Alec Baldwin

You are worthress Arec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin has been making gay slurs again, this time it has got him suspended.

MSNBC suspended Alec Baldwin on Friday after a furor stirred by a gay slur that he made in a confrontation with reporters this week.? Read more »


Tom Clancy dies

One of my favourite authors has died.

Tom Clancy has died.

Tom Clancy, whose high-tech, Cold War thrillers such as?The Hunt for Red Octoberand?Patriot Games?made him the most widely read and influential military novelist of his time, has died. He was 66.? Read more »

10 Big Fat lies about Fracking

The director of FrackNation tells Spiked the ten big fat lies about fracking. Here are the first three.

1) Anti-fracking activists are nice people who love debate

Actually, far from being liberal, open-minded souls bringing truth to power in a kinder, gentler way, anti-fracking activists have chosen a new disposition: angry! I guess no one told the fracktivists that just because we don?t agree doesn?t mean we can?t get along. Watch?Vera Scroggins, for example.

Vera, an anti-fracking, Sierra Club-endorsed activist from Pennsylvania, adds to the ?dialogue? with such constructive comments as:

?You?re a freak.?
?You?re a male prostitute.?
?You?re an Irish freak. Go drink some alcohol.?
?Go get drunk and be a drunken Irish freak.?
?You?re an alien. You look like a f***ing alien.?

Or take actor and activist Alec Baldwin. In the run-up to a debate about fracking in the Hamptons that he was taking part in, following a screening of the anti-fracking movie?Gasland, Baldwin approached the New York Independent Oil and Gas Association (IOGA) to see if it could suggest a speaker who was not as anti-fracking as the other speakers on the panel. IOGA suggested me as an independent voice, a journalist with an international perspective who has researched fracking for over two years in two continents. But suddenly Baldwin was no longer interested in debate or diversity of opinion, and he?vetoed me?from the panel. Then, a few hours later, he popped up on Twitter and posted the following:

@phelimmcaleer Come debate me, Phelim, you lumpy old gas whore. Who?s paying you?
? ABFoundation, 1 June 2013

@phelimmcaleer Phelim, you are a dreadful filmmaker. But come debate me, you tired old bullshitter.
? @ABFalecbaldwin, 1 June 2013

Sean Lennon – son of peace activists John Lennon and Yoko Ono – thought that someone who disagreed with him on fracking was a good ?argument for abortion?.

Or, if you?re still not convinced, just peruse the comments on my movie?sFacebook page?left by anti-fracking activists. Such pleasant people!? Read more »

The five reasons why left wingers are pure evil

Tim Stanley writes at the Telegraph in response to a claim by a left wing blogger in the uK that right wingers are evil. He gives his 5 reasons why left wingers are pure evil.

The Labour-supporting blogger Sunny Hundal has done his bit for world peace?by declaring that Right-wingers are all ?evil?. Obviously, it?s political hyperbole at its most silly. But this kind of rhetoric is increasingly common among Left-wingers who think that conservatives who want to reform welfare, stop the NHS from killing people or make sure kids can leave school with the ability to tie their own shoe-laces are ? to use Sunny?s words ? ?heartless bastards.?

So if we?re going to play this game of tit-for-tat, I?d like to offer evidence that it?s the?Left?that?s pure evil rather than the right. Aside from hating freedom and the baby Jesus, they also commit these five mortal sins without any thought for the rest of us.

He lists the 5 reasons…Ill try and put a NZ context on them.

1. Bad stand-up comedy.?Call me old-fashioned, but I always thought a comedian was a fat man in a tux who came on stage and told jokes. But Left-wingers will laugh at something not because it?s funny but because they think they?re supposed to ? which been an enormous boon to the careers of “alternative” comedians like ?Jeremy Hardy, Josie Long, Robin Ince, Mark Thomas and Marcus Brigstocke (seriously, folks, I?ve known colonoscopies that are funnier than Marcus Brigstocke). Their acts are basically George Galloway speeches with a laughter track added and one of their favourite targets are the ?fascist simpletons? who believe in God. Oddly, though, they never pick on fundamentalist Muslims. They can?t seem to see the funny side of having a fatwa put on their head. ? Read more »

You are worthress Arec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin wants to be New York Mayor:

New Yorkers expect their mayor to be larger than life, so maybe Alec Baldwin should oblige us by running for office.

The Hollywood star and credit-card pitchman has flirted with the idea before. After his latest brush with reporters from this paper, we hope the Long Island native reconsiders a run for Gracie Mansion. Here?s what sets him apart from his fellow Democrats already in the race:? Read more »

You are worthress arec bardwin

Alec Baldwin has chickened out of standing for New York’s mayoralty:

Actor Alec Baldwin said in his weekly New York radio podcast that he no longer has the appetite to run for New York City mayor, criticising current candidates and expressing doubts the job was powerful enough to cause change.

“I’ve lost my appetite,” Baldwin, 53, said during his interview with “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” director Stephen Daldry on his WNYC radio podcast, “Here’s The Thing.”

“The people that are running for mayor, I know this is terrible, I look at them and I don’t see myself in that crowd,” said the actor.

A possible foray into politics by the “30 Rock” actor has often been speculated upon in the media, with the actor himself saying he was “very, very interested” in the politics “game” in an interview with CNN earlier this year.

More likely it is because he is worthress:

You are worthless Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin is worthless:

Award-winning actor Alec Baldwin had to be removed from a flight in Los Angeles today after he failed to turn off his iPad while the plane was waiting to take off.

The American Airlines plane was forced to turn back to the departure gate so the 53-year-old actor could be removed from the aircraft, delaying the early morning flight from LAX airport to New York.

The 30 Rock star, who could be fined over the incident, had been playing a computer game on his iPad,?Words With Friends, a puzzle game which the actor reportedly ?would risk being thrown off a flight to play?.

Words With Friends players compete online to score the most points by building words with tiles on a Scrabble-like game board.

Baldwin, who pledged never to not use the airline again, vented his frustration over the incident on his Twitter account?@AlecBaldwin.

“Flight attendant on American reamed me out 4 playing WORDS W FRIENDS while we sat at the gate, not moving. #nowonderamericaairisbankrupt,” he wrote on the microblogging site.