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Auckland Council is dodgier than a 6-day-old chicken curry

Guest Post

It’s widely known that they flout the law and do whatever they want. And it’s also widely known that the Council deliberately work against property developers to screw the scrum where it concerns Resource Consent Applications.

Most of the time property developers grin and bear the pain and get on with things quietly. More often than not, however, they get strong armed by Council holding them to ransom. A consent approval in return for something Council want that will cost a fortune.

Before you say ‘cry me a river’ understand that Council are breaking the law. And the more often they get away with it the more they are likely to do it to you if the opportunity presents itself.

There are limitations on a Council’s power under the RMA. A Council can’t do whatever they want.

Firstly, there is the law (legislation) and then there is the interpretation of the law (case law), which occurs when matters end up in the Court for a ruling. An interpretation of the law by a judge results.

What should happen subsequently is that the all Councils – when dealing with similar issues in the future – should abide by the ruling of the Court as a precedent. The law is set – so follow it.

But they don’t. What Councils do is ignore the law because nobody polices the Councils and they can get away with it.  Read more »

Corruption under Len Brown’s watch? Say it isn’t so


Interesting… the news that gets dumped during a long weekend in the hope nobody picks up on it.   Read more »