Aidan Burley

Dirty Politics UK style

There is a lot of talk about ‘Dirty Politics’.

As a long term left wing agtator told me last week over a beer…it wasn’t dirty politics…I was just politics.

Right now in the UK a similar story is unfolding, where the media are hunting after Guido Fawkes aka Paul Staines and his links with PM David Cameron.

Guido operates in many respects just like I do…and just like me he kicks his own team in the slats.

The Prime Minister is the last person you would expect to find honouring rogue political blogger Guido Fawkes, who has just brought down one of his ministers.

But David Cameron appeared as guest of honour via a video link at the 10th anniversary celebrations of the controversial website.

Just three weeks ago, Brooks Newmark resigned as Minister for Civil Society, causing the PM immense embarrassment as it was on the eve of the Conservative Party Conference.

This followed the Tory MP being enticed into sending explicit pictures of himself to a male reporter, posing as an attractive young woman, who was working for Guido Fawkes.

Fawkes then hawked the story around Fleet Street before it was eventually published by the Sunday Mirror.

The dubious journalistic methods employed were so contentious that two newspapers refused to publish the story and the Sunday Mirror, which did, is being investigated by the new press watchdog IPSO.

Yet, in his message broadcast at the dinner, the Prime Minister saw fit to condone such behaviour, praising Fawkes (real name Paul Staines) and his website as ?required reading?.

?Congratulations on ten years of Guido Fawkes,? said Cameron, ?and what better way to celebrate a decade of rejecting the cosy political establishment than by hosting a cocktail reception and a dinner in the heart of Westminster with half the Cabinet and the lobby invited.

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The Tories do have a No Dickheads Rule

Yep, they do have a no-dickheads rule in the Tory Party:

A Conservative Party spokesman said: “Aidan Burley has behaved in a manner which is offensive and foolish.

“That is why he is being removed from his post as Parliamentary Private Secretary at the Department for Transport. In light of information received the Prime Minister has asked for a fuller investigation into the matter to be set up and to report to him.”

Mr Burley’s actions drew condemnation from British Labour MP John Woodcock, who chairs the party’s Friends of Israel group.

Mr Burley, MP for Cannock Chase, issued an “unreserved, wholehearted and fulsome apology” over the party in a letter to the Jewish Chronicle earlier this week.

The controversy could damage Mr Burley’s ministerial hopes, as private secretary roles are seen as a stepping stone to ministerial appointments in the British parliament.

The man in the SS uniform, reported to be groom-to-be Mark Fournier, could face charges under French law, which makes it illegal to wear Nazi uniforms and regalia unless for the purpose of a film, play or historical exhibition.

Why don’t the Tories have a no dickheads rule?

Political parties need to have a no dickheads rule. Labour?especially?needs one to get rid of Trevor Mallard. The Conservative party in NZ needs one after Kevin Campbell’s silly tirade. It seems also the Tories in the UK also need a no dickheads rule:

A Tory MP has apologised for ?inappropriate behaviour? after taking part in a Nazi-themed party at a French ski resort.

Aidan Burley was jokingly described as the ?candidate for Berlin East? at the stag night at which one friend dressed in an SS uniform and others were said to raise toasts to the Third Reich and chanted ?Mein Fuhrer?, it was reported.

One member of the party is said to have joked about ?wanting to intimidate as many people as possible? and admitted that their behaviour had offended a Jewish man who was in the restaurant.

The groom, Mark Fournier, an accountant and Oxford contemporary of Mr Burley, openly posed for pictures performing a Hitler salute as the party left a fondue restaurant in the resort of Val Thorens last week.

Displaying of Nazi symbols is illegal in France which was occupied by Germany during the Second World War.

Mr Burley, the Conservative member for Cannock Chase, Staffs, and a senior aide to the Transport Secretary Justine Greening, did not take part in the Nazi-themed toasts or chants but was photographed sitting next to Mr Fournier in his SS costume.

The group was filmed by a reporter and photographer from the Mail on Sunday who were in the resort researching a different story when they noticed a ?rowdy? group of men at a neighbouring table.

It was only later, when they were invited to join them at a British-themed pub, that they learnt that one of the men was a Tory MP.

John Woodcock, an MP and chair of the Labour Friends of Israel Group, called on David Cameron to sack Mr Burley.

“This sickening behaviour brings shame on the country and it is particularly appalling that an MP seems to have been standing by while it happened,” he said.

“David Cameron should stop dithering and sack him from his Government job immediately.”

We need a group like this here

A new reform group has been set up in the UK to tackle the unions:

The Prime Minister has also thrown his backing behind a new campaign group which wants to highlight the amount of public money spent on funding union officials in Government departments and public bodies.

The first piece of research by the new Trade Union Reform Campaign will be to research the number of trade union activists who are paid for by the taxpayer.

Mr Cameron?s comments are his strongest criticism yet of civil servants who are able to work for trade unions when they should be serving the taxpayer, and mark an escalation in his war of words with unions.

In a letter to Tory MP Aidan Burley, who has set up the campaign, he said: ?I strongly believe the current level of public subsidy to the trade unions cannot be sustained, either morally or economically.?

Mr Cameron added that in his view trade union activity should be paid for by the unions themselves, and not by the taxpayer in the letter, which has been seen by?The Daily Telegraph.

Exactly the same sort of thing should be set up here. They need to look at the Employment Relations Education?Contestable Fund, payroll protection for union dues and the funding of political activity of unions instead of focus on welfare of members.

You didn’t see hordes of Chamber of Commerce vehicles out campaigning on behalf of National but you did see plenty of EPMU vehicles and personnel.