Hands up who wants to fly Malaysia Airlines…anyone? anyone?

I’m not sure I have the confidence to ever fly on Malaysian Airlines…anywhere.

An investigation has been launched after a Malaysia Airlines plane took off from Auckland Airport on Christmas Day and surprised the pilot with the direction it started flying.

Just eight minutes into the direct flight to Kuala Lumpur, MH132’s pilot queried why his Airbus A330 was heading so far south.

He wondered why the plane was heading towards Melbourne and not taking a more direct flight path to the Malaysian capital.

It is understood passengers on board the flight, which left at 2.23am Christmas Day, were not alerted to the mix-up.

During discussions with air traffic controllers at the Auckland Oceanic control centre, the pilot was informed of the flight plan his airline had given to Airways, which manages air traffic control for New Zealand and South Pacific.

He then continued across the Tasman Sea before heading northwest to Kuala Lumpur. ? Read more »

Emirates A380 – Auckland-Brisbane-Dubai

As you will all know Dad and I are on our way to Gallipoli.

We decided to fly Emirates and stop off in Dubai for a week to see my brother and his family. The last time he was in NZ was for Mum’s funeral and Dad’s ONZM investiture.

We arrived at Auckland airport and were pleasantly surprised to find we had been upgraded to Business Class the whole way. We didn’t even realise we’d been upgraded until the check-in staff handed over the boarding passes and directed us to the lounge.

I had previously flown on an A380 from Singapore to Dubai but was in economy class.

I’ve flown a fair bit in my professional life before blogging and was astonished with the Emirates A380 economy class accommodations.

Business class is another level again and having experienced long haul Business Class with airlines like Air New Zealand, Qantas and Singapore Airlines, Emirates Business Class surpasses all of them.

Dad, who has travelled far more extensively than me, says that Emirates Business Class is right up there with the very best.

Let’s start though with the lounges…Auckland’s lounge is way better than Air New Zealand’s. The elegance and design are very exclusive. We had a feed in the lounge, me because I had missed lunch. The food was excellent. ?? Read more »


Photo Of The Day

Photo: Reuters/Emmanuel Foudrot

Photo: Reuters/Emmanuel Foudrot

It?s Remarkably Easy to Lock a Pilot Out of the Cockpit

Rescue workers search the mountainside where a Germanwings plane crashed, killing all 150 people on board.

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Green Party leader left standing around looking useless, again

Points for trying to look like he walks the talk I guess, but:

Greens co-leader Russel Norman was literally up in arms about public transport yesterday – but he still missed the bus.

Norman was heading from a TV3 appointment in Mt Eden to Auckland Airport and, as a good Green, opted to use the Airbus Express service.

But he could not attract the attention of the driver, who drove straight past.

Venting his frustration, he tweeted: “Hey Airbus, you know how you just drove past me on Mt Eden Rd even tho I was waving my arms rather vigorously, it doesn’t help PT [public transport].”

The fact that the bus driver probably recognised him and drove straight past may not have occurred to Russel.

It’s quite consistent of course.

Labour have been driving past the Green Party as a coalition partner for years.

Of course, the old Green Party was ?all about change, whereas this one is all about power. ? Russel feels so close to introducing new taxes and banning half of life’s pleasures that he needs changes of underwear several times a way.

“Airbus will only stop if hailed by a passenger (wave)” says the Airbus website. None of this worked for Norman.

He told the?Herald on Sunday?that he often uses the Airbus service and it’s usually reliable.

This time, however, the delay meant he had to change his flight and was late to his next appointment. He said the Greens transport policy would “have the trains running to the airport by 2025”.

Way to go Russel. ?A bus driver doesn’t pick you up, and your solution is to install another expensive train set.

What it really shows is that public transport is useless for people that have to be places and be on time. ? Stop trying to pretend otherwise.


– Herald on Sunday

Herald now writing stories from plane spotters

So it looks like the Herald is taking uncorroborated panic stories off plane-spotters now?

An airliner about to land at Auckland Airport climbed sharply to avoid a potential collision with another plane taking off at the other end of the runway.

“It climbed like a bloody blizzard and the other plane was nose up and was taking off too,” said a witness to the manoeuvre, which the Airways Corporation and Air New Zealand are putting down to standard procedure.

The man, who did not want to be named, was parked at a lookout near the airport just after 6pm on Monday while waiting to watch a giant Airbus 380 take off.

Ahead of it in a taxiway queue was a 171-seat Air New Zealand Airbus 320 due to fly to Christchurch, while another of the airline’s A320s was on its descent from the east, flying in from Adelaide.

“You could see this plane coming in to land – it would have been between the [Southwestern] motorway and the end of the runway – then suddenly the other A320 just moved out into the runway,” the witness said.

“I thought, ‘that’s close’, but it just paused on the end of the runway – for about 10 seconds. Then it just gasses and starts rolling down the runway to takeoff speed.”

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Sorry to burst your bubble Shayne…actually no I’m not

Shayne Currie and all the other “decent journalists, trained and skilled” at the NZ Herald are all cock-a-hoop that they won their fair?share?in the media duopoly awards on Friday night.

Even David Fisher, Kim Dotcom’s PR go to guy, got an award. Just goes to show just how far NZ journalism has sunk when an “embedded journalist” gets an award for re-writing what a lawyer has released as news.

But on the day that they are skiting to all their readers they visit this travesty upon us all

not an airbus Read more »

Fat bastard seats planned for Airbus

It looks like Airbus is about to provide a re-configuration for airlines wanting to have fat bastard seats:

The aisle seat is the preferred location for fat bastard seats.

The aisle seat is the preferred location for fat bastard seats.

The lack of space on flights has long been a bugbear of British holidaymakers. But now the majority of passengers face aeroplanes with even less wiggle room after manufacturers announced plans to shrink two thirds of seats to make space for overweight travellers.

Window and centre seats on Airbus planes could lose an inch of width while extra-wide seats may be installed to accommodate passengers who are too big to fit in normal sized chairs.

Airbus is offering the option of the extra-wide seats, which will be installed only as aisle seats, on A320 jets to accommodate what it describes as ?trends in demographics?.

The larger seats will be 20 inches across instead of 18 inches ? the standard width ? and will cost more than the regular seats.? Read more »

Peter Dunne moans about first world problems and needs to HTFU

Peter Dunne tweeted:

Peter of course is?moaning?about flights that we, as taxpayers paid for. Yet another Wellington based MP carping about travel someone else paid for.? Read more »

Bringing classy back

? Herald on Sunday

Kerre Woodham looks to be a convert to Malaysian Airlines with their new restriction on kids on the upper levels of their A380s, she suggests they extend the ban from children:

But a quick poll among my talkback listeners revealed that there was way worse to endure than crying kids.

Obese people who demand that the armrest be raised so they can wedge themselves in are a pet hate; as are stinky people who seem to have an aversion to deodorant or indeed any form of personal hygiene.

One person told me he saw an Auckland Airport official take a smelly passenger away for a shower before they could board their flight, and if that’s true give that man or woman a medal.

Being stuck by the toilets and seated next to people trying to join the mile-high club were all considered worse than a crying baby.

Still, the stance by Malaysian Airlines is a start. Today restrictions on screaming babies, tomorrow the obese, next week the smelly. Let’s bring classy back to international travel.


India joins China in revolt against EU emissions charges

? The Telegraph

India has joined China in rejecting their stupid carbon charges for airlines and threatening retribution:

The threat of an aerospace trade war between Europe and the rest of the world has escalated after India joined China in threatening retaliation over the European Commission’s carbon emissions charges.

Chinese airlines have cancelled $14bn (?8.8bn) of orders with European aircraft manufacturer Airbus following the introduction of the charges and a senior Indian official has now warned there are “lots of measures” that India could take if the EC does not back down.

“The question is, are you [the European Union] provoking the world into a trade war?’,” the official told Reuters.

The EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) requires airlines flying to or from Europe to buy carbon permits to offset their emissions from January 1 this year. However, non-European governments are furious that the charges cover the entire flight and not just European aerospace.

It is understood that India has told its airlines not to buy carbon credits from Europe or share emissions data, although it has not ordered the cancellation of orders from Airbus, which dominates the Asian aerospace market. India is also prepared to impose steep charges on European airlines to fly into India if Indian airlines are blocked from flying into Europe because of the ETS. “We have the power of the economy. We are not bleeding as they are,” the Indian official added.