Alcohol law

Sleeping it off? Probably not

With the new lower alcohol limits, people are discovering they are still over the limit when they drive home the next day.

The morning after your Christmas party might be your downfall under new drink drive laws.

The new limits will add a couple of hours to your sobering-up time, warns an emergency department specialist, meaning you could still be over the limit as late as mid-morning.

And women are particularly at risk of falling foul of the law, says clinical toxicologist Dr Paul Quigley.

“Even if females stop drinking at 1am and then go to bed and sleep they will still be over the legal limit at 10am. Under the old drink-driving levels they would just squeak under at 8am.”

The legal alcohol count for drivers aged 20 and over was lowered from 80mg to 50mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood, or 250 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath (previously 400) on December 1.

Quigley expects more people will be ticketed by police in the mornings as stricter levels mean on average it will take men about an extra hour to fall below the new alcohol limit the next day, and up to two hours for women.

It’s getting to the point of “don’t drink and drive for 24 hours”.
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Has RTD pusher Independent Liquor had a quiet word?

Most companies would actually try and make an effort when faced with accusations that sold booze to underage kids. Some just don?t seem to care.

Let?s take Julian Davidson?s Independent Liquor. It?s not some small ?independent? distiller tucked out the back of nowhere in Hunua. It?s one of the big three booze companies in NZ. So big that Tokyo- listed conglomerate Asahi coughed up $1.5 billion for it in 2011.

So any highly paid corporate PR spin by the company that it?s a small Kiwi company is a complete porkie.

Independent Liquor also fronted up with over $20 million for the?booze store chain The Mill that seems to be happy to abuse parents and sell booze to kids.

To maintain the position as NZ #1 peddler of lolly-water RTDs, Independent Liquor will fight tooth and nail to keep that position, and anything that may jeopardise this must be a cause for concern. ? Read more »

Another wasted study

Well knock me down with a feather, they needed a study to find this out?

The NZ Herald reports:

A new study has shown that a major contributor to alcohol-related harm among underage drinkers is their older mates supplying them with large amounts of booze.? Read more »

A good idea for dealing with drunk ratbags, perhaps Len will adopt it


The Poms have come up with a good idea for dealing with drunk ratbags…private drunk tanks.

Drunks causing a nuisance in towns and cities will be held overnight in privately run ?drunk tanks? and charged up to ?400 under police leaders? proposals.

Drinkers who get so intoxicated they cannot look after themselves would be cared for in holding cells until they sober up and charged for the pleasure, as well as being fined for being drunk and disorderly.

Police believe a commercially run initiative would act as an extra deterrent to excessive drinking as well as free up officers from having to deal with late-night drunkenness.? Read more »

Len now has booze problems


Some issues really rark up the local populace and one of them is naturally who?s in control of the grog.

Len Brown wants Auckland to be the most liveable city and wants ?greater local input into policy development and liquor licensing decisions?.? Problem for Len is that the officials are pushing for only one District Licensing Committee for all of Auckland which is deeply opposed by a number of Local Boards.

Trouble is really brewing as local boards are up-in-arms at this prospect. They want to have local decision makers make the call over liquor licensing in their areas. Manurewa is just one example I?ve heard of via the tip-line. ? Read more »