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Horrific: New York State troopers at the scene of the terrible crash. (Photo: File photo/The Journal News)

Horrific: New York State troopers at the scene of the terrible crash. (Photo: File photo/The Journal News)

?Mummy’s Little Secret

Until a Devoted Mother Named Diane Schuler Killed Eight People, Including Herself, Her Daughter, and Three Nieces in a Horrific Car Accident, No one Suspected She could be an Alcoholic.?

In 2009, a 36-year-old mother with five small children in her minivan took a wrong turn on her way back from the Sullivan County campground where the family had spent the weekend to their house on Long Island. Diane Schuler, a successful account executive and the mother of two of the children in the car, sped up the Taconic Parkway in the wrong direction for almost two miles before crashing into an oncoming SUV. Eight people were killed: Schuler, her two-year-old daughter, her three nieces aged 8, 7 and 5. Three others died in the SUV she collided with, including a coupe in their sixties.

The crash was the most devastating motor-vehicle accident that Westchester County had witnessed in more than 70 years. Still, that wasn?t the reason?the accident?attracted national attention. For a few days, Schuler?s bizarre behavior was a mystery. She was, by all appearances, a great wife and devoted mother, a warm, responsible employee and boss at Cablevision?why had she lost her way??Explanations?excuses?were quickly advanced: The Taconic is a narrow highway with no shoulder and few places to pull over; Schuler suffered from diabetes and had been complaining that morning of a toothache.

When the toxicology reports came back two weeks later, the information they contained hit the American public, who were by then entranced by the story, like a proverbial ton of bricks. Diane Schuler had been not only drunk but also stoned as she made the fatal mistake of entering the Taconic via an exit ramp. In fact, Schuler had the equivalent of 10 drinks in her system and high levels of THC in her blood. In addition, witnesses later reported seeing Schuler at two different times that morning on her knees by the side of the road, apparently vomiting. A red minivan had been spotted careening, tailgating, flashing headlights, honking and straddling two lanes?all signs of DUI?along the same route that Schuler had followed.

In the minutes before Diane Schuler drunkenly smashed her vehicle while travelling in the wrong direction on the Taconic Parkway her little niece cried, terrified, into a cellphone to her dad:

?There?s something wrong with Aunt Diane!?

Those were the awful, last words of Emma Hance, who at 9 was the eldest of the five children riding in the death car during the fiery, horrific crash in Westchester. That child knew she was in trouble. Yet she had no choice but to ride on, helplessly, to her death.

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Williams pissed again

At tonights Mayoral debate in Castor Bay on the North Shore Andrew Williams made an arse of himself again.

I have have?received?numerous reports from attendees shocked at his drunkeness and bully stand-over tactics against John Banks.

He arrived late, again, and staggered clearly drunk into the meeting, stating his usual excuse for when he is caught on the piss, that he was at an important council meeting. He also abused Len Brown (also late but at least had sent his apologies for lateness and wasn’t drunk), and incomprehensibly welcomed Len Brown to the meeting by saying “Good to see you here tonight Mayor…Len…Banks”. He had only been speaking for a few minutes and was swaying prodigiously.

He was abusive towards members of the public in the audience even defaming someone of being part of the “nasty national party brigade” and worse naming him but spectacularly getting the name wrong, not even the right person or the right name.

Andrew Williams is so blind drunk he doesn’t even recognise his political enemies.

But wait it gets worse. At one stage he shouted to John Banks to “Stop Lying”. John Banks retorted that Andrew Williams should “Stop Drinking”. Andrew Williams then bombastically stomped over and stood over and threatened John Banks (now this is hard for Williams because he is actually shorter than John Banks). He finally took hold of his addled senses and sat down before the hushed audience.

I recieved DM Twitter messages and txts, emails and Facebook messages of Andrew Williams appalling drunkenness at this public meeting.

Obviously the pressure is getting to him and he is hitting the bottle harder than ever before. The man is a disgrace and must resign from the race now, both for the?mayoralty?and for the sake of the residents of Albany.

I’ve faced my demons and conquered them, now it is time for Andrew Williams to face his and get help (follow the link Andrew, you need help).

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Vote Slater - Vote for Whaleoil, not Well Oiled