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How victimhood narratives can open doors

Being a victim is not something that any of us would choose but some people can use their victimhood status to do good things. An example of this would be someone who starts a campaign to change the law because it failed to protect them or someone who starts a support group or heads a public information campaign in the hope that it will help prevent what happened to them from happening to someone else.

Being a victim doesn’t always open doors though if the media paints the victim as deserving of what happened to them. When we were the victim of a criminal hack the media immediately painted us as somehow deserving of having our privacy violated and the loss of revenue and the emotional fallout was not considered important.

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How long before New Zealanders will be treated like this?

It is a scary trend found all over the Western world. People are being targeted and punished for criticising or mocking Islam. No other religion is given this kind of power in the west. Sharia law is being imposed on our Western democracies. Islamic blasphemy?law is being applied to us. It is wrong and it is the canary in the coal mine alerting us to serious danger but is anyone listening?

Louis Smith

Louis Smith

A British gymnast and Olympic champion has been banned from the sport for two months after appearing to ?mock? Islam in a leaked private video…

…And to compound Mr. Smith?s woes, he could now be denied being honoured in his hometown of Peterborough.


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