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Betty Windsor grants Alan Turing a Royal pardon

Good on Mrs Betty Windsor.

Alan Turing has finally been pardoned after being convicted for homosexuality.

Alan Turing, the wartime codebreaker, has been granted a posthumous pardon by the Queen for his criminal conviction for homosexuality.

Dr Turing, who helped Britain to win World War II, killed himself after receiving the conviction in 1952.

He has now been granted a pardon under the Royal Prerogative of Mercy after a high-profile campaign supported by tens of thousands of people including Professor Stephen Hawking.   Read more »

Ok to crack the enigma code but not be a poofter

Alan Turing was the scientist who invented the machines to crack German code machines, he was also convicted and castrated for being gay. Britain was happy to utilise his mind but ultimately denied his sexuality. He is now to be posthumously pardoned for his “crime”.

The Government said it would not stand in the way of legislation to offer a full Parliamentary pardon for Turing, who helped Britain to win the Second World War as a skilled code-breaker.

Until now, the Government has resisted using the Royal Prerogative to pardon Turing for his conviction for gross indecency in 1952 because he was a homosexual.

Ministers had argued that because Turing was convicted of what was at the time a criminal offence, it is not possible to hand him a full posthumous pardon.

For years, campaigners have called on ministers to reverse the decision because of the part he played in winning the war after he invented the Colossus machine at Bletchley Park to crack the codes of German U-boats in the Atlantic.

Despite his work, he was convicted of gross indecency and as his punishment he chose chemical castration over imprisonment. Two years later he committed suicide at the age of 41.   Read more »

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