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Lefty whingers are upset about Clarkson and co going to Amazon Prime

James Delingpole outlines the anger in?the left over the sacked Top Gear trio scoring an absolute mint from Amazon for their new show.

The Guardian?s readership have been giving their views on whether they?d pay ?79 a year ? $99 in the US ? for a subscription which gave them exclusive access to Amazon Prime Instant Video?s new ?160 million recruits ? former Top Gear presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May.

Can you guess how the Guardianistas feel about all this?

Yes. That?s right. Here are a few sample comments.

As long as I am no longer paying to not watch them I am happy!

I wouldn?t watch them if you paid ME.

I?ve watched a few episodes and I can honestly say such patronising, racially and culturally offensive, technologically ill-informed and uniformative light entertainment has made me reassess my opinion of Benny Hill. He was a genius; Richard and Jeremy aren?t, and James May is one of the nastiest bigots I?ve ever seen on TV?

Arguably, Hammond is mentally around 14, in awe of being able to hang around with older boys and Clarkson is living out his days in the body and mind of 120-year-old Colonel.

Clarkson likes to boast about being the biggest car show in the world, well he can?t anymore can he? How many people actually have amazon prime? 11, 12? Good luck coping with nobody paying any attention whatsoever guys!

Can you add a tickable box that says ?I?d rather stick hot pins in my eyes?? Ta.

That?ll be a no then. (Well sort of: a quite surprising 47 per cent of those polled admitted ? no doubt through gritted teeth ? that actually the old Top Gear team would be worth the money).

Which is, of course, one of many things that is so thoroughly, deliciously gratifying about this remarkable surprise deal that Clarkson?s producer (and schoolmate: they were at Repton together) Andy Wilman has managed to pull off.

It is a defiant two fingers to all those progressives who would like to think there is no place in broadcasting for overgrown public schoolboys who rejoice in the size of their enormous, throbbing carbon footprints, see nothing wrong in describing a dodgy-looking motor as being ?pikey? and who regularly get themselves into hot water with their disgracefully xenophobic views on the silliness of foreigners. ?

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