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Wrongly Wrongson Wrong Again

Yes, that's right comrades, I have poo on my fingers

Yes, that’s right comrades, I have poo on my fingers

The most wrong person in NZ politics Wrongly Wrongson aka Martyn Martin Bradbury is wrong again.

The other day he blogged:

Heather du Plessis-Allan has turned down TV3?s offer to host their new 7pm show with Duncan Garner so I think management should just go the whole hog and appoint Rachel Glucina to work as Duncan?s co-anchor.

If TV3 are trying to imitate the hate crime against public broadcasting that is ?Seven Sharp?, then they may as well be totally open to being as sycophantic as ?Seven Sharp? and put Rachel in there. She pretends to be a PR person, so she may as well pretend to be a broadcaster as well.

If TV3 were serious about trying to get back their credibility they would put the incredibly talented?Paula Penfold in the role, but I fear that?s not what they are aiming for.

My God TV broadcasting has become a ruined nightmare under a Government that wants the people distracted rather than informed.

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Kiwi Journalists Association nothing but a bunch of McCarthyist thugs

The Kiwi Journalists Association has a Facebook group where people can meet to discuss events and happenings in journalism.

Lately however it has turned into a left-wing infested hate-fest, mostly against yours truly.

Despite the fact that a High Court found me to be a journalist, and also that I was the editor of a newspaper and the reason why I joined it, they held a ‘meeting’ to decided whether or not I should be kicked out because Nicky Hager wrote a book using stolen and illegally obtained emails. Apparently I was the villain and Nicky Hager the saint.

I voluntarily left such was the vitriol displayed.

In recent days it has again escalated to the point where Alistair Thompson, the disgraced editor of Scoop, amongst others like PR hack Paul Brislen and a real nasty piece of work called Susan Belt have been again mounting a campaign of hate against other members of the group.

It seems that unless you subscribe to their thinking and world view then you must be hounded from the group and personally denigrated.

Thompson is the worst however…invoking the spectre of McCarthyism when it is really them performing the McCarthy-ist behaviour in attempting to purge the group of “wrong” think people.

As Chris and Kent point out recent events here and overseas have created something close to an existential threat to journalism as we know it.

Whaleoil’s role in this is multifaceted which makes it all the more confusing. He is both source, news maker and news subject. When it comes to discussions of McCarthyism he is the sharp edge of the sword. And when he strikes it is very unclear whose agency he is acting under.

The “state” sponsored aspect which is necessary for a McCarthyism tag to stick is writ large when it comes to Whaleoil and it is the proof of this which makes Nicky’s book so compelling and also so scary.

The raid on Nicky which can and is being interpreted as the state defending it’s attack vector is therefore doubly troubling.

I knew I was breaking the rules with this post but did not know Russell Beaumont’s role. I was however suspicious that some kind of deliberate trolling exercise was underway here in the KJA to a) create an impression that the journalistic community is in two minds on this issue and b) to build up the meme that this stuff “dirty politics” is normal and that the real threat is hackers who break the law.

Clearly there is a constituency for are least part of that view among some members of this forum.

That is why I made this post.

All that said I would be happy to accept a decision by the moderators to delete this post if they deem it in the interests of the community.

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Is there any democracy in the Internet Mana Party?

It is a bit of a joke is it not that a party that claims to be going to revolutionise politics in New Zealand is being populated by unreconstituted Stalinists and so far every position in the party has been appointed or paid for by a collector of nazi memorabilia.

In filing for the registration of the party they produced a constitution and set of rules that place all power in the hands of the executive who were all appointed by the “Visionary”…who is also the paymaster.

No one voted on the constitution, no one was allowed to put any amendments, and no one has attended an AGM to approve the constitution or rules…it was all done at the behest of the paymaster by the paid staffers.

Now we find out that their appointed…or is it hired…‘Leader’ is on a $148,000 package as well…a fair bit behind the package of CEO Vikram Kumar…which should at least give him one reason to smile.

Internet Party leader Laila Harre reveals has revealed she is being a paid back-bench MP salary as leader of the Internet Party

A backbench MP is paid $147,800, plus perks including travel and accommodation expenses plus super.

The usual remuneration for the leader of a minor party out of power is nothing.

“I have just agreed to a contract which is in line with the already public intention of the party to pay candidates the same as a backbench MP. But I have to say that there simply wasn?t any discussion at all about personal remuneration for me at any stage during this decision and it just was not a factor in me making up my mind,” she told Lisa Owen on TV3’s The Nation this morning.

Kim Dotcom, who made his fortune from Megaupload (for which he?faces?piracy, money laundering and racketeering charges), and sister sites?including?Megaporn and Megaerotic, has revealed he is bankrolling Internet Mana to the tune of $3 million.

Earlier, Internet Party CEO Vikram Kumar told NBR that other sources of funding paled next to the money being tipped into the campaign by one of Mr Dotcom’s family trusts. ? Read more »

Still on the payroll?

Alistair Thompson destroyed the credibility of himself and his organisation, Scoop Media, when he fell for the Crook of Coatesville entreaties.

He abandoned his mates and strolled off to Coatesville leaving his shabby credibility?behind.

He was lured by the loot and found he couldn’t take the daily abuse hurled out by the fat German crook.

His benefactors at Scoop meanwhile ditched their offers once they realised what was sold to them was a pup.

And Thompson came crawling back.

But it appears he is still taking the coin from the purse of Kim Dotcom…Scoop is running Internet Party ads extensively across the site.? Read more »

Kim Dotcom’s cunning plan is so stupid you could pin a Che T-shirt on it and call it Martyn

Kim Dotcom’s big plan is to collapse the Internet Party if they don’t get near 5% and “gift” their voters to which ever party buys their favours and support by acceding to their yet to be revealed policy platform.

The man is an idiot…but then again he paid for political advice from Martyn Bradbury…who coincidentally is shilling this plan as a good idea.

This political genius…who also sought advice from Mai Chen (is the bill paid yet Mai?) and Don Brash and Alistair Thompson…losers not winners in other words…thinks this is a winning strategy.

Let me explain the little predicament for Kim Dotcom, the Internet party and whoever cuts this ‘special’ deal.

The plan appears to be to have Kim Dotcom spend the maximum amount of money during the regulated campaign period (this is problematic since he doesn’t actually pay his pay bills), only to withdraw and endorse the highest bidder if theInternet doesn’t reach the necessary five percent threshold? Read more »

Alsitair Thompson putting the poo back into the donkey

I see disgraced journalist Alistair Thompson is attempting to put the poo back into the donkey.

John Drinnan reports:

Alastair Thompson’s on again-off again political career has landed him back at Scoop, the news website he abandoned to join Kim Dotcom’s political party.

New cornerstone shareholders Sublime Media – led by Selwyn Pellet and his brother Craig – today detailed their 60 per cent stake in Scoop, with the Thompson family interests retaining 20 per cent.

Thompson – formerly a member of the Parliamentary Press Gallery – today broke his silence after leaving the Internet Party last week and confirming he was in talks with Sublime about resuming some role at Scoop.

Thompson apologised to friends and family for the way he handled the transition between Scoop and the party role, which was leaked to the right wing blogger Cameron Slater.

Thompson was embarrassed by the revelations, and criticised by his business partner Selwyn Pellet.

Thompson said: “I owe an apology to many people close to me, especially my wife, my family and colleagues and employees at Scoop, and to my new investors for allowing the situation that evolved rapidly and unexpectedly at the end of last year, which brought about the conflict that my resignation from the Internet Party is to resolve.

“I am determined that my error in judgement will not prevent me from rejoining the effort at Scoop to build a new independent news model that is open, democratic and
true to Scoop’s stated mission of being an agent of positive change.

Those are weasel words for “I got sprung before I could cover my tracks”.

Sources inside the mansion tell me that Thompson would sit at the table with Dotcom over several months before the story broke ?and worry that he maybe caught out and at the same time he worried about the impact on his potential investor.

Thompson’s explanations thus far have been very economical and he really needs to come clean before being accepted back into the Press Gallery.

When is a resignation not a resignation?

If anyone should be having some quality time to reflect on life at Huka Lodge, it should be the hapless Alastair Thompson.

Yesterday unnamed sources behind the “Pakeha?Internet Party” released this


There is “I” in Internet Party Team, by the way. ? /bad joke

Not long after that presser, Scoop published this through gritted professional journalism teeth ? Read more »

Alistair Thompson resigns from Internet Party

Alistair Thompson has resigned from the Internet party just a week after joining it officially.

He had of course been working for months prior to that secretly until outed by this website.

There are significant tensions within the Dotcom camp over this Internet Party and recently there were arguments over remuneration levels for Thompson and Kumar.? Read more »

When the face is the brand and brand is the face

Could the fledging Dotcom vanity project and political party be in trouble before it has already started.

Word has it that Kim Dotcom is not happy with activities so far, having their strategy leaked, the party secretary busted and resigning from his job in disgrace and now the legal problems that appear to be besetting the party.

Lawyers are spending a great deal of time trying to understand electoral law since the treating issue arose. Gordon Campbell writes about those issues:

As a consequence, Dotcom shelved his political party launch, and proceeded with plans for his birthday party music bash, only to be advised by the Electoral Commission that that, too, could be regarded as an event likely to induce voters to support his political party further down the track.

And also calls for the authorities to hold other parties to account, a sentiment I wholeheartedly agree with.

[A]ny event fostering democratic participation that Labour stages in south Auckland that involves say, hip hop or dance artists and carries a door price anything less than the full market rate, could now land it in trouble.

Clearly, the Venn diagram overlaps between “treating” and “party-related advertising” and “fund-raising entertainments” could now become a legal minefield for all political parties.

Dotcom has begun to affect the political climate of 2014, well before the election campaign proper.

The problem though lies not with the Electoral Commission who I believe do an admirable job. They are constantly referring law breaches tot he Police for prosecution and to date not a single complaint or referral has ever been acted on.

But other more pressing legal issues are now confronting them. You see in launching a party, using his face, his name, his style, his Twitter account to all promote and push the party Kim Dotcom has unwittingly nobbled himself and has possibly put the fledgling party in breach of the law again.? Read more »

Are the bills being paid Kim?


In recent days since we started peeling back some layers of the murk surrounding Kim Dotcom a number of former contractors and service suppliers to Kim Dotcom have contacted us regarding their non-payment of bills.

There are more than just a few disgruntled people from initial investigations.

Stories vary too of payment arrangements but the end result is the same, these hard-working Kiwis and their businesses are out-of-pocket big time. Dudded by the big man.

Several former contractors have stated that at meetings last year they were offered a deal to transfer debt in return for shares in MEGA by Kim Dotcom.

Large projections of the net worth of MEGA were presented and on the surface the deals appeared to offer the embattled creditors a possible way of finally getting paid for the work and services provided.

Of course claims have been made repeated by Dotcom about how cuts have had to be made to fit into their smaller court approved income, but hiding the fact that Dotcom has been quietly selling down his own shareholdings to finance his lavish lifestyle. It is understood that many of the transactions are yet to be advised to the companies office.

While Dotcom has been explaining to creditors that they will either not be paid, or receive delayed payments or indeed offer the ability to swap debt for shares he has meanwhile been able to afford to produce an album, ?plaster Auckland’s buses with promotions for the album, hire auditoriums,?buy his way into Rhythm & Vines, pay for lavish fireworks and entertainment, fund flights and continue to lease the helicopter he pretends is his and finance and start a political party spending tens of thousands of dollars just on advice, and fund and develop a music streaming service. Not to mention his offer to fund an undersea cable and Team New Zealand, all offers that have come the same fate as those of his contractors. Read more »