Let’s analyse some fairy tales to death

Family life professor Sarah M Coyne has done her best to ruin Disney Princess ‘culture’ for young girls so I thought that I should assist her as best I can. I put on my progressive goggles and viewed these delightful tales through the eyes of an academic who has no appreciation or understanding of the ?innocent pleasure these tales give to children.

Armed with her reality distorting Progressive Goggles she prepared was ready to analyse a fairy story to death

Armed with her reality distorting Progressive Goggles she was ready to analyse a fairy story to death

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David Cunliffe releases Confidential information

The Whaleoil team have been hard at work investigating David Cunliffe’s ‘Fonterra’ claims. ?Part of this involved contacting the Boston Consulting Group to fact-check the assertions made by Cunliffe on Wednesday.

We presented BCG with the “timesheet” document Cunliffe released to the media, asking for it to be authenticated, among other questions.

A spokesman said

On request from Mr Cunliffe’s office, BCG supplied the letter confirming his employment for?external release. ?His office was also supplied with an internal record of his employment, which was?not intended for release.

(our emphasis)

After seeking further clarification, this was expanded to

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An analyst and an auditor comment on David Cunliffe’s timesheet


I haven’t been following the DC thing too closely so my observation might be counter to reality. But, you might like to look at the billable hours a bit more closely.

There are 8 entries relating to fonterra, for a total of 1104.5 hrs. Each has a different code and descriptor, indicating a discrete engagement. Of the 8 descriptors, only 3 seem to resemble reorganisation, for a total of 262.5 hrs or 32 days. The rest is audit or other projects. Is that really credible?

The timesheet also shows a total of 4128 hrs between dec 95 and july 99. Theres about 6640 billable hrs in that time. So what did he do for about 314 days while on the payroll?

Apologies if my math is wrong – I’m doing this on the train. On the surface it just doesn’t look right, and my day job is to look for oddities in plain sight


Why is Cunners charging for a 1998 audit on 4th January 1998.

As a retired auditor, I’m sure any audits I was involved with would not?have incurred any charges before the event!


Manning interviews Lyin’ Len

Selwyn Manning interviewed Len Brown this week. There is plenty to pick apart from the sad little lying Mayor. Sorry to inflict this at breakfast but better to just lose breakfast rather than lunch as well:

The interview examines the first term vision of establishing an economic case for a modern rail network, establishing a 30 year plan for Auckland, and will notes how in August 2012 it was announced Auckland City is ranked number 10 in the Economist Index. At the time, the mayor tweeted: ?there is still lots of work to be done to be the most liveable city? and listed these points:

A world class integrated transport system,
A quality compact city,
An economic powerhouse providing jobs for all our people,
Protection for our built and natural environment.

The interview examines what can be achieved, at what cost, and for what gain.