Alternative energy

Simon Bridges wants more people driving gay cars

It is bad enough that Craig Foss has gotten himself a new gay ute, but now Simon Bridges wants us to drive cars gayer than Fossy’s gay ute.

I mean seriously? Expensive, over priced, non-Green, electric cars?

The only good news is he doesn’t support subsidies.

Transport and Energy Minister Simon Bridges has officials investigating ways to accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles.

But he doesn’t favour incentives or subsidies in what he says is “the most EV-ready country in the world” because of New Zealand’s very high proportion of electricity generated from renewable resources. ? Read more »

They fry birds now they are a hazard to aircraft…welcome to green energy

Birds are being fried by the new solar plant in California and now the massive plant is blinding pilots…not sure this green energy malarky is working so well.

Airplane pilots cruising over southern California have been complaining about a ?nearly blinding? glare emanating from a massive government-funded solar thermal facility.

The Ivanpah solar energy plant in San Bernardino County is the world?s largest solar thermal plant and has 173,500 large mirrors that reflect sunlight onto boilers in three 459-foot towers. A feat of modern engineering ? to green energy advocates, but a flying hazard to pilots.

The Federal Aviation Administration?s Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS) got two anonymous complaints in August that mentioned a ?blinding glare? coming from the Ivanpah solar facility. One complaint came from a Los Angeles air traffic controller and the other from a small transport plane pilot that took off from an airport in Boulder City, Nevada.

?The FAA is aware of potential glare from solar plants and is exploring how to best alert pilots to the issue,? an FAA spokesman told The Daily Caller News Foundation.? Read more »

Solar isn’t cheaper, or more effective, learn from Germany’s mistakes

The Green party wants to foist an energy policy upon New Zealand that is idiocy in the extreme. Industry sources say it is a hopelessly flawed policy, reliant on subsidies to work and even then it is based on a lie…that solar is cheap and effective.

Germany’s problems suggest the opposite.

Germany once prided itself on being the ?photovoltaic world champion?, doling out generous subsidies?totaling more than $130 billion, according to research from Germany?s Ruhr University?to citizens to invest in solar energy. But now the German government is vowing to cut the subsidies sooner than planned and to phase out support over the next five years. What went wrong?

Subsidizing green technology is affordable only if it is done in tiny, tokenistic amounts. Using the government?s generous subsidies, Germans installed 7.5 gigawatts of photovoltaic capacity last year, more than double what the government had deemed ?acceptable.? It is estimated that this increase alone will lead to a $260 hike in the average consumer?s annual power bill.

According to?Der Spiegel,?even members of Chancellor Angela Merkel?s staff are now describing the policy as a massive money pit. Philipp R?sler, Germany?s minister of economics and technology, has called the spiraling solar subsidies a ?threat to the economy.?

Germany?s enthusiasm for solar power is understandable. We could satisfy all of the world?s energy needs for an entire year if we could capture just one hour of the sun?s energy. Even with the inefficiency of current PV technology, we could meet the entire globe?s energy demand with solar panels by covering 250,000 square kilometers (155,342 square miles), about 2.6 percent of the Sahara Desert.? Read more »

Green solar nonsense vs fact

Has Russel Norman even bothered to read the EECA (Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority) website?or the Consumer report on solar power from November last year? ? ?As usual the Greens are living in an environmentally friendly la-la land and completely ignorant of reality and actual proper research.

According to their “Solar Homes” report,?they are planning to have people install grid connected systems:

“once the low-interest loan is repaid, the?family will own their solar power system?outright. Families will be able to earn money?by?selling excess electricity back to the grid.”

Here is what our very own government funded bodies EECA and Consumer Affairs have to say after doing a LOT of research on grid connected systems:

From EECA:

If you are thinking about a grid connected system to reduce your energy bills, then it is important you understand the economics of the systems you are looking at. Even if a PV system proves marginally viable, there are?many better ways to reduce your energy costs.

In many cases setting up and using your own grid-connected generation system will cost you more than using grid electricity over the lifespan of the system. It is also worth knowing why most of the other benefits that are often associated with grid connected systems overseas don’t apply here in New Zealand.

As you will generally be selling excess electricity for significantly less than the retail price, most grid-connected systems will?never pay themselves off, let alone reduce your energy bills, or make you money.?? Read more »

The ugly reality of alternative energy

The Green Taliban blight spreads over the world like a cancer. ?Hideous wind farms despoil the horizon; inefficient and ugly solar panels carpet the ground, the Amazon forests are levelled and burned so that green troughers can suck up biofuel subsidies and starve the poor.

Has there ever been a greater threat to the environment?

Row after row, this astonishing array of solar panels has completely engulfed an enormous 30-acre field in the heart of the countryside.

As this aerial photograph reveals, acres of beautiful Hampshire countryside have been blighted as a result, by 18,000 solar panels.

The solar farm covers a staggering 30 acres of land creating a massive eyesore in the centre of an otherwise picturesque view.


Solar farms like this one have sprung up in recent years as farmers collect up to ?50,000 a year in green subsidies – this site is made up of 18,000 solar PV panels, mounted on nine kilometres of frames using 5,000 ground screws

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Confirmed: Green Taliban are the worlds best bird killers

Oh I just love stories like this, more…er…if you pardon the pun…sunlight on the stupidity of the Green Taliban, and their ‘green policy’ of alternative energy being forced upon the world, just like the global warming fraud being rammed down our throats by climate change scientists. Not only do the Green Taliban love the push the world famous bird mincers (more commonly known as wind turbines), but they love the idea of erecting mass arrays of solar panels to trick birds into thinking there is an existing water body.


Over a dozen birds that normally live by the water have been found dead at the construction site of a major solar power plant in the Mojave Desert,?The Desert Sun reports.

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Greens support fracking now?

Catherine Delahunty?the member for Mars, visited the Wairakei geo-thermal field with Gareth Hughes.


She has blogged about it where she waxes lyrical about the renewable nature of geo-thermal power.

We support geothermal power, all kinds of renewables and a positive intervention for a fair price to all our people.

The geothermal resource is being well managed and sustained, the story of its development is extraordinary in terms of renewable energy, and it was great to meet the people who run the power stations on the ground.

I think this is fabulous news.? Read more »

Green on Green – Friendly Fire

There is nothing better than watching supposed allies tear each other apart publicly. Witness the green on green bitch fight happening in the US over one of Google’s solar plants. This is a case of the Green Taliban taking on the Green Illuminati:

Aerial view north of Ivanpah Solar showing all three solar fields with heliostat installation complete in Solar Field One in the foreground, 27 October 2012

Aerial view north of Ivanpah Solar showing all three solar fields with heliostat installation complete in Solar Field One in the foreground, 27 October 2012

One big problem with renewable energy projects is that they have to go?somewhere. They have to occupy a part of the very environment that their proponents are often trying to save.

Photographer?Jamey Stillings?beautifully captures this tension in his images of the?Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System?(ISEGS). Located in Southern California?s Mojave Desert, the plant aims to eventually be the largest?solar thermal power plant?in the world ? making enough electricity to run 140,000 homes all by focusing the sun?s energy to create steam.

Problem is, the system is located?smack in the middle of the threatened desert tortoise habitat?and the companies that built the system have already had to allocate $56 million to care for and relocate these ground dwellers. At least one major environmental group has argued the plant should have never been built on its current location.

If it isn’t tortoises it is bloody snails. Guess how many tortoises have been saved for $56 million?

To date Hunter says 144 tortoises (77 adults, 67 juveniles) have been found on site and all 77 adults have been relocated.

?Caring for the tortoise is something we take very seriously,? she says.


Clean Tech is the way to go…ooops

? Tim Blair

Tim Blair explains the folly of the Greens constant clamouring for “clean tech” and leading the world:

Bob Brown?s?German solar vision?for Australia:

Well, it is the way to go. The Greens have recently rescued the proposals for base load solar power stations, which will go in rural and regional Australia to make sure they are progressing …?We want this country to be at the cutting edge. I repeat, the example is firm and true. In Germany, where they did this because the Greens were in the balance of power, they have created 350,000 jobs. It was the strongest component of the German economy during the recent recession. It?s good economics.

You?bet it is:

The wave of bankruptcies in the solar industry continues unabated ? and once again, investors lose a lot of money. Meanwhile,?Germany?s large solar companies have lost almost 25 billion Euroson the stock market ?

The crisis in the industry has also hit thousands of green investors. Solar stocks were once seen as the big hope of the stock market. The future belonged to solar energy, it was said. In the first years, the share prices of solar companies increased dramatically. For most solar shares the peak was reached in late 2007.

Germany?s solar industry remains at the cutting edge. Cutting jobs and share prices, mainly.

Good news for Britain

? The Telegraph

Great news for Britain as they wake up to the fact that subsidies don;t work, especially for “green” bullshit:

The Chancellor will shortly give them just that. In a few weeks, as part of the Energy Bill, ministers will announce a reduction of up to a quarter in the value of Renewable Obligation Certificates ? or ?Rocs?. Yes, I realise that?s hardly a sentence to set the pulse racing. But if one considers that Rocs are the means by which the taxpayer subsidises the wind farm industry, and that the Chancellor proposes to slash that giveaway by 25 per cent, then translated into plain English it means this: onshore wind farms will be killed stone dead.

A simple tweak of the financial incentives will halt the march of the turbines across the British landscape.

Market distortions through subsidies are always terrible, and they are worse when it is for something as silly as wind farms.

An issue that has poisoned the relationship between millions of affected voters and the politicians who represent them will be resolved. Conservatives will be able to say: ?We did that. We stopped the wind farm madness.? No wonder some optimists on the backbenches speak of a defining moment that will give them something to cheer ? and be cheered for.

Maybe JK can have a talk to Dave about how to stand up to the loony green lobby and win votes at the same time.