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If Rodeos are cruel, then so are Cat and Dog shows

Photo/ Pete Belt

Will the wowsers just lay off already?

The country’s top animal welfare organisations have joined forces to call for a ban on rodeos.

The SPCA, SAFE and Farmwatch say the sport is both unethical and inherently cruel.

They claim animals are wrestled, roped and thrown to the ground in aggressive displays that cause painful injuries including fractures and severe stress and fear for the animals.

Two bulls died at rodeos during the 2014/2015 season, the SPCA says.

“Rodeos are inhumane and are not in the best interests of the animals,” says SPCA New Zealand chief executive Ric Odom. ? Read more »

Lose Wars, Can’t Care for a Polar Bear

Forget about people, you can tell much more about a culture and a country?by how it cares for animals. ?Some zoos around the world I have visited have been downright disgusting. ?The lowlight of my decade of touring around the world has been the Thonburi Snake Farm in Bangkok.

But I have never been to Argentina.

Maybe if the polar bear played football Argentinians might care about him a bit more.

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 10.53.31 pm


This is Arturo, a polar bear living in South America who has been called the ?world?s saddest animal?.

He sits in a concrete enclosure at Mendoza Zoo in Argentina in temperatures of up to 40C (104F) and is said to have been depressed since his long-term friend Pelusa died two years ago.

It is claimed the 29-year-old?s lonely life is causing him to display abnormal behaviour, including tilting his head and showing his teeth while pacing back and forth and rocking from side to side.

Animal rights activists now want Arturo – whose only access to cooling water in his enclosure is said to be a pool just 20in (50cm) deep – moved to another zoo that offers cooler conditions.



Photo Of The Day

Reuters: SUSANA VERA, Spain

Reuters: SUSANA VERA, Spain

Gored By a Bull

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Perhaps they could use Palmerston North residents instead

We get it, no one wants testing on cute fluffy animals.

Not even the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister John Key says if psychoactive substances can’t be tested solely on rats, they won’t be tested on animals at all.

The Government is set to pull all 41 remaining synthetic-high products off New Zealand shelves when it passes legislation under urgency tomorrow.

Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne announced last weekend that all synthetic drugs would be banned within two weeks until they are proven safe. He acknowledged legislation, passed last year, did not go far enough.? Read more »

No surprises, always did think vegetarians were miserable pricks

You won’t catch me being a vegetarian anytime soon.

Vegetarians are less healthy than meat-eaters, a controversial study has concluded, despite drinking less, smoking less and being more physically active than their carnivorous counterparts.

A study conducted by the?Medical University of Graz?in Austria found that the vegetarian diet, as characterised by a low consumption of saturated fat and cholesterol, due to a higher intake of fruits, vegetables and whole-grain products,?appeared to carry elevated risks of cancer, allergies and mental health problems such as depression and anxiety.

The study used data from the Austrian Health Interview Survey to examine the dietary habits and lifestyle differences between meat-eaters and vegetarians.

The 1320 subjects were matched according to their age, sex, and socioeconomic status and included 330 vegetarians, 330 that ate meat but still a lot of fruits and vegetables, 300 normal eaters but that ate less meat, and 330 on a more meat-heavy diet.? Read more »

Photo Of The Day

Brigitte Bardot on the set of Les Femmes, 1969. ? SUNSET BOULEVARD/CORBIS

Brigitte Bardot on the set of Les Femmes, 1969.

?The Temptress of St. Tropez Read more »

PETA says animals are equal with humans, but don’t mind killing your pets


The batshit crazy animal advocates group PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals) stayed true to form suggesting the life of a wild animal is as important as a human life. This is a seriously twisted way of thinking, as it is normal for a species to favour its own over all others, not the other way around.

On December 13th, PETA ?Special Projects? Division Manager Alicia Woempner lived up to the group?s reputation for bizarre extremism when she sent a letter scolding 18-year-old hunter and bear mauling victim Camille Bomboy. In the dispatch, Woempner urges the recovering teen to ?reflect on [the] incident? and ?abandon hunting.?

Earlier in the week, Bomboy had been the victim of a vicious bear attack while hunting on her family?s farm, suffering bites to her arms and a severe injury that almost resulted in the loss of an ear. The attack was only halted when Bomboy?s stepfather frightened off the bear by firing a rifle.

Throughout the letter, Woempner equates human beings with animals, as is characteristic of PETA. Woempner writes, ?This seems to be a good opportunity to put yourself in the place of the?individuals?you and the rest of your hunting party were trying to kill.? (Emphasis added.)? Woempner continues the lecture: ?Now that you?ve experienced the horror of an attack ?although this one was in self-defense ? we hope you will choose to enjoy nature in only nonviolent ways.?

One might think a letter taunting a seriously wounded teenager would be new low for PETA, but it?s unfortunately par for the course. This is an organization that?equates?the?terrorist Animal Liberation Front?with the ?Underground Railroad and the French Resistance.? This is a group whose president, Ingrid Newkirk, told?Washingtonian?magazine in 1986, ?there is no rational basis for saying that a human being has special rights. ?A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy.? Worse, according to the?Washington Post, in a 1983 interview Newkirk remarked, ?Six million people died in concentration camps, but 6 billion broiler chickens will die this year in slaughterhouses.? Read more »

Vegansexuals call on parliament to create a Commissioner for Animals


Christchurch couple Nichola and Hans Kriek are vegans who won’t root non-vegans

As a fan of the outdoors and hunting, one group of people polar opposite to me are loopy Vegans. At the extreme edge are?even loopier vegansexuals.

Hans Kriek porned himself in-front of the Primary Production Select Committee last week, deeply concerned over the Animal Welfare Amendment Bill.

You may know Hans Kriek from the nutter animal welfare activist group SAFE. He now wants the Government to start a Commissioner for Animals.

To cut a long story short, Kriek essentially wants equal rights for all animals. Perhaps he wants to give them all a name as well, particularly those sows and chickens popping out eggs all day.

Good ole Eric Roy asked Kriek about wild pigs and how they could be hunted without dogs ? a near on impossible task in my view. Kriek fell into that one, calling for an expert committee to be set up to find ways to?hunt?control wild pigs because he thought hunting pigs with dogs was cruel. Eric Roy told them to HTFU, telling them that was a principle without substance. ?? Read more »

More people care about animals than the GCSB

Yesterday Auckland was brought to a standstill, on a weekday, for people marching against animal testing of psycho-active substances.

Here is the photo of the march.

More people care about animal testing than the GCSB

More people care about animal testing than the GCSB

The organisers of the anti-GCSB Bill should hang their heads in shame.

Despite a fine weekend, heaps of news publicity, a compliant media and the drawing power of Krim Dotcon they could barely muster half that number.? Read more »

PETA – People Euthanising Their Animals

PETA is being attacked in the US for their?contradictory?attitudes towards animals held in their shelters.

PETA, considered by many to be the highest-profile animal rights group in the country, kills an average of about 2,000 dogs and cats each year at its animal shelter here.

And the shelter does few adoptions ? 19 cats and dogs in 2012 and 24 in 2011, according to state records.

At a time when the major animal protection groups have moved to a ?no kill? shelter model,?People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals?remains a holdout, confounding some and incensing others who know the organization as a very vocal advocacy group that does not believe animals should be killed for food, fur coats or leather goods. ? Read more »