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Skeletal cows on ferry just fine, rules MPI


I remember we had a bit of an argument among ourselves at the time, and I recall saying that if the state of these beasts was permissible, then it casts a nasty shadow over the industry.

An investigation into a photograph of thin cattle being transported on a Cook Strait ferry has?revealed no evidence of physical harm.

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has completed an investigation into an animal welfare complaint regarding jersey cows being transported across Cook Strait in March this year.

The cull dairy cows were being transported from a farm in the upper South Island to a meat processing plant in Wellington.? Read more »

Federated Farmers can’t see anything wrong with this photo

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The Ministry for Primary Industries has confirmed it’s investigating the condition of cattle photographed by a passenger on a Cook Strait ferry. Read more »

Al-Cowda retaliation backfires



As regular readers will know, killer cows are out to get us. ?One brave soldier on the West Coast decided to fight back as a kind of lone wolf, but has found the law is still on Al-Cowda’s side ? Read more »

The dog meat trade, and why it needs change

As a hunter and a carnivore myself, I don’t have a problem with the source of protein. ?Cultural differences can cause squeamishness. ?For example, horse meat is generally not seen as appropriate meat for those living here, whereas it is freely sold an eaten throughout Europe and nobody thinks twice about it.

The way the meat is raised and brought to the table is another issue altogether.

If you are squeamish – perhaps pass this story by.

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