Is the Air NZ pilot seeings things? Drone, stealth drone or no drone?

I smelled a rat with this story yesterday

Drone operators are questioning what an Air New Zealand pilot may have seen which led the airline to complain lives were put at risk on a flight out of Christchurch.

Air NZ says no evasive action was need on Friday afternoon when the pilot, flying an Airbus A320 with 166 people aboard, believed he spotted a red drone at 6000 feet above Kaiapoi, well above a 400ft limit.

However, it was “reckless behaviour” by a drone operator who has so far “not had the courage to come forward and address their behaviour with authorities”, said safety officer Captain David Morgan.

But some commercial drone operators are sceptical.

Jared Waddams, owner of Christchurch’s Helicam Pro, says he has been monitoring industry chat rooms about the incident.

“The general sense is the pilot doesn’t know what he’s talking about or has some kind of agenda to get rid of drones,” he told NZ Newswire. ?? Read more »

When media mislead – This time it is Fairfax

I noticed this article in this morning’s detailing a light?aircraft crash in the USA where the cause is thought to be the pilot
taking ‘selfies’.

A pilot who lost control while taking selfies was likely the cause of a small plane crash that killed two men this past spring, according to US federal investigators.

Pilot Amritpal Singh, 29, and his passenger were killed instantly when Singh’s Cessna 150K crashed into a wheat field shortly after midnight May 31. The wreckage was discovered around 7am local time that morning.

A GoPro camera mounted to the plane’s windshield recorded Singh and several other passengers taking selfies on their mobile phones during a series of short flights before the crash, the US National Transportation Safety Board found. While the GoPro didn’t record the flight where Singh crashed, investigators portrayed a pattern of the pilot taking selfies and possibly texting while giving rides to passengers above Front Range Airport, about 40 kilometres east of Denver.

“During the climb-out portion of flight, the pilot uses his mobile phone to take a self photograph. The camera’s flash was activated and illuminated the cockpit area,” NTSB investigators reported. “During the climb-out phase, the pilot was seen making keyboard entries to his cell phone and additional keyboard entries on a portion of flight consistent with the downwind leg.”

Singh landed safely after that flight, picked up another passenger, and took off again, crashing a few minutes later.

This is a story in the World section and actually occurred in the United States, and involves a specific aircraft…a Cessna 150K.

Stuff ?however,?for some reason, chose to use a photo of the New Zealand aircraft?ZK-RXL that crashed in Waimate late last year.? ? Read more »

V22 Osprey folding up


Help please, my livelihood might be under threat

Michael Field has taken a break from writing poorly researched pieces aboutFiji or whispering the same erroneous information into Karl du Fresne’s ear to write one of the most outrageously stupid articles I have seen in a long time.

The headline makes you think that we are under attack from Drones or that a massive accident has occurred as a result of drones.



Far from the alarmist headlines what ewe find upon reading the article is that it’s actually a story using the press to try and protect one blokes own interests. ?Worse he is using his media pals to do it making Michael Field a gun for hire advocating for legislative change to protect his mate.? Read more »

RNZAF purchasing new training aircraft

Beechcraft T6C Military trainer

Beechcraft T6C Military trainer

Unfortunately not the re-establishment of the fighter wing, but some new trainers.

Apparently a contract has been signed for the purchase of 6 new?Beechcraft T6C to supplement the existing Beech King Air aircraft.

The US embassy posted this photo but it was removed shortly after.

Photo: US Embassy New Zealand

Photo: US Embassy New Zealand

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Photo Of The Day


This Is The Infamous Harrier That Crashed On The Runway At Kandahar Air Base In Afghanistan On May 14 2009.

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Americans are their own worst enemies sometimes


Have a read about this fighter pilot,?Lt. Col. A.J. D?Amario, USAF. Ret., who may be the only Air Force pilot to ever shoot his own plane to correct a malfunction.

It is too funny.

On my first solo flight at K-13, Suwan, Korea, in June 1952, I took off in an F-80 Shooting Star. It was not a combat mission. All I had to do was go up and have fun boring holes in the sky for about an hour and a half.

Immediately after takeoff, I felt the left wing was heavy and determined that the left tip fuel tank was not feeding properly, or at all. Afraid it might fall off and rupture during landing, potentially melting asphalt on the runway, the tower would not let me land with the full tank. I was instructed to make a bomb run and drop the whole tank.

Arriving at the bomb range, I set up my bomb-release switches to release the tank. Flying over the impact area I pushed the button, but nothing happened. I tried a second time and again there was no response. On my next pass, I tried the manual release handle but to no avail. Making one final run, I used the button we called the ?panic button? because it allegedly released everything hanging on the airplane. It worked as advertised and dumped everything, save my errant left tip tank.? Read more »

Two planes collide, fireballs and debris rain down, 11 sky divers exit quickly [VIDEO]

Watch this shambles…luckily no one was killed after two planes filled with sky-divers collide, one explodes and falls from the sky and both planes spill sky-divers out their side doors.

One plane managed to land safely despite damage.

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Plane Crash near Helensville [EXCLUSIVE: PHOTO]

TVNZ is reporting a plane has crashed near Helensville:

A light aircraft has crashed in west Auckland today, leaving a passenger with minor injuries, emergency services say.?

The?light aircraft crashed near concrete works at West Auckland Airport Parakai, north of Helensville.

Emergency services were called to the scene.? Read more »


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