The media has killed any kind of sensible discussion

We all know that 1Law4All is a group of people that are looking to remove any kind of mention of the Treaty in law. ? It posits that there are two classes of people in New Zealand: ?Maori, and non-Maori. ?And it is fairly hard to argue with that as we have a separate electoral roll, separate education and a slow push towards a separate legal system.

How this is Apartheid in South Africa, but natural justice and common sense in New Zealand is hard to explain.

So wanting a country with laws that apply to everyone equally, what sort of person would want that? ?Well, if you’re Kim Vinnel, the journo who wrote the opening sentence…

A political movement labelled by some as driven by extreme right-wing racism is upping the ante ahead of this year’s election.

A flyer drop promoting both an anti-separatist book and the 1Law4All Party has angered one Labour candidate…

Wanting a single law for all citizens is now?extreme right-wing racism.

Seriously, we have run out of words that make any sense.

So basically, when the indigenous people want one law for all it is just fine. ?If white people want one law for all it is extreme right-wing racism.

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Fake News on Stuff

I read Stuff because it is better than the NZ Herald but today I read an article about Milo Yiannopoulos and I was disgusted to see that they had published a blatant lie about him. I guess that I shouldn’t be surprised since left-wing media outlets all over have written lies about both him and Steve Bannon, his ex-boss from Breitbart. Breitbart, of course, has had incredible growth and are expanding. They have taken on old media and are winning so that may be why the MSM is so keen to publish lies about anyone connected to their competition.

The article in question is about a book that Milo has written. I have already pre-ordered it myself and it is already a best seller on Amazon even though it hasn’t been released yet.


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Facts versus feelings: A case study



A progressive liberal who grew up in a conservative household allowed his curiosity to open him up to new ideas. Instead of sticking to liberal dogma he started reading and watching things that exposed him to another way of viewing what was happening in America.The fact-based arguments were changing his attitudes but they made him feel uncomfortable. He didn’t like viewing the world that way and thought that he had become an ” arsehole. ” He didn’t want to be an ” arsehole, ” so he put his rose tinted glasses back on so that he could feel like a good person.

He retreated to a world dominated by feelings. The only way he could live with his regression was to view the facts and the logical persuasive arguments in a negative light. Amazingly in his article about his 180 degree turnaround he chose to label the other side ” indoctrination” and “online radicalisation.”

He reminds me of someone I knew who was constantly used as a doormat by others. I told her what she had to do to protect herself but she wasn’t prepared to do it because she would feel like a bad person. It is amazing how much people will put up with and ignore in order to preserve their image of themselves as a good person.

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CNN is a Fake News network that spreads lies


The Main Stream Media’s attempt to rebrand conservatives as alt-right

“Alt right” has been the smear of choice, a label put on conservatives and?libertarians by a MSM determined to brand them?as racist, sexist, homophobic and Islamophobic radicals. ?So who has been branded alt-right that isn’t and what is the alt-right really?

This is a victory for every American who has been wrongly smeared as racist, sexist or homophobic by the scolds and nannies of the progressive left,” Yiannopoulos said after Donald Trump prevailed on election day.

…”It is the perfect climax to an unstoppable new populist, nationalist revolution sweeping the west. It is mirable dictu, the moment ‘social justice’ died. I couldn’t be more thrilled,” he said

Trouble is, no one seems to know exactly who is and who is not alt-right. Even Yiannopoulos, the media-proclaimed protagonist of alt-righteousness,?isn?t actually a member of the club, he tells THR.

?In dozens of interviews I?ve said the opposite. I?m just the only journalist to give them a fair hearing,? says Yiannopoulos, an editor at Breitbart News, which has also been tagged with the ?alt-right? label by the mainstream media.

“The left is trying to make it a new swear word,” he says. “They?ve seen this lively, powerful, exciting, funny brand of conservatism and their response is to do what they always do ? call them names.?

Alt-right or not, those merely associated with the movement are riding a lucrative media wave. Breitbart?s website, for example, shattered traffic records last month, with 37 million unique visitors.

…As for Yiannopoulos, his star has risen to the point where he?s a sought-after guest on radio and television. Plus, his Dangerous Faggot Tour, where he lectures conservatives on college campuses, is routinely sold out and he?s filming his appearances for a documentary movie.

What’s the alt-right? Well, thousands of words have been written about it in the past few months, usually in the form of lengthy feature articles from left-leaning publications. Rolling Stone magazine says the movement is populated by fans of Trump looking to ?reshape American politics by organizing anonymous racists on Twitter,? while Slate calls it ?Euro-style white nationalism? whose standard bearer is Trump.

Those definitions work, though only if you speak to the few prominent people who actually acknowledge being on the alt-right, like Richard Spencer, founder of, and Jared Taylor, founder of American Renaissance, a magazine published by New Century Foundation, a self-described ?race-realist, white advocacy organization.?

But the vast majority of conservatives who suddenly find themselves labeled ?alt-right? don?t fit that mold at all.

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