Andrew Little

Little will face court for his defamation of Earl Hagaman

Andrew Little attacked Earl Hagaman for a donation he gave to the National party. He essentially accused the Hagamans of corruption.

That has now landed him in court.

Labour leader Andrew Little will face defamation proceedings?after the founders of a hotel chain?rejected a late apology over accusations regarding a Niue resort deal.

Little has apologised unreservedly?for his comments, after the deal was cleared by the Auditor General last year, and says it is “unfortunate” the case is still heading to court. ? Read more »

Labour’s Little problem

The latest Newshub poll has some rather bad news for Andrew Little.

He came fourth behind Bill English, Jacinda Ardern and Winston Peters in the preferred Prime Minister stakes.

This was always predictable and Labour walked themselves into the trap when they faked out Annette King into retirement. ? Read more »

How can the fourth end up being first?

Under MMP we may yet see the possibility of the fourth most popular person eventually becoming Prime Minister.

The latest poll has Bill English out in front, with Jacinda Ardern in second place.

Behind Jacindarella is Winston Peters…who is also ahead of Andrew Little. ? Read more »

“It will never happen” – Jacinda Ardern

If Andrew didn’t see this coming, he’s even more dense than I thought.

Basically, a Labour party led by Jacinda Ardern will get the extra few percentage points to make Labour + Winston a real possibility. ? Read more »

Labour’s leadership reshuffle “a cosmetic facelift”

It is clear that National have decided to test Jacinda Ardern’s credentials as a Deputy leader of the 2nd largest political party.

Labour’s new deputy leader clashed with Ms Bennett on Newshub’s AM Show on Friday over Ms Kaye’s caustic comments in parliament on Wednesday.

Ms Kaye said Ms Ardern would be good for photo ops but she had a problem remembering anything the MP had done. Read more »

Guest Post: National is the rational choice

by Mark Rais

Labour has presented a number of positions that are untenable, and in some cases simply irrational.

First, this week Little has indicated it should be compulsory that parents immunise their children before placing them in childcare centres.? Little chose to make this point, even though the government?s own statistics indicate that over 93% of children are up to date on immunisations.

National seems to have cleared their position by indicating, rather reasonably, that it is unfeasible to achieve 100% immunisation rates, and that an attempt to do so by punishing the children’s access to education seems illogical.

This debate began over the ditch in Australia. This is not necessarily a country that we want to replicate in all of our policies.

If I listened intently enough to Turnbull and his points, it implies that if he is right to mandate every child be immunised to ensure their safety, there is therefore the possibility that immunisations are not as effectual as once thought. ?? Read more »

The public are cottoning on to something National have been driving as a strategy

National picked up a long time ago that Andrew Little instinctively opposes everything that National says or does. ?He does it with such reliability that National have slowly been driving Labour into a corner. ?It’s been doing it by picking policy positions close to Labour’s. ?Little then goes to the extreme in his opposition of it, and leaves himself no room to come back to even his own party’s prior stance. Read more »

He might have got the angry back, but he’ll be excommunicated for comments like this

Andrew Little has dragged the angry back out of the closet. That may work for him short term, but his own party and activists will turn on him if they read Richard Harman’s piece on Little dragging Labour to the centre.

They will especially be madder than a cut snake when they read this:

But when Little was specifically asked what he would do to solve the growing gap between rich and poor he revealed a scepticism about the effectiveness of raising the minium wage or introducing a living wage or a universal basic income.

He said that one in five households spent more than 50% of their income on housing costs and that the average household, after they had paid their housing costs, last year was only ahead by $365 and that did not include any adjustment for inflation.

?The average household last year went backwards; incomes are not keeping up with the real cost of living. ? Read more »

Angry Andy returns

Andrew Little really doesn’t like Maori. The kerfuffle over the Maori King endorsing the Maori party and not Princess Nanaia Mahuta has really brought out the angry again.

It is almost like he read Phil Quin’s column in last month’s INCITE: Politics.

Prime Minister Bill English says the Maori King’s endorsement of a candidate for the Hauraki-Waikato seat shows the “growing discontent with the way Labour treat the Maori vote as somehow owed” to the party.

It looks like Bill has been reading Whaleoil. ? Read more »

Andrew Little wants the Maori King to STFU

Andrew Little is going all in against Maori as he seeks to shore up support in Maori seats.

I’m not sure it is a good idea though to tell the Maori King to shut up and behave like a good little native boy.

The Maori King is?”abusing his office” by nailing his colours to the Maori Party mast, says Labour leader Andrew Little.

Oh, so it is ok for Labour to “own” Maori politics, but the King should shut up and stay out of politics? ?? Read more »