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Nokia goes American…remember those who said NZ needed a Nokia?


A reader emails:


Remember the Hullaballoo last year involving Gerry Brownlee when he took on the Finns last year? This saw some distinct Opposition chest beating, as it picked on one of their favourite countries (despite Finland’s love of Nuclear power and embrace GM technology).

I bet Gerry will be enjoying a wry smile over news that Nokia has been picked up by Microsoft for way less than Len Brown’s new train set in Auckland will cost. As both will lose money, which one would WO readers most prefer? ?Google, several year’s ago, picked up Ericsson Mobile Motorola Mobility (who had invented the mobile phone), proving you can go from hero to zero very quickly in tech.

Yet this got me thinking about all those ‘experts’ who castigate farming by saying we need to ‘develop a Nokia of our own.’ While the meat industry has its issues, at least its in demand, more so than Nokia’s loss making business, or should i now say, Microsoft Mobile.

Remember what the Finnish ‘comedian’, Tuomas?Enbuske, said after big Gerry corrected Shearers Finnish myth last year?

“We have Kimi Raikkonen … you have sheep. ?We have Linus Torvalds [creator of Linux computer software] … you have sheep. ?We have the Angry Birds game … you have sheep.?We have Alvar Aalto [architect] … you have sheep.?We have Nokia … you have sheep. ?We have Martti Ahtisaari [Nobel winner] … you have sheep. ?Thank you. Greetings from Finland.” ? Read more »

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The Hipkins Standard, Ctd

? NZ Herald

I blogged about the Chris Hipkins’ Standard with regard to Board Appointments. Well Chippie has been at it again, creating another level to “The Hipkins Standard”:

“The fact that these people are going ahead and downloading huge amounts of data suggests a certain laissez-faire attitude to spending public money.”

Hipkins said most hotels and airports provided free WiFi, which should be used instead of the internet on smart phones.

“If they are downloading a work-related app then that’s fine but if it’s the latest version of the Angry Birds then that’s not something they should be doing on mobile phones.”

Did Phil Goff use parliamentary services provided bandwidth to download his version of Angry Birds?

I might have some sympathy with Hipkins’ claims if he would open up the?communications?costs for Labour MPs. Yet again we see why the?Parliamentary?Services expenditure must be opened up to the OIA.

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Wouldn't Phil be better shoring up his leadership?

Looks like that even the Goffice is now in on the stab Phil Goff plan. Chris Elder, who has spent an awful lot of time attacking the media in recent days (seems to be a pattern developing) tweeted this picture of Phil Goff playing Angry Birds on his iPad.