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No, no no! No taxpayer funds to rebuild the privately owned Christchurch cathedral

The bludgers are out in force this Christmas, this time advocating for government money to fix up a shitty cathedral of no architectural merit.

An advocate for the restoration of the Christchurch cathedral says he will personally put $1 million toward the project.

An independent report has found the quake-damaged cathedral could be restored at a cost of $105 million.

Former cabinet minister and Great Christchurch Buildings Trust co-chair Philip Burdon said the money will come from a mix of insurance payouts with the residual $60m from private fund-raising.

He himself had committed $1 million and he’s confident others will contribute, he said.

Mr Burdon said the trust would also accept any government funding.

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Faces of the day

Appalling treatment: The Hussain family (from left to right: Father Nissar Hussain, 49, his children, Anniesa, 21, Miriam, 17, Leena, 14, Isaaq, 7, Sarah, 19, and wife Kubra, 45,) are regarded as 'blasphemers' by their neighbours

Appalling treatment: The Hussain family (from left to right: Father Nissar Hussain, 49, his children, Anniesa, 21, Miriam, 17, Leena, 14, Isaaq, 7, Sarah, 19, and wife Kubra, 45,) are regarded as ‘blasphemers’ by their neighbours

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Another example of Herald hypocrisy


After a week of being called out for their hypocrisy, even by Graeme Edgeler, another example has come to light.

A reader emails:

No doubt you folk have already thought of this but here is a link to a?NZ Herald article from 2011 where they are showing a Hell Pizza ad?deliberately designed to offend and bait Christians:

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Exclusive Brethren bad, Prebyterians good? What’s with churches entering politics?

The Whaleoil report on the political looking hoardings going up around Christchurch has more information flowing in via the tipline. ? Apart from the fact that Helen Clark threatened to take the Exclusive Brethren’s church tax status away as a punishment for entering politics without overtly stating they were behind it, it seems that churches are indeed behind the current move.

And the question is: ?why are they being so subtle? ? Of course, the locations of the signs give it away.



Here is another one, on the corner of Linwood Ave and Gloucester Street in Christchurch. The corner is beside 601 Gloucester St. Google reveals it is the site of this organisation: ? Read more »

It’s not just the Catholics

It isn’t just dodgy Catholic priests that have diddled kids, seems the Anglican clergy were in it donkey deep too.

Church of England files dating back more than 60 years are to be reopened in search of evidence of child abuse by clergy who have since died.

The Archbishop of York, the Most Rev John Sentamu, ordered the review as he acknowledged that previous inquiries could have missed important evidence because only files relating to those still living were examined.

It comes after an independent inquiry, overseen by Judge Sally Cahill QC, into the Church?s handling of evidence that the late Robert Waddington, a former Dean of Manchester, abused choirboys and school pupils, got under way.? Read more »

Anglicans to drop “no poofters” rule?

Things are perhaps changing in the UK…however not as you would think. On the one hand the Anglican Church is looking at removing its “No Poofters” rule, while on the other hand people are being arrested in the streets for preaching about sin. But first, in this post we can look at the refreshing change of attitude in the?Anglican?Church.

In his most widely anticipated address since taking over the leadership of the Church, the Most Rev Justin Welby insisted that it was now ?absurd and impossible? to ignore an ?overwhelming? change in social attitudes.

In a deliberate echo of Harold MacMillan?s 1950 speech which attacked apartheid in South Africa, the Archbishop warned church leaders that they needed to reassess their own attitudes to gay people ? even if they do not ?like it?.? Read more »

Green vandal turns up again, bleating as usual

Look who has turned up in another poorly researched piece from David Fisher…Jolyon White, the green vandal who attacks national’s signs and remains uncharged by police despite admitting doing it, one of more than 32 Electoral Act offences during the 2011 campaign referred to Police that have never been actioned.

He learned his sanctimony well too…now he is outraged that his groups can’t access charity donations from pokie machines because they have lobbied and criticised pokies.

The biggest pokie charity in the country is rejecting funding applications from Anglican-linked organisations because a branch of the church spoke out against gaming machines.

The edict by Pub Charity – which pulls in $74 million from pokies – emerged in a rejection letter to an application by the Christchurch Cathedral.

The cathedral was seeking $235,000 for its rebuild but was told “the Anglican Church has indicated its opposition to gaming funds” and funding was refused.

The Anglican Church is led by the General Synod which allows freedom to linked organisations to make their own decisions on many ethical areas – including applying for gaming funding.

But Pub Charity chief executive Martin Cheer said a submission by an Anglican body seeking pokie reform was a factor. He then wrote to the Anglican leadership group demanding it take a position nationally on the issue.

He said the refusal to do so – while still making applications – highlighted the church’s hypocrisy and leadership failures. “You can’t have it both ways. You can’t actively campaign to get rid of something then apply for money from it.”? Read more »

Bishops told to bottle gay vote

Looks like the bishops are being asked to bottle the vote against gay marriage. Good.

Bishops are facing intense pressure from inside the Church of England not to use their votes in the House of Lords to block gay marriage, The Daily Telegraph has learnt.

Despite vocal opposition from the Church to the Government?s plans to allow same-sex couples to marry, it is understood that senior officials have personally urged bishops to stay away from this week?s vote.? Read more »

Investigation underway in Church of England, cover-ups, abuse, running with the Catholic playbook

It’s not just the Catholic ratbags who were covering up the buggering of little boys. The archbishop needs to swing for this.

The Archbishop of York is to set up an independent inquiry into allegations that a senior Church of England clergyman abused choirboys and school pupils.

It will look into claims that the Very Rev Robert Waddington, a former dean of Manchester Cathedral who died in 2007, sexually assaulted young choristers in the 1980s, while Lord Hope, then archbishop of York did not report the abuse claims to police or child protection authorities in 1999 and 2003.

Dr John Sentamu today said he was taking the allegations of abuse with the “utmost seriousness”, calling child abuse a ?a heinous and personally damaging crime”.? Read more »

It’s not just the bloody Catholics

It’s not just the bloody Catholics.

It seems too that the Anglican church has a problem with boy buggering, abuse and coverups:

The former Archbishop of York has been accused of covering up allegations that a senior member of the Church of England had abused choirboys and school pupils.

Lord Hope of Thornes was told of the accusations against the Very Rev Robert Waddington, a former Dean of Manchester Cathedral who was made responsible for Church schools, in 1999 and then again in 2003.

The then archbishop did not refer the allegations to police or to child protection agencies, according to The Times.

Following the accusations, Lord Hope, who was then the second most senior bishop in the Church, revoked Waddington’s right to conduct church services and also ordered internal investigations into the alleged abuse.? Read more »