Aldo Miccio

Ratbag ex-mayor Aldo Miccio couldn’t even buy his way in

Nelson ratbag - Aldo Miccio  Credit:  Colin Smith, Nelson Mail

Nelson ratbag – Aldo Miccio Credit: Colin Smith, Nelson Mail

We’ve covered the self interested troughing ex-mayor of Nelson before. ?Kate Davidson reports on how he essentially “bribed” people in kind to get around the spending limits.

Former Nelson mayor Aldo Miccio spent thousands of dollars supporting a team he wanted to see at the council table.

Public election donation and spending documents show Mr Miccio gave donations to Mike Ward, Pete Rainey, Derek Shaw, Kent Robertson, Colleen Marshall, Kate Fulton, Ruth Copeland, and Tim Skinner.

“It’s a team strategy of mutual endorsement of each other so that is why I chose it because we were a group of people who had bonded together for the last three years and we believed in what we were trying to achieve,” said Mr Miccio, who lost the mayoral race to Rachel Reese.

“We were all delivering the same messages to the public as a group.”

The donations were “in kind”, meaning they were donations of “labour and discounted goods and services” in this case for shared advertising.

I guess?Mike Ward, Pete Rainey, Derek Shaw, Kent Robertson, Colleen Marshall, Kate Fulton, Ruth Copeland, and Tim Skinner are now also tainted. ?For Sale! ? Read more »


Rinsing Ratbags – How did we do?

During the local body election I highlighted various different local body ratbags to highlight their troughing, dishonesty and general lack of ability.

So how did they do?

Aldo Miccio – the now former Mayor of Nelson, rinsed by the voters of Nelson.

Murray Douglas – The winner of my NZ’s Dodgiest Local Body Politician award came dead last. Remember he went running to Hawkes Bay Today to have a sook.

Mr Douglas, a former Hawke’s Bay Chamber of Commerce CEO, said he did not believe anything in his past would impact on his ability to serve the public on council. He agreed candidates should be transparent in their public promotion profiles: “But it shouldn’t be highlighted in a blog because it’s largely anonymous without journalistic investigation. In this case, I wasn’t even asked for comment.

He didn’t want the reality of his past revealed…and now we know why. By revealing his past he came dead last. Good riddance to this ratbag.

Ewan Wilson – failed businessman, convicted fraudster, and general ratbag. – Failed to unseat Julie Hardaker for the mayoralty but re-elected to his ward.

Michael Williams – ratbag from Howick, bullied Adele White, ran the local board as his personal fiefdom along with a group of 5 others. He hid his altercation with Police, refused to stand down and has now been rinsed coming fifth in his ward. Michael Williams was not re-elected?and most of his ratbag mates got rinsed as well. Jim Donald and Steve Udys better watch themselves, they’ll be next (Jim Donald for sure). Adele White was returned and can now expect to take the chair. ? Read more »

More on the Ratbag Nelson Mayor

We have covered Aldo Miccio‘s antics in Nelson extensively…the Nelson Mail has this letter about this dodgy ratbag.

This guy sounds more and more like Boss Hogg. He even has cheerleaders, how low will this ratbag go to win re-election? I’m not sure those hopeless slappers will get him more votes.

nelson weekly letter part 1

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This is what you get when you have a dodgy ratbag for a Mayor

Aldo Miccio is a ratbag local politician and he has featured in more than a few posts here at Whaleoil.

The other day there was the news that the Council was spilling raw sewage into the ocean and now it has happened again.

Following?Sunday’s sewage leak?that saw 15,000 cubic metres discharged into the Nelson Haven, the city council has confirmed another spill yesterday afternoon.

A further break in the Atawhai Drive sewer main was discovered at 1.20pm near Miyazu Gardens and Whakatu Marae.

It is not known at this stage whether the cause of the two leaks are related. The cause of the leak will be determined once repairs are complete.

Miyazu Gardens remains open as normal and there is no danger to the public.? Read more »

See what happens when you have dodgy ratbag for mayor

We have blogged about Nelson’s dodgy ratbag mayor, Aldo Miccio before. His dodgy property deal?finally?fell over last week?(look Tracy, a link)?after councillors walked out. [Look Tracy, a quote from your article]

A walkout by Nelson city councillors at a meeting yesterday dissolved attempts to make headway on the?sale of Wakatu Square.

The lack of a quorum after councillors Rachel Reese, Ian Barker and Jeff Rackley left the council chamber meant the meeting to deliberate on submissions to the proposed sale of the central city land was left hanging until Thursday – the final meeting of this term of council.

Now shit is flowing into the sea?on the watch of their ratbag mayor.? Read more »

Mayor Miccio is at it again.

It looks like the ratbag Mayor of Nelson, Aldo Miccio, is donkey deep in some murky dealings and it is causing an outcry amongst the locals.

Nelson property developers and owners have poured scorn on the city council’s plans to sell prime space for a large retail development.

Other organisations and individuals are outraged and astonished at plans to sell Wakatu Square car park land to an Auckland developer for a new Farmers retail store at a “bargain rate”. They appeared in force at a hearing in Nelson yesterday which was marked by legal threats and calls to explain the haste over the deal.

Meanwhile, retail chain Farmers is fighting to keep the city on side as it does not want to see its best opportunity for growth in Nelson drowned by public reaction.

The council announced last month the proposed sale of 3056 square metres of land in Wakatu Square for a retail development by Auckland based developer Windermere Holdings for a new Farmers store.

The council weighed up four options, but proposes one: Selling the public land to Windermere for a Farmers store, at a price of just over $2 million based on rateable value.? Read more »

Our Pinko Mate Highlights the Problems for Miccio

As predicted earlier dodgy local government ratbag and incumbent mayor of Nelson Aldo Miccio has enraged the internet protectors. David Farrar puts the boot in.?

This is outrageous. ?If he was a commercial operation, he would be in breach of the?spam?act. As it stands I believe Miccio and the Council are in breach of the Privacy Act as they are using private information not for the purpose it was given.

What is disturbing is the Mayor says he would do it again.? Read more »

NZ?s dodgiest LBP Nominee ? Aldo Miccio

Nelson ratbag - Aldo Miccio

Nelson ratbag – Aldo Miccio

Nelson mayor and former wonderboy Aldo Miccio has got a kick in the arse for breaking election rules.

Nelson mayor Aldo Miccio has been found in breach of election rules and received a ticking off from the electoral officer.

A complaint was made by Gaire Thompson about how Mr Miccio obtained email addresses and why campaign material headed Miccio4mayor was sent with its mailing address as 110 Trafalgar St which is the city council’s Civic House.

Electoral officer Warwick Lampp yesterday looked into the issue.

There were Office of the Auditor General guidelines around the use of council resources and and communications with candidates and the public during the election period which precluded the use of council resources for campaigning purposes, such as council premises, said Mr Lampp.

Common sense should prevail and a candidate should use their own or their campaign manager’s own physical address for authorisation, which was clearly not the council address, he said. ? Read more »

Nelson’s Troughing Mayor, Ctd

From a reader, via the tipline

Hi Cameron,

To add to Whale Oil’s coverage of Nelson’s mayor, Aldo Miccio – there was a council meeting today, where he was subjected to a grilling from Crs. Matheson, Barker, Reece and Davy. ?It lasted perhaps an hour – other councillors making “noises” – but, by and large, those ones were either not interested – in the mayors’ camp – or concerned more about holding on to their seats.

The reason for the incident: without consulting or advising council, or in any way letting Nelson City councillors know prior to the sending out of council meeting papers on Friday 7 December, Miccio had signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the city of Yang Jiang in China on 23 September.

The Nelson Mail, whom Miccio has accused of biased reporting (despite having the most timid editor in Nelson’s history), had two reporters attending instead of the usual one – so it will be interesting to see how the meeting is reported in Wednesday’s paper.

During intermission, as the mayor was getting a cup from the refreshments table, Cr Eric Davy braced him again, telling Miccio that his was an unauthorised commitment on the Nelson City Council.

Miccio replied, “Do you know what? I’d do it again.”

It was said loud enough to have been heard by the reporters. I do hope they include it.

The arrogance of this man is typical for those that seek the reigns of local body power. ?But Miccio’s inability to see when he’s gone down a blind alley appears to be his primary problem right now.

When you’re in a hole…


The Troughing Mayor’s Delay Tactic

Readers may remember this piece from the weekend when a reader asked for some Whale Sunshine for the Troughing Mayor of Nelson. ?Aldo Miccio has been to China “on behalf of the ratepayer”, but has set up a company for himself.

MP for Nelson Nick Smith was in the paper a few days ago reminding Aldo Miccio that in politics, there is doing the right thing, and being seen to do the right thing. ?Nick speaks from experience.

So what does the greasy Miccio do?

He kicks for touch.

“Rather than continue to engage in unwarranted and unsubstantiated media speculation, I have referred this matter to the acting [Nelson City Council] chief executive to review independently, including reference to the auditor-general’s office,” Mr Miccio said yesterday

You can see the strategy here. ?The deeply unpopular first-term Mayor won’t be re-elected, and he’s very busy feathering his nest. ?By sending this issue to the Auditor-General’s Office he’s hoping the glaring sunlight will stop. ?With some luck, his alleged misuse of ratepayers money will still be tied up in “third party reviews” by the time he’s turfed out.