Geert Wilders has lost his personal freedom but defends his right to freedom of speech

Netherlands’ politician Geert Wilders has already lost his personal freedom and lives his life under armed guard due to the serious death threats made against him by Islamic terrorists Now he is facing not only a fine but the real prospect of being put in prison for his views on immigration. His words were nothing out of the ordinary for a party that has gained huge popularity for its anti-immigration stance. What he is on trial for will shock you. I don’t think his words are why he is on trial. It is the threat his political party poses to the ruling elite that is really behind?this sham of a court case.Geert Wilders’ final speech to the court is abridged below.

Mr. President, Members of the Court,
When I decided to address you here today, by making a final statement in this trial against freedom of speech, many people reacted by telling me it is useless. That you, the court, have already written the sentencing verdict a while ago. That everything indicates that you have already convicted me. And perhaps that is true. Nevertheless, here I am. Because I never give up. And I have a message for you and the Netherlands.

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Al-Qaeda terrorist compensated ?80,000 for hurty feelings


Alleged Al-Qaeda militant, former Tunisian football player Nizar Trabelsi. ? Michel Krakowski / AFP

Apparently sending someone to America is a punishment and one that is a human rights violation worth almost??80,000?in damages. Terrorist Nizar Trabelsi is convicted of terrible crimes and is in jail for them, yet the system is so messed up that he is being paid out for his hurty feelings. Someone please stop the world because I want to get off.

An Al-Qaeda terrorist convicted of plotting attacks against US targets in Europe received about ?78,000 in compensation, as he claimed his human rights were violated by his extradition to the US, it has emerged.

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Biting the hand that feeds them

For years the Saudis have been funding terror organisations, including Daesh.

Now they have bitten the hand that feeds them.

An improvised explosive device planted next to a police station south of the Saudi capital Riyadh killed one person, the Saudi Interior Ministry said in a statement carried on state news agency SPA.

The ministry said at least three police cars were damaged in the explosion at a parking lot on Saturday night (local time) that killed an expatriate man, but gave no further details on who was behind the attack. ? Read more »


Finally, an Islamic leader with guts


I’m liking what I hear more and more from King Abdullah of Jordan.

He is standing up to Daesh where other leaders in?the?region are quietly acquiescing.

President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry and Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton can’t?bring themselves to publicly acknowledge that Islam and? “Muslims” are inextricably linked to?terrorism. Remarkably, however, one?Muslim world leader has no problem in speaking openly about the war “within Islam.”

Speaking at a press?conference in Kosovo Tuesday, Jordan’s King Abdullah admonished?that we are about to enter a “Third World War” if the civilized world does not “act fast to tackle” ISIS and other interconnected terrorist threats. ? Read more »

That’s nice, where’s their condemnation of terror attacks in Israel?

The full on Media Party ignoring of the issue is in full swing and the Islamic community is rushing to help spread the message that it isn’t?adherents of their religion committing these atrocities.

They have come out against the terror attacks in France.

New Zealand’s Islamic leaders have condemned the “cowardly and shocking” terrorist attacks in Paris.

Islamic extremist movement Deash has supposedly claimed responsibility for a ruthless series of suicide bombings and shootings in the French capital this morning (NZT), murdering at least 153 civilians and leaving a further 200 people wounded.

Six attack sites, including a concert hall where 112 hostages were killed and diners who came under machine gun fire, have sent France into a state of national emergency as the world waits for proof of who organised the sickening acts.New Zealand Muslim Association president, Hazim Arafeh, says it’s hard to imagine anyone else but Daesh would commit such “cowardly” crimes.

“Up to now, no-one has claimed responsibility and while it hasn’t been proven it’s Daesh, there is no one else who seems likely to commit such a cowardly act,” Arafeh said. ? Read more »

Taliban leader dead

The leader of the?Taliban,?Mullah Mohammad Omar, has died…from an “illness”…let’s hope it was lead poisoning.

The Taliban on Thursday confirmed the death of their long missing leader, Mullah Mohammad Omar, and said they were pulling out of peace talks with the Afghan government.

“The leadership of the Islamic Emirate and the family of Mullah Omar?announce that leader Mullah Omar died due to a sickness,” a statement from the group, using its preferred official name. said.

It denied Pakistan government claims he had died in Karachi, saying he had always stayed in Afghanistan. It called for public mourning.

?The amir al-mumineen (leader of the faithful) was not only a person but a movement, an ideology and a sacred desire,? it said. ?As per the decision of the Islamic Emirat, starting from now mourning and prayers for Mullah Omar will take place everywhere in the mosques by religious scholars, tribal and jihadi figures and people for three days.?

Mullah Omar was officially said to be in favour of the talks, so the reports of his death that have circulated over the last two days – whether true or not – are likely to have been a key factor in the decision not to attend. They were due to resume on Friday in Pakistan. ? Read more »

Kill ’em all and let God sort ’em out

Politico has an article about the perceived strategy that Israel and the US are letting their enemies kill each other before moving to do anything.

As some see it, what?s happening now in the Mideast provides the best excuse the Israelis have had in a long time to just sit back and let their worst enemies rub each other out. Senior Israeli officials now view Hamas, the terror group that lobbed thousands of rockets at Israel last summer, as a potential bulwark against supporters of the Islamic State (Daesh in Arabic) in the Gaza Strip. This was the gist of a June 19 opinion piece by Efraim Halevi, former director of Israel?s Mossad intelligence agency, in the popular daily?Yediot Ahronot. ?Reports suggest that Israel is now even mulling a truce with Hamas, with one intended consequence being that the group would devote its energies to defeating Daesh.

True, it is likely that both of Israel?s foes could be badly bloodied. And that?s probably a positive. This was the Western calculus during the Iran-Iraq war (1980-88). As Henry Kissinger reportedly quipped, ?It?s a pity they both can?t lose.? But when the guns fell silent, neither country was defeated. And both emerged committed and able to destabilize the Middle East and threaten American interests.

The strategy was risky then and it?s risky now. Even so, it?s making a comeback. A growing gaggle of Western governments now appear to be altering their threat assessments of violent groups in an apparent effort to enlist them in the fight against the Islamic State. ? ?? Read more »

Wog on Wog bitch fight

Al Qaeda is trash talking ISIS again getting up them for their wanton killing of…uhmmm..Muslims.

Al Qaeda is at it again. The group is trolling ISIS, which is increasingly becoming its favorite target (next to America, of course). The trash-talk between these two is starting to rival the hype before a WWE championship wrestling match.

But the lethal battle between them makes one thing clear: Their actions are truly not about religious ideals. Rather, their focus is on the far more secular goal of advancing their respective political agendas.

That doesn?t mean the both ISIS and al Qaeda don?t invoke Islam when helpful. In fact, al Qaeda?s latest trolling of ISIS cites Islamic principles. This took place a few days ago in the latest issue of al Qaeda?s magazine where, in a Seinfeldesque ?Soup Nazi? type way, al Qaeda told ISIS: ?No paradise for you.?

Why does al Qaeda claim that ISIS?s fighters will not be heading to paradise, known in Islam as ?jannah?? Because ISIS fighters have slaughtered Muslims in large numbers as well as other religious minorities.

As Adam Gadahn, the al Qaeda spokesman who was recently killed by a U.S. drone strike in Pakistan, explained in the current issue of the al Qaeda magazine (presumably he was speaking not from paradise but from here on Earth, before the drone found him), ISIS?s horrible crimes committed ?against Muslims cannot simply be overlooked or forgotten with time.? He also condemned ISIS for ?attacking and displacing largely powerless and defenseless minorities and slaughtering their men and enslaving their women and children.?

Gadahn warned in dire terms that there will be ?severe punishment? and ?darkness? on ?the Day of Judgment? for ISIS fighters because of committing these immoral actions, as well as for those ?who encouraged, condoned or justified them, even if from behind a computer or mobile phone thousands of miles away.? He added, ?Jihad is not a video game; it is real life, with real consequences, in this world and the next.?

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A good play from the Seppos, sowing fear into Al Qaeda’s ranks

With recent drone strikes hitting top al Qaeda leaders, fear has started to grow inside the organisation that the US has a network of spies operating.

The Daily Beast reports:

U.S. airstrikes on the terror group are sowing paranoia within al Qaeda?s ranks about who among them may spying for the Americans, intelligence officials and terrorism analysts say.

Jihadist social media accounts on Wednesday claimed that al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the terror group?s Yemen division, had executed an alleged spy. Humam al-Hamid was blamed for the drone strike last week that killed?AQAP?s top man. The claims that Hamid had tipped off the Americans to the leader?s location couldn?t be independently verified. But U.S. intelligence officials are aware of the allegations and say it shows how attacks on AQAP?which have increased in the last two months?are having a secondary effect: fomenting distrust inside the terror outfit.

?Reports of AQAP?s execution of purported spies suggests unease among the group amid high-profile losses,? a U.S. intelligence official told The Daily Beast. From the American perspective, that?s a good thing, because it throws the group off balance and makes it harder to plan attacks.

?Such distrust is often difficult to overcome and can create friction at a critical time,? the U.S. official said.

U.S. intelligence officials have long said that AQAP poses the greatest threat to the United States because the group has built bombs that can be placed on airplanes without alerting security systems.

For several weeks now, terrorism analysts have been tracking jihadist suspicions, mainly expressed through social media, that AQAP had been penetrated by spies. These agents, the jihadists fretted, were tipping off the Americans and their allies to the locations of key figures, including the group?s spokesman, who was killed in a drone strike in April. ? Read more »

Another Bad wog has a bad day


Looks like the US has got their intelligence systems operating again.

Another bad wog has copped a drone strike sending him on his fool’s journey to meet his 72 virgins.

One of al-Qaeda?s leading figures, Nasser al-Wuhayshi, has been killed in a US air strike in Yemen.

Wuhayshi was the group?s overall number two and head of its affiliate in Yemen, known as Al-Qaeda in the Arabia Peninsula (Aqap). His death was confirmed in an Aqap video in which another senior operative, Khaled Batarfi, said that Wuhayshi, a Yemeni citizen, ?passed away in an American strike which targeted him along with two of his mujahideen brothers, may God rest their souls?. Confirming the death, the White House said his killing was a ?major blow? to Aqap. ? Read more »