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Labour’s war on media continues

The two idiot brothers of Labour, Andrew Little and Phil Twyford have ramped up their war on the media. They really are blessed with an abundance of stupidity.

They really are blessed with an abundance of stupidity. John Key, rightly, puts the boot in.

Prime Minister John Key says Labour is “in a bit of a meltdown” after its MP Phil Twyford, with backing from Labour leader Andrew Little launched an attack against a 1 News reporter.

Labour’s campaign chairman Twyford has accused 1 News’ Andrea Vance of “unprofessional” and “biased'” reporting around the costing of Labour’s new jobs scheme policy.

Vance had said Labour’s numbers did not add up after Labour admitted the $60 million costing for its proposed six month job scheme was based on the assumption people would take part for an average of four months.

Key said it was not the first time Labour had presented incorrect costings.

“The Labour Party are clearly in a bit of a meltdown. They turn up, yet again, with a policy that is incorrect. I’ve got their policy and it says ‘six months.’ It is not funded that way and they can attack the media all they want as a distraction but the truth is, yet again, they got it wrong.”

Asked how National would cost such a policy he said “if we are funding something for effectively four months, we say it.”

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Twyford exposes his own dirty politics and is mad Media party didn’t play along

I’m not sure Phil Twyford understands that his Twitter?exchange berating various?Media party members like Red Andrea and Red Claire was public.

In any case, a?war with media is fraught with danger and he has succeeded in pissing off several key members of the Press Gallery. Accusing them of bias and not running your lines the way you wanted is just plain retarded.

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Ex-MP writes about the futility of dealing with media

via TVNZ

via TVNZ

Following on from the piece this morning, ex-ACT MP Stephen Franks explains the frustration he experienced dealing with New Zealand media.

Andrea Vance and others in RNZ?s MediaWatch this weekend have been bewailing the absence of public concern about their allegations (or disclosure) of politician lying.
They are right to be anxious that democracy may not be safe if lies have no cost. The questioning in the programme tested the concern.

But most revealing was an incredible lack of elite awareness of their own intellectual limitations (or blinkers).?Some journalists?are intelligent enough to understand that ordinary citizens will not care what is thought by journalists who despise them and their values. But?few political journalists know why ordinary people think as they do.

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Journalist are mourning their waning power over lying politicians


via TVNZ

via TVNZ

Politicians are expected to lie. And the public don’t believe journalists either. Where does that put a political reporter?

Journalists have been venting their frustration?about all this lately.

“Do John Key and Andrew Little think we are all stupid? Don’t answer that,” a despairing Vernon Small wrote in the Dominion Post in response.

“They have been caught out, time after time, speaking untruths ? about really important stuff ? and refusing to rectify problems, let alone admit to them,” wrote TVNZ commentator Dita Di Boni.

“Key, Bennett, English, Bridges and so forth insist everything?s fine. But they?re wrong, and need to retract their incorrect statements. They must apologise,” she wrote.

Clearly many politicians see no need to do that, even in cases where the evidence is stacked against them. But why?

In another opinion piece on TVNZ’s website, political correspondent Andrea Vance said “the polls don?t punish National for straying from the truth”, and she pointed to the success of fact-free campaigns by Donald Trump in the US and Brexit backers in the UK.

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What a dilemma…who do you trust?

Paula Bennett has reportedly refused to accept the resignation of the staff member who whispered in a TVNZ journalist’s ear leaking information.

Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett has refused an offer of resignation from the press secretary who told a journalist that a marae leader was under police investigation.

Ms Bennett today faced further questions about the leak, which she said was a “grave error of judgment” by her staff member.

Pressed by Labour MP Kris Faafoi during a scheduled appearance before a select committee in her role as State Services Minister, Ms Bennett said she had no idea the information had been passed on, until confronted by media yesterday afternoon.

“I do not think that she tried to deliberately smear. I do not think that she was trying to deliberately undermine anyone, and I think it was in the context in a conversation about something else, and then at the end it came up.

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Two minutes on Google could have saved Andrea Vance’s reputation

hager and vance

Canon Media Award-winning ‘journalist’, Andrea Vance, continued her Panama Papers hit job attacked a?New Zealand lawyer in her stories, attacking them for working with an allegedly “corrupt” Kazakh politician.

In Panama, they have realised that Kazhegeldin is a “politically exposed person.” Their research revealed his role in a corruption scandal in the central Asia country. After three years as Prime Minister, Kazhegeldin had resigned in 1997 and fled his home country. He was then accused of tax evasion and using stolen funds to buy property in Belgium.

Four years later, in his absence, he was convicted of abuse of office by a Kazakh court – including charges that he took bribes from a mining company and received a Mercedes and Toyota car.

However if she had bothered to spend just two minutes on Google she would have found out that she is in fact attacking the good guy from Kazakhstan, and far from hiding his house he in fact lives there and is on the electoral roll at that address.

Even Red Radio has provided some balance to?the?original story, by looking into the role of the current President and dictator of Kazakhstan in smearing anyone who opposed the President. Allegations that Andrea Vance used to try and smear?New Zealand and Kiwi based lawyers acting legally.

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Hey Andrea? Remember when you said this?

Andrea Vance is one of the main journalists sniffing through the Panama Papers.

It might be useful to remind Andrea Vance of something she claimed in 2013:

In other circumstances, I could probably find something to laugh about in revelations that the journalist who broke a story about illegal spying was snooped on by Parliament’s bureaucrats.

Let alone the irony that the reporter previously worked for the News of the World, the tabloid at the centre of a privacy violation scandal.

But I am that journalist and I’m mad as hell.

Anyone who has had their confidential details hacked and shared around has the right to be angry. ?

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Whaleoil reader tears Andrea Vance’s latest Panama Papers “research” to pieces

via TVNZ

via TVNZ

For those that just can’t stand the thought of wading through Andrea Vance’s latest “revelations” from the sewers of the Panama Papers, as breathlessly tipped last night by Red Radio and Commie TV, I bring you the shorthand version:

Fact 1: An allegedly corrupt Khazakstani bought a house in London thirteen years ago.

Fact 2: A New Zealand lawyer has a nice house in Uruguay.

Fact 3: The NZ lawyer was photographed at the house “reclining on the lawn, shirt unbuttoned”.

Fact 4: The lawyers wife is American. Sub-Fact: She likes ball gowns.

Fact 5: “New Zealand risks becoming known as a hub for this kind of activity”.

Fact 6: “This investigation has been carried out by journalists from One News, RNZ News and investigative journalist Nicky Hager”.

Fact 7: Fact 6 is a lie; these shocking facts, and the quotes used in the “revelations”, were actually exposed by NZ House and Garden nearly a year ago…

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Why did Hager only choose TVNZ and RNZ?


Further to my musings on Hager and the media colluding on a hit on National and John Key,?it kind of came to?me that I could explain why TV3 was being cold shouldered by Hager (because John Campbell is now with Radio New Zealand).

I also figured out why Fairfax are outside the tent (because Andrea Vance is now at TVNZ).

But then it struck me. ? What on earth has happened to the NZ Herald?

Matt Nippert and David Fisher were donkey deep running the Dirty Politics campaign along the Labour Party, Rawshark and Hager play book. ?The New Zealand Herald were having pool parties diving through reams of my emails, mocking me and my friends on a daily basis through the paper, online and through social media. ?They also phoned companies and key people with one sided stories, even managing to get some people sacked.
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The sad state of the New Zealand Media Party

Late yesterday, I wrote

At today?s post-cabinet press conference, Andrea Vance asked the Prime Minister a really pertinent question. What does he think about the allegations that UK Prime Minister David Cameron has had his meat and two veg inside a dead pig?s mouth?


The fact that Vance thought that was the sort of thing that would get her the valuable answers needed to write for her newspaper is bad enough, but it would have died a nice death in the awkward silence of others who were thinking ?did she really just ask that??, if it wasn?t for her tag-team partner and Media Party communications spokesperson, Katie Bradford, spewing it out for all to see on the Twitter machine.

Now we know that Vance and Bradford are now BFFs because Vance will soon be gracing TVNZ’s partially taxpayer-funded payroll with her. ? But this tag teaming of the Prime Minister was also picked up by the TV3/Radiolive/Mediaworks stable who are pushing the smear for all it’s worth. ? Read more »