A reader’s motoring experience with a VW Golf

This reader experience came unsolicited, and as a result of the Seven Sharp episode where it showed me driving a VW Amarok.


VW: Engineering Flair or Froth without Beer?


There was a funny juxtaposition evident in Whale Oil?s cameo on Seven Sharp this week: he shared the stage with a German-born brand, VW (?Engineering Flair?). Funny because there is another German-born ?brand? he would not share a stage with, Kim ?Froth without Beer.?

So why might serious ?go-bush-and-shoot-things? Whale Oil choose a VW wagon when he could be driving a Ford or Holden?


I suspect it is because he buys into the long game.? Read more »

Road Test – VW Amarok 4Motion – Invading Goatistan

This past weekend I took a new VW Amarok?4Motion for a little bit of a road trip and test.

The weather forecast said there would be two fine days down in Taranaki and some goats were begging to be shot with my new .22-250 Tikka T3 Varmint.

Fortunately I was delivered a new VW Amarok to test and I borrowed a friend’s Canam Commander XT and his trailer.

Into this vehicle we poured the following:

Three burly men with the bodies of finely tuned athletes (if those athletes are Olympic shotputters), 6 rifles (3x Tikka T3 .22-250, 1 x Tikka T3 .308, 1 x 6.5×55 Shultz & Larsen, 1 x .338 Lapua Savage B110), two shotguns (1 x Remington Versamax and 1 X Beretta) reloading gear, 300 rounds of .22-250, 100rds .308, shotgun ammo, plus personal gear.

We had the Canam Commander XT and a Quad on the trailer. It was quite a load.

Supermarket carpark in Te Kuiti

Supermarket carpark in Te Kuiti

And, as you can see, quite long as well.

The 3 burly men travelled in comfort in a truck that is massive and comfortable in the cabin, even the rear seats, which in some utes are simply awful. Not on this truck. Read more »

Not a gay ute

? Gizmag

Volkswagen?has announced the militarised version of the Amarok:

For a company that was created at the command of the most notorious, brutal figures in modern history, Volkswagen and its historical stable of cute cars like the Beetle has developed the cuddliest, feel goodiest persona. You could literally hug cars like the Beetle or Golf and not look (completely) strange. But not the new Amarok M. This military-grade truck decked out in heavy-duty accoutrements shows another side of VW, a side that can give children nightmares with its full name alone: Rheinmetall Amarok M Light Multi-Purpose Vehicle.


A non-gay ad for a non-gay ute

Here is a non gay ad for a non gay ute. Way better than a stupid monkey sitting in a ute.

Not a gay ute

? NZ Herald

Volkswagon has announced the addition of an auto transmission to their Amarok non-gay ute range:

Volkswagen New Zealand’s successful ute, the Amarok, finally gains an automatic transmission – giving more power, lower fuel consumption and greater towing capacity.

To go on sale in New Zealand this year, the Amarok will beat its main competitors, the Ford Ranger and the Mazda BT50, when it comes to class-leading six-speed auto transmission.

The Argentinian-built utility has a ZF-supplied eight-speed auto gearbox with Sport and manual modes, making it the first vehicle of its type to have such a high number of gear ratios.

The manual’s torque output of 400Nm from 1500-2000rpm stays the same, but the automatic version will deliver 420Nm at 1750rpm.

It has a braked towing capacity of 3200kg (up from 2800kg in the TDI manual), will hit 179km/h in seventh gear and achieve combined fuel consumption of 7.6 litres per 100 kilometres and CO2 emissions of 199g a kilometre against the TDI400 4×4 manual’s 7.9L/100km and 209g/km – in its most frugal state of tune.

The improved efficiency is a result of idle-stop technology included in the Bluemotion Technologies package, which also includes regenerative braking and low rolling-resistance tyres.

UPDATE: A reader emails me and says:

Cam that ute is a bit gay, maybe bicurious,?it has those gay bits on the back.

I think a sports bar or something equally gay.

The reader may be right but this ute?definitely?doesn’t meet the threshold set by Craig Foss with his incredibly gay ute the Ford Ranger Wildtrak.