have a pet cat than a pet camel.

For the record, I am a National party supporter, have a tattoo, am known to smoke cigars, eat meat, drink Coke, and am Christian. My only saving grace is that I don’t have a PC.

One thing the statistics prove to me though is that Labour supporters must be dud roots, they don;t even feature ion the?statistics.