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Whaleoil?s Idiot of the Week

Idiot of the Week

Idiot of the Week

Some people really are stupid.

A New Plymouth man has learned the hard way why it is best to never bad mouth a district court judge on social media.

Troy William Henry LaRue was forced to face up to a judge he called a c*** on Facebook when he was summoned on January 21 to the New Plymouth District Court for unpaid traffic fines, The Spinoff reported.

On January 12, the now former Taranaki Judge, Allan Roberts, announced his retirement and his decision was reported by the Taranaki Daily News.

In the comments section of the article, which was posted on social media, Mr LaRue made a highly inappropriate and uncomplimentary remark about the Judge.

When Mr LaRue turned up to court for his hearing nine days later, Judge Roberts was sitting at bench.

Just one week from his retirement, Judge Roberts decided to hold Mr LaRue to account for his comments.

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Judge goes public on government?s attempt to keep people out of jail

I think we should clone the DNA of this judge.

He sounds like a really sensible bloke. He wants to keep sending crims to jail, and is annoyed the government wants cuddles and hugs dispensed instead.

New Plymouth’s most outspoken judge has struck out at what he believes is a government push to keep offenders out of jail.

Judge?Allan Roberts sent Joshua Aaron Salvador Edwards, 26, to jail for four and a half months on Friday, despite a report recommending he be given electronic monitoring for breaching his sentence of community work, breaching his sentence of supervision, driving while disqualified and failing to stop.

Roberts said there was a “government direction” to probation officers to recommend other penalties than prison, in order to keep offenders out of jail.

“They wish to see the courts make greater use of sentences other than imprisonment,” Roberts said.

“That’s why we are getting reports that sometimes don’t have an appropriate penalty alongside them.

They underpitch, deliberately so.

Roberts said the initial two reports recommended imprisonment and that it was only on the third report that community detention was recommended as an alternative.

Edwards’ lawyer Jo Woodcock defended the probation officer’s latest report.

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Time to throw away the key

He has received his 99th prison sentence, and clearly the punishments over the years have done nothing to stop this ratbag…time to throw away the key.

Unfortunately for us he got a dud judge…who decided that 16 months in prison…likely to only be 6 months…was perfectly adequate for a career criminal.

A New Plymouth conman and repeat drink-driver has been given his 99th prison term after driving home a woman he met in a pub.

Ian Arthur Lehndorf, 62, admitted drink driving and disqualified driving at Bell Block on August 24.

Lehndorf had accumulated 98 previous jail sentences – most involving multiple convictions for frauds – coupled with a raft of disqualified driving and drink-driving offences. He was also on a final warning.

“You of all people should know the consequences of apprehension,” Judge Allan Roberts told Lehndorf when sentencing him in the New Plymouth District Court yesterday.

Lehndorf’s lawyer, Jo Woodcock, said her client had been dry for eight years, but succumbed one night at Shifty’s Bar in Bell Block.? Read more »

Ignore the crocodile tears and throw away the key

A career criminal facing his 51st time in prison and with 97 prior convictions is trying to pull a swifty by crying a river of tears to the judge.

A Black Power member says he wants to change his ways after hearing he will become a grandfather.

“I don’t blame nobody but myself,” William Herangi Wanakore, 34, told Judge Allan Roberts prior to sentencing after admitting to his latest raft of offending.

Wanakore, who has 97 convictions, was about to be sentenced to his 51st prison term after pleading guilty to assault with intent, two burglaries and twice breaching protection orders in May.

He choked up while reading his letter of apology to the judge, written while in jail.

“Sorry for being a pain in the bum. I speak from my heart for the first time. I wish to do good not just for me but my kids,” Wanakore said. “If I carry on this way I’m never going to see my kids.” ? Read more »

Pathetic Judge forgives Green Taliban actress

Green?Taliban?actress, Lucy Lawless real name Lucy Tapert, has been slapped with yet another wet bus ticket from a gutless star-struck Judge.

?Actor Lucy Lawless says she is proud of her efforts to stop Shell drilling for oil in the Arctic?.. ?We are proud to have taken part in our attempt to stop Shell’s reckless plans to drill for oil in the pristine Arctic,” she said outside the court?.

And the punishment for being unrepentant, trespassing, wasting police time and making NZ look like a basket case?

?New Plymouth District Court, Judge Allan Roberts sentenced the activists to 120 hours community work and ordered them to pay Port Taranaki $651.44 each.

Wow maybe he has?watched?one too many?episodes?of?Spartacus?where?Lawless gets her tits out.??How much do you think I would get if I invaded Judge Allan Roberts living room as a protest at overpaid Judges???District Court judges pulling in a cool $300,500 per annum?so I guess they really know what the breadline is like. ? ? Read more »