Andrew Williams

Getting rid of dud MPs – Ask Winston

Winston Peters speaks at a Maori Affairs select committee

The National Party is dead set useless at getting rid of dud MPs. They took weeks to run Aaron ?Do you know who I am?” Gilmore out of parliament.

Instead of quickly and quietly knifing him they left him flopping around for a couple of weeks before he finally reached the inevitable conclusion.

Claudette Hauiti would have probably faced a police investigation if it hadn?t been politically expedient to let her get away with a little bit of personal spending of taxpayers money. ? Read more »

Nor is being Mayor one of your strengths

ICC Cricket World Cup "One Year To Go"

‘Juniper’ Bill Dalton is a repeat winner of New Zealand?s Silliest Local Government spending competition, and well known for trying to become the next Andrew Williams.

He also doesn’t know when to shut his gob and stop saying dumb things.

Napier Mayor Bill Dalton admits he prefers tinkering with engines to swinging a hammer.

“Doing renovations around the house is not one of my strengths, as my wife would attest,” he says? Read more »

A visit to the Trophy room

The MSM recently wheeled out a ‘ victim ‘ of Whaleoil’s investigative journalism, Shane Bradbrook. As this may be the beginning of a trend by the MSM I tiptoed down to our basement yesterday to refresh my memory as to who Whaleoil has successfully victimised investigated over the years.

Gathering dust in the corner was a pair of sad looking clown shoes beside a half dead lemon tree in a pot and some empty Whiskey bottles. A print out of some late night drunken texts was taped to the tree.

The Clown of Campbell's Bay

The Clown of Campbell’s Bay

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The drink takes its toll?

Moments after the Clown of Campbells Bay, Andrew Williams, is kicked into touch, Winston starts to bang on about binge drinking.

Mere coincidence or a telling sign?

Being drunk in a public place will be an offence if NZ First has its way after the election.

Party leader Winston Peters also wants more police on the beat.

He says the government hasn’t increased the police budget in six years despite population increases.

“They went further in the last budget and actually took $40 million from the police budget,” he told a public meeting on Wednesday.

“That’s why they go to extraordinary lengths to convince you crime is dropping.”? Read more »

The Clown of Campbell’s Bay won’t get any answers until after the election

There is nothing so shameful as an out of sort MP trying to sue a party that doesn’t want him.

No surprises that this is Andrew Williams.

The High Court at Auckland will wait until after the election to hear a claim from New Zealand First MP Andrew Williams that his party has unfairly axed him from the party list.

Mr Williams is seeking a judicial review, claiming that the way he was treated breached the party’s constitutional requirement for fairness.

He was originally dropped from three to 13 on the draft party list, and then dumped from the official list altogether.

Mr Williams said in a statement today that his case had been set down for November 27. He had wanted a court date after the election so it would not be a distraction for the party during the election campaign.

After the draft list was leaked, Mr Williams complained to the media and blamed party deputy leader Tracey Martin for his low placing.

Not only was he dropped down the list then rinsed completely after he whinged but it seems now he has been chucked out of the caucus and party as well. ? Read more »

This circus doesn’t need another clown


NZ First MP Andrew Williams had a hissy fit over being positioned 13 on the NZ First partly list and ran off.

Then he cooled down, and did this:

NZ First MP Andrew Williams has started legal proceedings over being dumped from the party list ahead of the election.

Williams is seeking a declaration that the party breached its constitution when it determined the list, removing him as an electorate (East Coast Bays) and list candidate.

Williams had been ranked number 3 on the party list in 2011, and said he was given no reason for his demotion.

“I regret that I have no other option other than to take my party to Court to protect my reputation”, Williams said.

He had been “mistreated” by the party.

“I do not, however, wish to derail NZ First’s campaign, so I am asking for an urgent hearing following the election. Read more »

The difference between a leak and a hack: A preview of the NZ First list?


This via the Tipline:

Andrew Williams has been given number 13 on the NZ First?list.

He is fuming. Ron Mark has been offered 9 and also feels?insulted.

The only winners are Tracey Martin and her supporters.

No?one expects NZ First to get more than 6 MPs and it’s an open secret
that Winston’s liver can’t take much more.

If they get back in, Tracey?will be leader within 18 months.

Let’s see how good this leaker is when the NZ First list gets published.


– Hacked from our own inbox


Winston Peters appoints his successor at the cost of drunk TXTing menace

New Zealand First MP Andrew Williams is set to be dumped to an unelectable position on the party list, with former MP Ron Mark set to rejoin the party.

Stuff understands a draft copy of the NZ First list, determined by the party’s selection committee on the weekend, has Williams ranked at 13, and Mark ranked at 9.

Williams was ranked 3rd on the party list in the 2011 election.

NZ First would need to get over 10 per cent on election night for Williams to return to Parliament.

The latest Stuff/Ipsos poll had the party on 3.4 per cent.

Williams was elected to Parliament as a list MP in the 2011 election.

He was formerly mayor of North Shore City.

I never quite understood what Winston saw in him. ?The man is truly devoid of any useful qualities. ?Unless you’re a tree. ? Read more »

Labour already tried that Winston, wasn’t a winner

Winston Peters is channelling Labour with his silly GST suggestions.

Removing GST from food never worked for Labour, despite them claiming that was a game changer policy.

NZ First has announced a plan to remove GST from food, as part of several policies announced at its party conference.

Leader Winston Peters also said the party wanted GST removed from rates on residential property calling it a “tax on tax deceit”.

“This bold policy aims at the heart of the inequality undermining our society,” Peters said.

Labour had a policy of removing GST from fresh fruit and vegetables going into the 2011 election but it has since been dropped by the party. Last week Peters accused the Conservative Party of plagiarism because it believed the party was lifting its policies.

Peters said the policy was estimated to cost $3 billion a year, and would be funded by a clamp down on “tax evasion and the black economy”, which it estimated to cost $7 billion a year, and what Peters said was “drawing on the projected surplus of billions in the years ahead that result from running a sound economy”.

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Is Winston First dead on its feet?

Tracy Watkins seems to think so in her article in the Dompost.

She is alone in the gallery in thinking Winston’s time is over, a smart observation, but one that will ignored by the lazier members of the gallery who hold onto the hope that there is one last hurrah in the old not so wily dog. I think 4 months will be sufficient time for Tracy Watkins to be proved right.

Anyone who kids themselves that there is life after Winston Peters for NZ First only had to watch the party floundering in the absence of its leader this week.

Frantically trying to head off an attack by their former colleague, expunged NZ Firster Brendan Horan, Peters’ front bench achieved the seemingly impossible feat of making Horan look good by comparison.

They were clueless in the face of Horan’s determination to extract utu from his former party by tabling documents he claimed showed improper use of the taxpayer funded leader’s fund.

Whether the documents do show what Horan claims remains to be seen; the Speaker is investigating although the explanation offered by Peters suggests the spending complies with the rules. But we know from long experience that politicians have a collective interest in not inquiring too deeply into the use of leaders’ funds.

There is certainly no reason to be confident that they have cleaned up their act since an Audit Office inquiry several years ago found most parties treated it as a slush fund for party political activities. (NZ First was one of the parties pinged for unlawful spending to the tune of $158,000).

Regardless of the ins and outs of Horan’s allegations, however, one thing seems clear: Horan is hellbent on using his last remaining months in Parliament to try to take Peters and the rest of NZ First down with him.

Even if he succeeds he will only be hastening by a few years what increasingly seems inevitable.

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