NZ Herald writer didn’t get the memo; sides with Paul Henry


Winston Aldworth manages to slide this past the Editor at the Herald

It was bound to happen sooner or later: Paul Henry has said something I agree with.

In Saturday’s Canvas magazine, Henry – a familiar face for the dozens of people who watch TV3 early on weekday mornings – fired a few choice bons mots at those most annoying of travellers: People who are slow at the security check. Read more »

So, we have nothing to fear in NZ, yet we need to upgrade our domestic airport security?

This is?how terrorists win. They make us change our way of life, to live in fear…even though our politicians tell us we have nothing to fear.

Then riddle me this…if we have nothing to fear then why do we have to upgrade our airport security, which is annoying as it is?

A big clamp-down on security for domestic flights is likely, to stop terrorists putting bombs on New Zealand aircraft.

Prime Minister John Key revealed the possible changes at the APEC forum in the Philippines, where the fight against Islamic State is dominating the agenda.

A tiny bomb inside a soft drink is what Islamic State claims brought down a Russian jet over Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula.? It’s suspected to have been packed into the checked-in bags on the flight and wasn’t picked up in security X-rays, and that’s exposed a big loophole on New Zealand domestic flights.

“We just need to be more and more cautious,” says Mr Key. ?? Read more »