Andy Pearce

There’s no mystery, he was an arsehole and refused to work with new councillors

The HB Today thinks it is a mystery as to why the CE of HBRIC has resigned in a huff.

Mystery surrounds the resignation of the man driving the Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme.

Yesterday it was announced the Hawke’s Bay Regional Investment Company chairman Dr Andy Pearce had stepped down.

The Hawke’s Bay Regional Investment Company (HBRIC), is the investment arm of the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council, and has been driving the controversial Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme (RWSS).

Dr Pearce had chaired the company since its formation in 2012. He was unable to be reached for comment yesterday.

In a statement on behalf of HBRIC, Dr Pearce was said to have been a driving force behind its strategy to grow the Hawke’s Bay economy. ?? Read more »

Dickhead council staff piss off new council

From the merry band of halfwits who completely alienated possible opponents of the dodgy socialist dam so much?that they are fighting a lot harder.

Regional Chairman Rex Graham has taken council staff to task for not working with councillors on the Havelock North water crisis.

Graham raised the issue at today?s (Wednesday) Regional Planning Committee meeting, which was held in front of a packed public gallery.

?There has been a lot of publicity around the Havelock water issue and we are taking a bit of flack around that,? Graham told staff.

?And it just concerns me that the governance have not been involved in any of these decisions that have taken place.?

The Chairman said this was not the first time governors had raised the issue of staff not working with them.

?I would just like to note we do want to be involved and informed of what the next steps of what the next steps of our executive [who are working on this],? he said.

?[Just] so we don?t get caught out when we read the paper or get rung by somebody else.?

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HB Today editorial has a message for Fenton ‘Jong un’ Wilson

Fenton Wilson thinks the dam is still on, but the editorial in the HB Today points out a few salient facts?about the political reality that he would do well to heed.

One thing about ratepayers is that when they get agitated about a particular issue, they use the next available election to make a statement.

Thus, it can be argued that voters in the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council elections, particularly the Napier and Hastings wards, have voted emphatically against the proposed Ruataniwha Dam.

The dam proposal, driven by council officials, was mostly given a green light by a 5-4 majority in favour on the old council. Chairman Fenton Wilson, deputy chair Christine Scott, Napier councillors Alan Dick and Dave Pipe and Central Hawke’s Bay representative Debbie Hewitt ensured that as many boxes as possible were ticked.

The anti-dam councillors, Rex Graham, Peter Beaven, Tom Belford and Rick Barker were always going to be on the losing side.

But, there seems to have been a groundswell building in Napier and Hastings. Increasingly this newspaper started hearing about normally conservative, pro-establishment residents of Napier being strongly opposed to the dam being built.

Some of them were retired accountants, CFOs and businessmen who had done the sums on the back of an envelope and decided that the financial case for the dam did not stack up.

Paul Bailey, until recently a Green Party office holder and avowed anti-dam campaigner, put himself up for election again, having been thumped in the elections three years ago.

This time he has found himself, along with incumbent Alan Dick and former councillor Neil Kirton, elected to the council. Mr Pipe and Ms Scott had not stood for re-election so there were two vacant seats.

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Nashy calls out the HBRC

Fenton ‘Jong-un’ Wilson and his merry band of enablers have a lot to answer for and it appears that Stuart Nash is the one asking the questions over the Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme as they miss yet another deadline.

Napier MP Stuart Nash is calling on the chairman of Hawke’s Bay Regional Investment Company Andy Pearce to “just be honest” with the people.

Speaking in response to the latest missed deadline Mr Nash said the region’s people deserve more, and deserve answers.

“Andy needs to come out now and just be honest with the people of Hawke’s Bay, after all a decent chunk of it is our money,” Mr Nash said. “The lack of transparency is a little concerning. As the chair of the board he has to stand up and start taking some responsibility for this.”

In response to the call Mr Pearce said that as chairman of HBRIC he was accountable to the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council (HBRC) and, through the council, to ratepayers.

“I and my fellow directors will be reporting, in public, to HBRC at their meeting on November 25, including an update on water uptake as at November 11 and any further commitments between that date and November 24,” he said.

“It is not appropriate, nor acceptable to councillors, that we should bypass our shareholders and make public comment on significant matters prior to informing them.”

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Good Councillor Nails Dodgy Socialist

In a world where everyone seems to get offended by everything, the chair of the company building the dodgy socialist dam in Hawkes Bay was offended when one of his employers asked a tough question.

Councillor Peter Beaven has asked the investment arm of the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council to supply communications material it has been sharing with farmers to a council lawyer so he can review it for legal accuracy.

Yesterday’s meeting included a presentation from Wellington environmental law specialist Matt Conway who was asked by the council for a legal interpretation of various aspects of the board of inquiry’s decision.

Mr Beaven asked if HBRIC would consider supplying its sales communication material to Mr Conway to review.

Sounds like a fair question from a diligent councillor who managed to win his ward almost three votes to one over his opponents, with a little help from Whaleoil?s Dodgiest Local Body Politician Competition. ? Read more »

Farmers don’t want the water from the Dodgy Socialist Dam

Fenton "Jong-un" Wilson

Oh crap, the BOI shafted us again

One of the problems with socialism is that it allocates public money based on the opinion of a few governing people, rather than letting the market dictate where resources should be allocated.

This has always been one of the biggest reservations about the dodgy socialist dam in Central Hawkes Bay, where a few super egos including Fenton ?Jong-un? Wilson, Andrew Newman and Andy Pearce think they know what is best for the agricultural businesses in Central Hawkes Bay. They are demanding that farmers buy their socialist water, despite most of the farmers not being interested in buying from them. The problem is that the price of the water is too high to make it economically viable.

Multiple award winning journalist Pete Fowler actually took the time to go to see some of the farmers in Central Hawkes Bay and ask them what they felt about the socialists trying to impose expensive water on them.

Radio New Zealand News?visited six farmers in area that will receive water from the proposed water storage scheme, and all said they were not signing up to buy the water because it was not financially viable. Read more »

More problems for the dodgy socialist dam

Fenton "Jong-un" Wilson

Fenton “Jong-un” Wilson

Chairman Fenton ?Jong-Un? Wilson has been effective at suppressing dissent about his dodgy socialist dam for years. His problem came when the Board of Inquiry was formed and the extremely dodgy Hawke’s Bay Regional Council was told ?You are not allowed to turn the Tukituki River Toxic?.

The council tried to fudge this by convincing the Board of Inquiry that it should be allowed to make a very late submission that other parties could not submit on, and allow 615 farms not to have to manage nitrogen leeching. This ?factual fiction? has been overturned by the High Court, who have awarded costs to the appellants.

The big problem for the Dodgy Socialist Dam is the timeline.

They set a timeline of the end of March 2015 for farmers to sign up for the water from the scheme.

A High Court decision sending Hawke’s Bay’s Ruataniwha Water Storage Dam back to a Board of Inquiry is expected to create another delay, and another hit to the soaring cost of the project. ? Read more »

Dodgy Socialist Dam rooted by Board of Inquiry

Fenton "Jong-un" Wilson

Fenton “Jong-un” Wilson

I bet the ratbags at the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council are regretting their hasty decision to chuck away $80 million of ratepayers cash into a dam that is now doomed by the release of the final report of the Board of Inquiry.

Peter Fowler from Radio NZ reports:

The Board of Inquiry into the Ruataniwha Dam has upheld strict conditions which the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council has said makes the $600 million project unworkable.

The board has just issued its final decision, confirming nitrogen leaching levels from agriculture at 0.8 milligrams per litre, which would ensure the ability of rivers to sustain life.

The council has acknowledged the Tukituki River already significantly exceeds that limit, and it appears that would leave no room to further intensify agriculture in the catchment.

The Board of Inquiry said its final decision on the water storage project and associated Plan Change 6 gave rise to a range of competing interests.

“A major issue concerned the balancing of intensification of land use with the protection of the

environment, in particular the river system within the Tukituki catchment. Cultural issues, especially the relationship between Maori and the waters in the catchment, were also prominent,” it said.

The Hawke’s Bay Regional Council and its investment company, HBRIC, said they were studying the final decision and it would be some days before they could comment.

Council chairman Fenton Wilson and HBRIC Ltd chairman Andy Pearce said staff were undertaking detailed analysis of the decision and would report back to council and its investment company in the near future.

“It is expected to be later next week before the council and HBRIC Ltd will be in a position to make any informed comment,” they said in a statement.

Radio New Zealand?News understands HBRIC has been preparing a High Court challenge to the Board of Inquiry’s final decision. Board of Inquiry decisions can only be challenged on points of law, and it is unclear whether the nitrogen limits can challenged on this basis.

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More Dodgy Dealings from the Rotten Hawkes Bay Regional Council

A reader passed on this information about the rotten Hawkes Bay Regional Council. Troughing ratbag councillors and troughing investment company board members wanted to award themselves a big pay rise for troughing back in April.

These troughing ratbags need close scrutiny.

Then, next up was Chairman Andy Pearce, representing the directors of the Hawke?s Bay Regional Investment Company (HBRIC), the council-controlled organisation owned by HBRC and charged with advancing the dam project.

Mr Pearce was asking for increases in the directors? fees paid to him (a raise of $44,125, to $65,625 per annum) and fellow directors Jim Scotland and Sam Robinson (raises of $22,500 each, to $37,500 each per annum), as well as fees for three expert ?committee members?.

The proposal would increase such fees from an annual level of $51,500 to $365,625.?The increase is sought on the basis of the heavy workload on directors as a result of their responsibilities for progressing of the Ruataniwha water storage scheme. The proposal also urged the council to consider compensating the three councillor-director members of the HBRIC Board ? Fenton Wilson, Alan Dick and Christine Scott.? Read more »