Amanda Bailey

Ponytail waitress had “Massive political agenda” — TXT to John Key

Amanda Bailey / Facebook

Amanda Bailey / Facebook

Whaleoil readers won’t be surprised. The whole thing was a left-wing Dirty Politics hit.? But the Ombudsman insisted Key release the TXT by Rachel Glucina to John Key after she had interviewed the “innocent victim”.

[The message] reportedly said, “just interviewed the waitress. Piece of work! Massive political agenda“.

[Ponytail waitress] Amanda Bailey wrote a post on the Daily Blog revealing John Key’s habit of pulling her hair when visiting the Parnell cafe where she worked, saying she felt powerless and humiliated.

Mr Key apologised for his behaviour by sending two bottles of pinot noir to Ms Bailey and later accepted that it was not appropriate and that he thought it was in the “context of practical jokes”. Read more »

McCready loses again. When will he be deemed vexatious?

Convicted tax cheat, blackmailer, failed accountant and vexatious litigant Graham McCready has been told to sling his hook by the Human Rights Tribunal.

A sexual harassment case against Prime Minister John Key over the infamous ponytail scandal has been thrown out.

The Human Rights Tribunal today dismissed a claim brought against Mr Key by serial litigant Graham McCready which claimed the Prime Minister had breached the Human Rights Act when he pulled waitress Amanda Bailey’s hair while she was working at a cafe in April.

Mr McCready in May attempted to have the Prime Minister charged with assault over the matter, but laid the human rights complaint when this failed.

In its finding, the Tribunal noted third parties were allow to bring cases, but said Ms Bailey had no part in the claim and Mr McCready’s case had been strung together from media reports for the benefit of his own company. ?? Read more »

Serial litigant, convicted blackmailer and tax cheat given indulgence by HRRT

Convicted blackmailer, tax cheat, serial litigant and bankrupt Graham McCready continues to be granted indulgences by legal jurisdictions as he harasses and bullies people using judicial processes.

Private prosecutor Graham McCready has been granted a retrospective extension to file papers in relation to his case against Prime Minister John Key over ‘ponytail-gate’.

The Hamilton-based litigant, who runs New Zealand Private Prosecution Service, has taken Mr Key to the Human Rights Tribunal over the incident earlier this year when a waitress spoke out about the Prime Minister repeatedly tugging on her hair when he visited the Parnell cafe where she worked.

Mr Key’s lawyers attempted to get the case struck out, and Mr McCready had until August 31 to file his submissions for why the case should remain before the tribunal.

However, due to medical reasons Mr McCready was not able to submit his papers until September 4. ? Read more »

Serial litigant McCready told to “stop being a nuisance”

Bankrupt, convicted tax cheat, blackmailer and serial litigant Graham McCready has been told by the chair?of Human Rights Review Tribunal to “stop being a nuisance”.

Shame he wasn’t declared a vexatious litigant.

The?media, who are his enablers, are of course calling him a litigator – like that means something.

An attempt to get John Key under oath and talking about ponytail-pulling has failed with the private prosecutor being told to stop being a nuisance.

A new ruling today has seen Graham McCready’s application to the Human Rights Tribunal end in bumbling confusion with the litigator told not “bother, vex or harass” victim Amanda Bailey.

Ms Bailey was a waitress in a popular Parnell caf? attended by John Key, who apparently found it amusing to pull her ponytail. Repeated efforts to have him stop failed. The Prime Minister apologised publicly after she detailed her experience on a blog. ?? Read more »

Judge chucks serial litigant McCready’s case out

Bankrupt, convicted blackmailer and tax cheat Graham McCready’s private prosecution against John Key has been chucked out of court.

NewstalkZB reports

A judge has rejected serial litigant Graham McCready’s attempt to privately prosecute John Key over repeatedly pulling the ponytail of Auckland waitress Amanda Bailey.

The District Court had ordered McCready to provide full written statements.

He says that was an impossibility since he did not have the cooperation of anybody.

“They threw that out and said it wasn’t applicable, said I hadn’t produced any evidence and said it wasn’t an acceptable filing, so case over.” Read more »

Is Audrey Young still embarrassed?

Audrey Young professed that she felt embarrassed by the Prime Minister, when she really should be embarrassed by working for the NZ Herald.

John Armstrong has also provided some more embarrassment for Audrey Young, he has declared that ponytail-gate is over.

Anyone under the impression that John Key had it coming to him in Parliament yesterday – and deservedly so – must be sorely disappointed by what happened. Or rather did not happen.

Those angered by the Prime Minister’s pestering of Auckland waitress Amanda Bailey may well feel they have been short-changed by Opposition parties who yesterday opted not to stretch Key on the parliamentary rack in what was the first opportunity since his return from overseas.

It is not uncommon for predictions that some trouble-struck minister or MP is going to suffer the latter-day equivalent of being hung, drawn and quartered once his or her problem hits the parliamentary fan to turn out to be totally misplaced. All the ingredients for a major stoush may be present, only for things to fall flat in the House.

That was the case yesterday. But it was no accident. The Opposition parties seemed to be going through the motions – when they could be bothered to put any kind of heat on the Prime Minister which, at most, was only lukewarm.

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Bankrupt, convicted blackmailer and tax cheat McCready presses ahead despite wishes of victim

The NZ Herald’s favourite serial litigant is pressing ahead with his ego boosting prosecution of John Key despite be asked not by the alleged “victim”.

You know they are on his side by the descriptors they use for the ratbag.

A private prosecutor says he will not back down in his bid to prosecute the Prime Minister over the ponytail-pulling debacle.

Graham McCready has told waitress Amanda Bailey and the Unite union his private prosecution “will not be withdrawn in any circumstances.”

Mr McCready, in an email forwarded to media overnight, warned Ms Bailey and Unite against advising or preventing any other witnesses from getting involved in his private prosecution.

He said he expected a district court Judge to decide who will have to give evidence under oath as to their knowledge of the “Key Pony Tail affair.”

After 26-year-old Ms Bailey posted an anonymous blog post about the ponytail-pulling incidents that spanned several months, Mr Key made a public apology and said he was just “horsing around”.

On Wednesday Mr McCready filed paperwork at the Auckland District Court. He proposed to charge the Prime Minister with “male assaults female” which carried a maximum penalty of two years in jail.

The serial litigant alleged Mr Key abused his power when engaging in ponytail-pulling with Ms Bailey, who worked at Rosie cafe in Parnell.

Mr McCready said other people could file their own private prosecution or complain to the Human Rights Commission if they wanted to take action.

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Face of the day

Amanda Bailey

Amanda Bailey

Up until now I have chosen not to make Amanda Bailey face of the day as she had stated that she wanted to be anonymous.She is no longer anonymous thanks to her choice to make a joint statement with her employers to the press. Additionally she has kept her facebook page open to the public. Finally she has now gone to the Unite Union and is not only only going after John Key AGAIN but also her employers.

I disagree with her politics but I respected her right to stand up to John Key and be assertive as a good feminist should. It may not have stopped immediately but she did get her message across and he stopped his behaviour, apologised and tried to make amends.Many months later she chose to seek revenge through Wrongly Wrongsons’s blog. Again, though I do not agree with her, if she wanted to try to hurt him politically that was her right.

She has crossed the line now by going to the union. This nonsense about her being powerless must be challenged. Women are not fragile petals and she proved that by stopping him. She also proved that by very calculatedly getting her revenge through Wrongly Wrongson’s Blog. The story has dominated the media and even been talked about overseas. She certainly showed him that she was no mere pig tailed Miss to be taken lightly!
She has had her piece of flesh and John Key has been thoroughly maligned and punished. To now throw her employers under the bus, compounding the damage to their business that she has already caused with her actions, is a bridge too far.

Enough Amanda, enough. You are not only hurting your employers you are making yourself un-employable.

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Armstrong on Key and the Ponytail

John Armstrong goes for the doctor on John Key.

In the Court of King John, someone needs to tell the Prime Minister when he is behaving like a jerk.

Someone in John Key’s inner circle needs to take the traditional jester’s role of being the fool who can tell the sovereign he is a fool when everyone else is too obsequious, too obliging or too deferential to do so.

It would also be a good idea to suggest to the Prime Minister that he gets his pigtail fetish under control.

It goes without saying that Key’s repeated pulling of the hair of a waitress at an Auckland cafe he frequents was utterly inappropriate. ?? Read more »

The ineptitude of the left

The left wing have put on one of their own dirty politics hit jobs against the Prime Minister.

The irony of a man with the misogynistic background of Martyn Martin Bradbury now standing up for what is now apparent is a very politically motivated woman is huge.

Her bosses, Hip Group owners Jackie Grant and Scott Brown, told the Herald they were disappointed Ms Bailey – who they say has “strong political points of view” – went public rather than coming to them directly with her concerns. However, they are hoping to “put this all behind us” now.

But put that to one side for now. I want to talk about the political team that wants to govern the country and they can’t even put together a rather simple hit job.

Let’s start with source protection. Martyn Martin Bradbury was at pains to explain how this woman was “vulnerable” and need anonymity…yet when the story broke I said to my team that there were only two possible places that this could have occurred as described and named the most obvious one. I was right, it was Rosies. ? Read more »