Andrews Williams

Hide is Hitler – Andrew Williams

The Clown of Campbells Bay is shameful, not only did he mock the whole of New Zealand and the North Shore specifically yesterday but now he takes his tantrum throwing too far.

On his Facebook page he has posted a picture of Rodney Hide as as Adolf Hitler super-imposed over a Nazi Flag. The man is foul beyond belief.

Andrew Williams calls Rodney Hide Hitler

Andrew Williams calls Rodney Hide Hitler

Andrew will probably call a press conference now and claim that his Facebook page has been hacked and it is an ACT conspiracy, or else he will say he didn’t, it isn’t there and show the dunces in the media a cleaned up Facebook page, but the problem he has is that I have a screenshot plus the underlying code.

Portraying someone as a mass -murdering dictator responsible for the deaths of millions is disgusting, display that person on top of the most hated flag in the world is just filthy.