Anita Killeen

Meet Helicopter Hater #2 – Anita Killeen


Helicopter hater Anita Killeen (with husband Simon Vannini), leaving Auckland District Court in December 2012 after pleading guilty to forgery but being discharged without conviction on grounds of temporary insanity.

You couldn?t make this up!

The second instalment of Whaleoil?s exclusive ?meet the helicopter haters? features, introducing the members of Judith Tizard?s Auckland Regional Amenities Funding Board, was charged in November 2011 with forgery, damaging a computer system and two counts of using a forged document ? and was only discharged without conviction in December 2012 after pleading guilty on grounds of temporary insanity!

She?s Anita Killeen.

That?s right.? One of board members who decide whether the Auckland Philharmonia needs money for a new Double Bass or the Auckland Rescue Helicopter needs it for spare parts only escaped up to 10 years in jail because she told the court she was irrational, forgetful and obsessive!? Read more »

Meet Helicopter hater #1: Candis Craven

Helicopter hater Candis Craven (that is her real name), second from right, with partner, arts critic John Daly-Peoples, at a gala evening of the New Zealand Opera, funded by the Auckland Regional Amenities Funding Board

Helicopter hater Candis Craven (that is her real name), second from right, with partner, arts critic John Daly-Peoples, at a gala evening of the New Zealand Opera, funded by the Auckland Regional Amenities Funding Board

Len Brown?s henchmen have sent Victor the Cleaner into the offices of Judith Tizard?s dodgy arts funding board, the Auckland Regional Amenities Funding Board. ?The secret register that would tell us which arts luvvie has taken how many free tickets to which string quartet, new-age play or high-pitched opera is getting the acid.

But the mayor?s people aren?t stopping there.? Already arts luvvie and helicopter hater Candis Craven (that is her real name) has been forced from left her roles at the New Zealand Contemporary Arts Trust and the Auckland Arts Fair Trust.

The tipline tells us that the announcement was made just before rescue helicopter chairman, Blues owner and all-round good bloke Murray Bolton made his accusations of corruption at the funding board?s meeting this morning.

Of course, the funding board still hasn?t released its secret register of gifts and inducements.? It is now saying no register of gifts and inducements even exists.? That?s probably true now Victor has turned up.? But it still doesn?t explain why the funding board has cut the rescue helicopter?s funding by $1 million and put the money into the orchestra.?? Read more »

Judith Tizard set up dodgy funding board with secret Gifts and Inducements Register

All these years after being beaten by Nikki Kaye, Judith Tizard continues to be the gift that keeps on giving.? In more ways than one.

It turns out it was Tizard that set up the dodgy ?Auckland Regional Amenities Funding Board? that has been cutting and holding back funding from essential rescue services like Surf Lifesaving, the Coastguard and the Westpac Rescue Helicopter to funnel into the opera, the theatre and the orchestra.

What happened was this: Helen Clark wanted a way of funnelling money to the arts without politicians getting a say so got Judith to set up the board.? But National?s Wayne Mapp said National would only support the legislation ? the Auckland Regional Amenities Funding Act 2008 ? if essential rescue services were also included.

The board members are mostly all Labour Party thespian luvvies and we?ll have more to say about them soon enough.

They have never wanted surf lifesavers, coastguard volunteers or rescue helicopter pilots and medics to get funding they think should go to flautists, sopranos and people who play pretend on the stage for a living.

Parliament initially said what each of the services should get ? it was $1,500,000 each for the biggies, the orchestra and the rescue helicopter.

Since then, the board has cut money from the helicopter trust for its essential rescue service to give to the orchestra for new harps and pianos.

Here?s the funding graphs:

funding Read more »

Franks on Killeen, Ctd

The Anita Killeen case goes from bad to worse, and one can’t go past the erudite conclusions of Stephen Franks:

Behind the NBR paywall?is a depressing report that the judge (Mary-Beth Sharpe) had tried to reserve rights to censor Radio New Zealand coverage of the trial.

The?Herald has taken the story up, and we are reminded that earlier proceedings were made secret.

The overall?impression from?what ?is public, is of prosecution and defence?as a privileged profession colluding with its even more privileged members in the judiciary to?shield favoured members in ways that they would not for ordinary people.

Good judges?often do, and should, ?approach lawyer defendants rigorously. We should know better, but more importantly on the Casear’s wife principle, lawyers should accept that the courts will?err if necessary? to emphasise that there is?no favouritism.

My?initial post focussed?wrongly on the gender and class issues. This is now a? more serious case which appears to present favouritism from the prosecution, indifference to the victims, and the misuse of the power the Court should?never have been given, ?to keep it all secret for as long as possible.

Are lawyers dodgier than politicians?

Certainly looks like lawyers are dodgier than politicians:

Legal counsel before the courts

Name suppressed – barrister
A criminal lawyer has appeared in court charged with delivering a cellphone, cigarettes and a lighter to a high-profile murderer serving a life sentence.?Suppression orders prevent the publication of the woman’s name and age, the name of the prisoner and details of his crime, history and sentence.

Name suppressed – barrister
A prominent Auckland barrister is facing a disciplinary hearing on three misconduct charges brought against him by the standards committee of the New Zealand Law Society. He has been granted interim name suppression until his case is heard next year.

Tim Sarah – police prosecutor
Before the Auckland District Court on 20 charges including the possession and supply of methamphetamine and Ecstasy, participating in an organised criminal group and passing information from the police computer system to three co-accused.

Emily Toner – Crown prosecutor for Meredith Connell
Awaiting sentencing in the North Shore District Court after she admitted stealing almost $200 worth of groceries from a supermarket while on a break from a court case she was prosecuting. Toner blamed the theft on an eating disorder which “prevented her from thinking straight”.

Anita Killeen – former chief prosecutor for the Serious Fraud Office, barrister
Charged with forgery, using a forged document and recklessly damaging a computer system. The charges are believed to be in relation to forged documents sent to the media this year in an attempt to smear SFO boss Adam Feeley.