Alan Dick

Dick wrong on Dodgy Socialist Dam

Leading member of the extremely dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional Council Alan Dick has a go at his Labour Party fellow member Meka Whaitiri, probably while Dick was still under the influence after a hard night because he got a couple of important facts wrong.

Continued carping criticism of the Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme (RWSS) by Labour MP Meka Whaitiri is ill-informed and most unfair.

It is particularly unfair to the highly reputable members of the independent Board of Inquiry – who actually made the decisions on both the RWSS project conditions and the complementary environmental rules embodied in the new Plan Change 6 (PC6).

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Has Fenton “Jong-Un” Wilson Just delayed the dodgy socialist dam further?

Fenton "Jong-un" Wilson

Fenton “Jong-un” Wilson

Chairman of the extremely dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional Council has thrown a major temper tantrum about Councillor Tom Belford allegedly having a predetermined position on the dodgy socialist dam.

By claiming Cr Belford has a predetermined position and saying it opens up decisions to judicial review Fenton ?Jong-Un? Wilson has opened himself, Cr Alan Dick and Cr Christine Scott to similar criticisms.

“[His submission to the board] quite clearly represents a conflict of interest should Councillor Belford also wish to vote on HBRC’s position on Plan Change 6,” Mr Wilson told?Wednesday’s?meeting.

“Should Councillor Belford not acknowledge his conflict on Plan Change 6, as a submitter to the process, then this quite clearly presents a challenge for council. ? Read more »

Questioning the Extremely Dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional Council, Ctd

Fenton "Jong-un" Wilson

Fenton “Jong-un” Wilson


Earlier this week I received a response to my OIA requests from the extremely dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional council. They claimed that they didn?t have to respond to the questions I asked hiding behind a dodgy interpretation of the law after breaching their statutory obligation to respond in 20 working days.

What they are trying to hide is exactly what needs sunlight shined on it. Remember this is a council who?s staff and chairman don?t give important information to sitting councillors, and have bullied and threatened any and all opponents to their dodgy socialist dam.

To: The Office of ?the Ombudsman

Re: Hawke’s Bay Regional Council failure to respond to LGOIMA Requests


Dear Sir/ Madam

I am writing to complain about the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council?s failure to respond to the LGOIMA requests (overleaf).

The Hawke’s Bay Regional Council failed to respond to these requests within the statutory time limit. They failed to offer me the opportunity to pay for the cost of obtaining the information and have refused to comply with the law.

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Questioning the Extremely Dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional Council


Fenton "Jong-un" Wilson

Fenton “Jong-un” Wilson

On the?12th of June?this blog started sending a series of OIAs to the extremely dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional Council.

As readers will know the council has a legal obligation to respond with in 20 working days.

What happened was the coverups and deceptions at the HBRC continued.

They sent a dodgy email back saying I had to refine down my requests, basically so they could continue hiding their bullying behaviour.

Then they delayed responding until well outside the statutory deadline. Here is the response.

Dear Mr Slater


This email is in regard to the s10 LGOIMA requests received by Hawke?s Bay Regional Council (the Council) between 11 and 24 June 2014. Please consider this notice of the Council?s decision on those requests pursuant to s13(1) of the Act.

In accordance with section 17A (2) of The Act Council considers that the information requested (a total of 7 requests) made during the above timeframe and all within a 10 working day period, relate to the same or similar subject matters, that being the Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme, Tukituki Plan Change 6 and/or HBRIC Ltd. Therefore, Council has decided to treat all seven of those requests as a single request. ? Read more »

Questioning the Extremely Dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional Council, Ctd

Fenton "Jong-un" Wilson

Fenton “Jong-un” Wilson

Chairman of the Extremely Dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional Council Fenton ?Jong-Un? Wilson has attacked his fellow councillors for all kinds of process misdemeanours.

He has attempted to prevent councillors from voting in a clear attempt to push through the dodgy socialist dam.

This is despite extreme disquiet from inside the middle tier of regional council staff about the entirely hypocritical and probably legally indefensible position that three councillors, Jong-Un Wilson, Christine Scott and Alan Dick have already predetermined their decision on the dodgy socialist dam.

Here is one example of the bullying and dictatorial style of Chairman Jong-Un Wilson.

Regional councillor Tom Belford says the only way he will not participate in a vote on the Ruataniwha dam is if police remove him from the council debating chamber.

Hawke’s Bay Regional Council Chairman Fenton Wilson last week questioned whether Mr Belford should vote on decisions related to the $275 million Ruataniwha dam and irrigation scheme because he has represented a lobby group that has opposed the project.

In January Mr Belford spoke on behalf of Transparent Hawke’s Bay at a board of inquiry hearing convened to rule on resource consents for the scheme.

The council is due to vote next month on whether to invest up to $80 million of ratepayers’ money into the scheme.

“It’s ludicrous that I would not participate vigorously in further discussions around this project and vote when the time comes. I’m not reconsidering that in any way, shape, or form,” Mr Belford said yesterday.

“All this is about really is trying to intimidate a councillor who has been a strong advocate for getting information on the table. If Fenton wants to try to intimidate me he’s picked the wrong target.”

This blog takes the view that suppressing councillors from taking a legitimate position is an absolute disgrace, and Fenton ?Jong-Un? Wilson needs to be treated the same way he treated Tom Belford. ?? Read more »

More Dodgy Dealings from the Rotten Hawkes Bay Regional Council

A reader passed on this information about the rotten Hawkes Bay Regional Council. Troughing ratbag councillors and troughing investment company board members wanted to award themselves a big pay rise for troughing back in April.

These troughing ratbags need close scrutiny.

Then, next up was Chairman Andy Pearce, representing the directors of the Hawke?s Bay Regional Investment Company (HBRIC), the council-controlled organisation owned by HBRC and charged with advancing the dam project.

Mr Pearce was asking for increases in the directors? fees paid to him (a raise of $44,125, to $65,625 per annum) and fellow directors Jim Scotland and Sam Robinson (raises of $22,500 each, to $37,500 each per annum), as well as fees for three expert ?committee members?.

The proposal would increase such fees from an annual level of $51,500 to $365,625.?The increase is sought on the basis of the heavy workload on directors as a result of their responsibilities for progressing of the Ruataniwha water storage scheme. The proposal also urged the council to consider compensating the three councillor-director members of the HBRIC Board ? Fenton Wilson, Alan Dick and Christine Scott.? Read more »

Something dodgy is going on in Hawkes Bay

The bad news just keeps coming out of the Hawkes Bay Regional Council.

Some socialists want to spend taxpayers and ratepayers money on a dam. They are rushing through the process, ignoring everyone and keeping a very tight team of dam supporters involved, and some people are cry foul.

The final formation of the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council’s investment company will be delayed six months to allow more time to confirm the resource consent and economic viability of the Ruataniwha water storage project.

The decision was made at the regional council’s meeting on Wednesday, when the investment company’s statement of intent was reviewed.

The investment company was run by a transitional board which was to move towards a final entity in January 2014 and its duties would include being responsible for driving the dam project.

The date was pushed out to June next year to accommodate the time needed to apply for a resource consent for the dam project, for the economics of the scheme to be thoroughly investigated and tested, and for final costs to be determined.?? Read more »