They look like bottles of motor oil to me

Sad face dairy owner

Sad face dairy owner

Some people are never happy.

The perpetually outraged in our society simply run off their gobs on Twitter or cry to the Media Party who produce lots of sad face photos of the outraged people.

Consumers are souring to the taste of Anchor’s All Black Rugby World Cup promotional bottles of two-litre milk, Wellington dairy owners say.

Thakor Gopal, owner of Island Bay’s Hy-Grade dairy said the marketing campaign was costing him sales, which he estimated had dipped about 20 per cent since the black bottles were launched earlier this month

Gopal said some of his customers were put off by the idea of milk in a black bottle.

“They say it should not be in a black bottle – lots of people are unhappy.” ? Read more »


Bossing it

Watch and wonder if you could remain so calm:


Fongterror product recall

It was pretty bad when Fongterror was putting melamine into Chinese baby food products but now they are putting metal into butter:

Fonterra has recalled two ranges of butter after receiving complaints that metal objects were found in the products.

Fonterra managing director Peter McClure said two isolated complaints had been received and there were no reports of anyone being injured by the “fine metal objects”.

The products being recalled are: 500g Mainland salted butter, with a best before date of January 10, 2013 (batch CV12) and 500g Anchor salted butter with a best before date of January 26, 2013 (batch CV28).

“The voluntary recall is a precautionary measure as there can be no compromise when it comes to product quality or the health and safety of our consumers,” McClure said.

The products should be returned to the point of purchase in their packaging for a full refund and not be consumed, he said.

Don’t their product lines have metal?detectors?and rare earth magnets to test product for metal objects?