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HPA wowsers at it again

The Taxpayers? Union have released documents yesterday showing the wowsers over at the Health Promotions Agency have spent up $1.2 million on their batshit crazy No Beersies campaign.

?The?Taxpayers? Union?had feedback that the??Not Beersies’ ads were making people?thirsty?for beer. Some participants in the Agency?s own focus groups said the same – that the ads encouraged drinking or were confusing.”

And encouraging kids to have a few handles too by the looks of this picture.


?The documents show that the campaign had the least positive impact on entrenched, high-risk drinkers, and instead targets those least likely to face harm from alcohol consumption. The HPA spent at least $1.2 million on the campaign, but has refused to say how much taxpayers paid in?advertising agency fees. It also shows that the HPA conducts no cost?benefit analysis on its campaign.

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Someone actually researched getting birds pissed

I’m surprised this wasn’t funded by Callaghan Innovation, it seems the sort of thing they like funding…or perhaps it is more the Marsden Fund’s bag.

Anyway, someone has actually researched getting birds pissed.

Here was me thinking all it took was a few glasses of bubbles.

Researchers conduct all sorts of strange experiments in the name of science, from studying the slipperiness of banana peels to looking at how dogs orient their bodies when they poop.

And now, in the latest example of strange science, researchers at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland got some finches drunk and watched what happened.

Their main finding? Like drunk humans, boozed-up birds slur their “speech.”

For the study, the researchers gave grape juice to one group of zebra finches and an alcoholic juice cocktail to another group. The cocktail-quaffing finches became somewhat inebriated, with blood alcohol levels of 0.05 percent to 0.08 percent, according to NPR. ? Read more »

They forgot it is also the cure for Ebola

The wowsers are out in force again with a gay ad that promotes drinking water instead of beer.

Water is being marketed as a spoof beer brand in the latest campaign aimed to curb problem drinking in New Zealand.

The Health Promotion Agency campaign, which includes television ads, billboards and street posters, begins today and continue until January.

HPA communication and capacity manager Tane Cassidy said water was being marketed in a light-hearted way. That included renaming it Not Beersies, a term audiences were familiar with from previous alcohol awareness campaigns.? Read more »

They are coming for your booze now with plain packaging

Christopher Snowden tweets:

This is the news that Indonesia is moving to implement plain packaging for alcohol, using the same arguments to support their laws as those used against tobacco products.

This weekend it was reported that Indonesia is stepping up plans to introduce plain packaging for alcoholic products. Should the country press ahead with its plans, the prediction by IP associations that plain packaging will creep into other industry segments may be realised sooner than expected.

The?Jakarta Post?and?Food Navigator Asia?both report that the Indonesian government is considering regulation that would require beverages with an alcohol content in excess of 20% to either carry graphic health warnings or to use plain packaging. ? Read more »

Weed, alcohol and tobacco – One of these things is not like the others

Here in New Zealand we have the health jihadists attempting get a plain packaging law on tobacco through parliament. Contemporaneously other health jihadists are trying to apply the same logic to products that contain sugar.

California is moving already to force warning labels on soft drinks…and has one of the most restrictive anti-smoking regimes in?the?world.

Australia has forced plain packaging of tobacco and is now being sued for the pleasure.

The UK is attempting to ram through plain packaging legislation at the same time.

We also have a ban on advertising, and have removed all displays from stores.

Which is all very incongruent when you look at two other products.

Alcohol and Cannabis.

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Not just our trade affected by plain packaging, now Scotch is in the gun

I wrote earlier in eh week about Indonesia threatening retaliation for our $900 million export trade to Indonesia if plain packaging goes ahead. This would likely affect our wine exports and also milk…the two largest and with the milk the most sensitive.

Indonesia has also said to the UK that the lucrative Scotch Whisky trade will likely be retaliated against if plain packaging is implemented in the UK.

The same arguments that Tim Groser was putting forward about sovereign nations retaining rights to protect the health of its citizens can also apply to alcohol and infant formulas. In Indonesia’s case on alcohol they could simply use the fact they are a muslim nation and alcohol is forbidden in the Koran, so plain packaging is needed to reduce consumption…the same claims that plain packaging advocates use for implementation against tobacco.

SCOTCH whisky could be dragged into a tit-for-tat trade war because of plans to ?introduce plain packaging for cigarettes in Scotland and the rest of the UK, MPs fear.

The Indonesian government has proposed forcing Australian wine to be sold in plain packaging in retaliation for Australia introducing plain packs for cigarettes in December 2012.

Indonesia is expected to impose the same restrictions on New Zealand when that country introduces plain packs for tobacco products shortly.

The south-east Asian nation has called on other major tobacco-producing countries to follow its lead. Indonesia is one of the world?s largest producers and has a high rate of domestic cigarette consumption.

Legislation for plain cigarette packaging in Scotland is due to be introduced at Holyrood before the end of the current parliament. Prime Minister David Cameron has strongly hinted that laws for the measure south of the Border will be included in the Queen?s Speech in June.

This has led to speculation from MPs that whisky could join wine from Australia and New Zealand in being sold in plain packaging in tobacco-producing nations. Glasgow Central MP Anas Sarwar, who supports the introduction of plain packaging for tobacco, urged ministers to intervene with Indonesia to ensure Scotch is not dragged into the dispute.

The Labour MP, who is a member of the all party parliamentary group on Indonesia, said: ?UK ministers need to protect the interests of Scotch whisky and must ensure that it is not dragged into any international dispute as a result of the government introducing plain packaging for cigarettes.?

Conservative MP Priti Patel, who chairs the all party parliamentary group for small shops, recently wrote to retailers across the UK asking them to lobby the UK and Scottish governments against the plans for plain cigarette packaging.

She said: ?Ministers need to be aware of the wider consequences of legislation, including the effects on international trade as well as the problems it causes for small shops across the country.

?Plain packaging is a very blunt and ill-thought-out instrument for dealing with a health issue.?

Iman Pambagyo, the director general of international trade co-operation in Indonesia?s trade ministry, said the use of plain packaging for cigarettes was not backed by scientific evidence.

?If there is no scientific clarity, the policy should not be applied, because it can affect our other commodities,? he said.

He added that the Indonesian government could implement a plain packaging policy for alcoholic beverages from Australia.

This is of course the slippery slope, when the lobbyist win against tobacco they will start on plain packaging for alcohol, sugar, chocolate…almost anything that they deem to be unhealthy. It could even affect meat…eventually.

Branding will be destroyed, companies destroyed all because of state funded busy bodies who have no evidence.

Make no mistake the busy bodies are coming for your industry next, and they will use the same tactics against your company as they do against tobacco. Watch and learn as Chelsea Sugar is attacked as “Big Sugar”, as purveyors of poison…it is already happening, they are softening up the market before they start naming companies…Coca Cola and Frucor will be top of the list.

Len Brown’s vision for Auckland in tatters


Cameron Brewer has thrown a hammer smack into the middle of Len Brown?s vision?for Auckland to be ?the world?s most liveable city?.

Anti-alcohol fanatics have learn’t a thing or two from those anti-tobacco nutters and are pushing Auckland Council to make the city clamp down on mums wanting to buy a few bottles of wine for their evening dinner.

?This policy if adopted will see cordons go up around the alcohol section of every supermarket early in the morning and late at night. Annoying a lot of people, wine and beer will be roped off like we used to have in the old days when you couldn?t buy alcohol from supermarkets on Sundays. It?s ?back to the future? stuff,? says Mr Brewer.

?Mum and dad shoppers won?t be able to buy wine or beer with their weekly groceries before?9am?and after?10pm. It makes no sense, particularly the morning ban, and such a move will do little to deliver on the intention of the 2012 Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act which is all about minimising alcohol harm. These grocery shoppers are not the problem!?

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Tobacco tactics now being used in debate over sugar

ChocFrog copy

As I predicted the same tactics used against tobacco interests are now being deployed the food industry and the use of sugar.

And now it has come to pass.

It is the same tactics of demonisation, glib negative tags, and a lack of evidence to support their beliefs. It is highly political and worse it is taxpayer funding political lobbying.

The?Taxpayers? Union?is slamming the taxpayer funded political advocacy by a group of academics featured on?TV3?s?The Nation?this weekend. Their efforts to promote a sugar tax appear to be politically motivated rather than based on science. Sugar and similar fat taxes around the world have failed to curb obesity and have turned into revenue gathering tools.

Taxpayers? Union?Executive Director, Jordan Williams, says:

“Denmark?s tax on saturated fat?introduced in 2011?was an economic disaster. The Danish tax was abandoned 15 months later and did little, if anything, to reduce harmful consumption. Worse, it was estimated to have cost 1,300 jobs. Why would New Zealand want to repeat this mistake?”

“Taxing the Kiwi tradition of a warm pie and can of cola won?t reduce obesity. The overseas experience tells us that it just leads to compensatory purchasing and brand switching.”

In the item, Dr Gerhard Sundborn stated that fizzy drinks have similarities to tobacco. ? Read more »

Countdown now accused of bullying small towns

Countdown really can’t catch a trick these days…they stand accused and under investigation for stand over and bullying of suppliers and now local councils are reporting on their alleged standover tactics with respect to liquor licensing in small towns.

A giant supermarket chain is allegedly pressuring small Kiwi towns to extend booze stores’ trading hours against the communities’ wishes.

One Waikato mayor says Progressive Enterprises’ approach is “aggressive” and “extremely arrogant.” He said his council was being bulldozed by the threat of expensive legal action which could see stores selling alcohol from 7am till 11pm.

Progressive has confirmed it is taking a national approach to enforcing 7am to 11pm opening hour, saying there isn’t enough evidence of alcohol-related harm to reduce hours.

Several councils around the country are being taken to the Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority by Progressive over the opening hours stipulated in their provisional local alcohol policies, many of which were adopted last year.

At the time, the medical officer of health for the Waikato District Health Board, Dr Richard Wall, put out a press release warning about the supermarkets “threatening expensive legal action,” saying “it was never the intention of Parliament that big businesses call the shots.”

Waipa, Thames-Coromandel, Waimakariri and Tasman District Councils are among the group while tiny Hauraki District Council is also in the sights. ? Read more »

Confirmed: Doug Sellman has gone mad


If there was ever a case of demonstrating once and for all that?Professor Doug Sellman is mad, this article ?Drunks steal sanitiser for alcohol? proves it.

Any ounce of credibility that this guy once had has long-since evaporated, with his comments that thefts of hand sanitise are due to ?excessive alcohol marketing?.

According to Doug Sellman, hospitals are facing a crisis with bottles of hand sanitiser having to be placed under lock and key and thieves seems to be hell-bent on hoeing into the ?high-alcohol substance to get drunk?.

Seriously? Apparently so.

He must have some demons in the closet to go anywhere near this, as most people would see it as something as important as a stone in your tyre?s tread. ? Read more »