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Christchurch Council appear to be more dangerous than the GCSB


The Christchurch City Council has come under fire for putting a dog-listening device in a couple’s backyard without their knowledge.

The council says on this occasion, normal procedure wasn’t followed and permission was not sought to place the listening device on the property. Read more »

Question: why is this scumbag not locked up pending trial?

The tester arrived at the property with a security guard after getting consent from a female tenant.

However, a relative visited during the testing and contacted the woman’s partner, who returned and avoided the guard by climbing over the property’s back fence.

He unchained his two dogs and closed them in the kitchen with the tester and held the door shut.

The guard pushed his way into the kitchen after hearing the tester screaming and found him trying to climb out a window.

HNZ chief executive Glen Sowry said the man received “pretty severe wounds” to his legs, hands and forearms and was in hospital for several days.

“I can’t imagine how horrifying it must have been to have the partner come into the house, abusing and screaming at you and grabbing the dogs, shoving them in the door to attack you – and then shutting and holding the door locked behind you while the dogs set on you,” he said.

“It’s unconscionable.”

[Paula] Bennett was horrified to hear about the case.

HNZ has made a formal complaint to police, and Sowry has apologised to the tester.

“The tenant’s partner effectively used a weapon on the tester to try to inflict harm. It happened to be two vicious dogs.”

The dogs, which Sowry described as “pit-bull type fighting dogs”, had been put down by Animal Control and the tenants were evicted under a fast-track process because of the severity of the incident.

There were no children living in the home.

What is the difference between locking the guy in with two dogs and going there with two knives and slashing about? ? It does my head in that HNZ has complained to police. ?Why isn’t the story about how the guy’s been arrested already?


– Cherie Howie, NZ Herald