Alfred Ngaro

Words of the Wise

Everyday I have been following the advice of a mentor and reading and sharing the wisdom of Proverbs. There is a powerful message int eh Book of Proverbs if only more would read it. Today is the 22nd, read Chapter 22 of Proverbs. In it you will find these words:

24?Don?t befriend angry people
or associate with hot-tempered people,
25?or you will learn to be like them
and endanger your soul.

Throughout Proverbs it tells us to seek the wise and listen to the words and watch their deeds. King Solomon’s words tell us to emulate the wise.

With increasing incredulity I read about?the excuse making and finger pointing of someone who doesn’t deserve to be called a mother and I thought to what Alfred Ngaro said yesterday in his maiden speech. Alfred Ngaro is one of the wise, he is inspired and he is thoughtful and this is what he said yesterday:

Mr Speaker, at the tender age of 45 I? now know more than ever before the gift I have and what it brings into this? House of representatives.

And it is simply this, the gift of? inspiration.

I have learnt that Inspiration is? birthed when the process is equal to the outcome, the greater the process the? greater the outcome. Where if we want to change a culture then we must learn to? ask a powerful question. ?How do we stop our babies from being killed in this? country??

I have seen that inspiration gains? substance when we are not afraid to hold the space for robust and even? difficult conversation. I Iearnt?this lesson from Dame Whina?Cooper when she? challenged her leaders by saying ?don?t get hoha, stamp fist, and leave the? room, because when you?re gone they make the decisions for you. Stay in the? room.?

I witnessed inspiration come alive? when people have owned the outcome and simply said ?look what we have done?.

I have felt the power of inspiration? when people are restored in their brokenness, and find the pathway to their? dreams. This quote from a fathering workshop, ?we?ve all got a hard luck story? of how we were fathered, but it?s our time to rewrite the script.?

That woman, who will now serve at least 5 years in jail, needs to read and understand Alfred Ngaro’s words, because but for a small bit of extra pressure or an extra lick of the broomstick her children could well have been dead.

I doubt that she will care, she has proven that, but Alfred Ngaro’s words serve as a strong reminder to us all that it is of no use finding blame for the killing fields of our nations homes, it is up to adults to be adults and to confront their own demons, blame no one but themselves and start to re-write the script and find that pathway to their dreams.

We need to change a culture in this country, and we need to do it urgently otherwise the kids will keep on getting bashed, or worse killed. Whole swathes of our society need to learn to love themselves and to love their children, to cherish and protect those lives that they?have?brought into the world.


Alfred Ngaro – Maiden Speech

Alfred Ngaro lead off the Address and Reply debate with his maiden speech. It is very, very good.

National’s new MPs

National have a fresh crop of new MPs coming into parliament. The media have largely ignored them so here is some background from my perspective.

Mike Sabin: Northland

Mike won Northland bloody well, increasing John Carter’s majority by over a thousand votes. He was the only new candidate to increase his majority. An ex cop he has built a reputation fighting against P, a fight that needs to be had and few are willing to engage in. Regarded as being a solid rather than outstanding performer the election result means Mike deserves a closer look from the political pundits.

Mark Mitchell: Rodney

A real star on the international stage, Mark built a business in the Middle East that meant he was involved in major disaster recovery efforts around the globe, hostage negotiation and was decorated for bravery. Before that Mark was a police dog handler and has restricted use of his right arm after being attacked by a samurai sword. The only member of the new intake who has had media companies wanting to buy his life story. Won a bruising selection process, and soundly beat the Conservative leader Colin Craig in Rodney. Mark is a warm friendly guy who has the reputation for listening first, not talking non stop.

Maggie Barry: North Shore

Already a Whaleoil favourite for speaking her mind on Andrew Williams and telling Len that his railway won’t go ahead, Maggie comes to parliament with a positive reputation in the minds of the New Zealand public. Hopefully her career will be more successful than fellow media personality Pam Corkery, but this will depend on Maggie understanding the importance of listening before speaking, and that politics is a brutal game. If she doesn?t learn to listen with luck she will continue sledging Andrew Williams and stop the inner city loop.

Scott Simpson: Coromandel

Long time Whaleoil friend and National Party stalwart Scott has plenty of history in the party, though not all that history is necessarily working in his favour. Regarded as a little indiscrete, as a result there is a significant minority of caucus that simply doesn’t trust him, unfortunately for Scott that minority is called The Cabinet. Scott will need to do the hard yards on the backbenches to earn back the trust of caucus and cabinet.

Ian McKelvie: Rangitikei

Another Whaleoil favourite, Ian replaced Simon Power, so deserves thanks from all Whaleoil readers. He also has trenchant views on global warming and the ETS, views that may not be entirely consistent with political reality, even if they are entirely consistent with actual reality. Unfortunately for Ian he has probably left his run a bit late in life and faces the challenge that all Mayors face, going from being the boss to being a back bencher.

Paul Goldsmith: List

Bought into parliament on the list to save ACT. A former Auckland City Councilor who failed to beat Cathy Casey to get onto the supercity. Not regarded as having much talent as a vote winner, but a man with a formidable intellect who has made very good money as a contract historian writing biographies. Will be interesting to see if his time as a councilor has taught him that compromise is crucial in politics, as he was known to drive his peers to distraction with his adherence to politically pure views.

Alfred Ngaro: List

A good speaker, as is probably expected of a former pastor. Part of National?s ethnic outreach program, but with a track record in the pasifika community, and involvement in social services that mean he is not just a token. Will have three years to prove he deserves his list position, but expected to deliver as he has a history of achievement.

Jian Yang: List

Not particularly well known in National circles but has already been responsible for ensuring that donations start flowing after the gap left by Pansy Wong and her trust fund. Speaks better English than Pansy too. Jian Yang is part of National’s Asian outreach programme.

Potential Tamaki candidates

Names are now starting to pop up for the rushed Tamaki selection. Names mentioned to the Whale, or mentioned in the media include:

Denise Krum – A more recently established National Party identity, Krum is struggling to make headway with some delegates, who see her as “nice, but not up to it”. Krum is 69 on National’s list, and on current polling stands a good chance of becoming a list Member of Parliament, certainly if there are some mid-term retirements anyway.

Karen Rolleston – An established National party identity, though not a resident of Tamaki, or anywhere near it, Rolleston has some X-Factor that makes her a worthy consideration for delegates. She presents well in person, though narrowly lost in Palmerston North which was not bad for a Jafa.

Alfred Ngaro – Ngaro was catapulted into the National list as one of the fresh new “diversity” faces, and will certainly be in Parliament. He was a good (but not great) candidate in the 2010 council elections, standing as a C&R candidate but losing the winnable Maungakiekie ward contest to Richard Northey. A Cook Islands Maori, Ngaro is educated, affable and presents well. Big things are expected of Ngaro, more than just a token cabinet ministry role.

Suzy Clarkson – ex Prime TV news presenter, and star of fitness videos back in the 1990s. Now reportedly working for Coca Cola as their public affairs director. Her National Party background is unknown. In this morning’s Herald, Cabinet Minister Paula Bennett is reportedly backing her, though this is not necessarily a useful thing.

D. Mark Harrison – A social media entrepeneur and Hobbit helper (he organised the marches for the Hobbit movie last year), Harrison is regularly found in the company of lingerie models and bikini pageant contestants. Fancies himself as a bit of a playboy. He would make Alasdair Thompson seem like a reasonable progressive if chosen. However, he presents well and his Kings College persona can be turned on at whim, making him a possible outside runner. His National Party background is unknown.

Aaron Bhatnagar – a friend of the Whale and established National Party identity. Missed out in Botany and Epsom. Needs more polish and some weight loss if he is to stand in another selection, but capable of being a strong MP if selected. Has been quoted as saying he is undecided about standing, and has already been the victim of an smear by the usual dark forces that congregate around Auckland National Party selections.

UPDATE: Aaron has confirmed with me today that he will NOT be seeking selection in Tamaki.

Mark Thomas – An established National Party identity and former candidate. Has a number of weaknesses that would cause National risk, including the fact he would cause a by-election if selected (he’s currently the spokesman for invisibility on the Orakei local board), comes across as effeminate, and is in a de facto relationship with his partner (Tamaki would be hostile to anything other than married). A public relations practitioner, famously once the paid PR stooge of Mark Hotchin, New Zealand’s second most hated man after Clayton Weatherston. He can’t have been that good allowing his client to be so branded. This also makes him a prime target for Labour, and would be viewed suspiciously by the St Heliers villagers who lost money in Hanover. His missus is said to be far more capable as a potential candidate.

Cameron Brewer – the rock star in the room. Is playing a media tease at the moment about his interest in Tamaki, but is the best known of the likely nominees, has a good National Party pedigree and is a monstrously effective media talent. Brewer would also cause a by-election if selected, which would no doubt have the blessing of Len Brown. Brewer is well advised by his old teammates in the National Party research unit in the Shipley years. May be seen as weak on policy by some delegates, but would probably be forgiven this as he would be incredibly effective in opposition when the Key government eventually does go out. Conceivably the only person in this lineup who could make cabinet prior to the 2014 elections, and if the whispers are correct, would.

David Williams – the ex headmaster of Saint Kentigern College around ten years ago has recently moved back to New Zealand after leading a school in Australia. His National Party background is unknown, though is well connected into the church community. Would probably have the support of the Peachey faction, who would like his strong education credentials and his socially conservative views (he is also a Presbyterian Minister). He would be expected to present very well.

Citizens and Ratepayers announces candidates

Citizens and Ratepayers has announced this morning some of their candidates for the upcoming Local Body Elections in Auckland. (Candidate Summary Profile Pack)

They are:

?Albany Ward
Cr Linda Cooper??? Waitakere City Councillor
Ms Josephine Kim?? Barrister and Solicitor

Albert-Eden-Roskill Ward

Hon Christine Fletcher QSO Former Mayor of Auckland
Cr Paul Goldsmith?? Auckland City Councillor

Franklin Ward
Cr Des Morrison?? Franklin District Councillor

Maungakiekie-Tamaki Ward
Mr Alfred Ngaro?? Community Development Consultant

Orakei Ward
Cr Douglas Armstrong QSO Auckland City Councillor

Te Irirangi (Howick) Ward
Cr Dick Quax??? Manukau City Councillor
Cr Jami-Lee Ross?? Manukau City Councillor

Waitamata and Gulf Ward
Cr Michael Barnett?? Auckland Regional Councillor

Whau Ward
Cr Noelene Raffills?? Auckland City Councillor

There are 6 European, 2 Maori, 1 Cook Islander and 1 Korean candidates, 4 women and 7 men. The balance of the team so far, age, (some young ones) experience, ethnic mix, gender mix is pretty good, very hard for the repeaters to criticise these selections so far.

The only one who is a bit scatter-brained is Christine Fletcher, but hey, she was elected mayor once so who knows.

I think scoring Alfred Ngaro is a coup, he is very well respected in the Pasifika community and I’ve heard will be a stunning candidate.