Anna Bligh

Rudd’s election night bombast proving an ongoing joke

Kevin Rudd proclaimed victory on election night:

I?m also proud of the fact that despite the pundits?we appear to have held every seat in Queensland.

Labor has now conceded defeat in one seat with the prospect of another going blue:

The LNP has won the central Queensland seat of Capricornia, which now confines Labor’s federal seats to the state’s south-east.

Labor has conceded defeat in Capricornia, which is a seat it had held since 1998.

Former MP Kirsten Livermore retired at this election.

It is the first time since 1996 Labor has not held a seat outside the state’s south-east.? Read more »

Some advice for Mallard

??The Australian

Mark Latham has some very sage advice for Trevor Mallard, advice he would do well to heed:

?When you start lying about stuff you risk this scale of avalanche of votes against you,?

He was talking of course about Anna Bligh’s Queensland Labor rout. But the sentiment holds true for Trevor Mallard. Latham goes on:

?The public distrust and cynicism about public life is so severe there is no room, absolutely no margin for lying to the electorate and Bligh paid the penalty.?

Substitute Bligh for Mallard and you can see what I mean.

Trevor Mallard is a serial defamer, it is time that some one sorted him out. if his own party are too gutless to do it then it will have to be Judith Collins.

Meanwhile Mallard will be running the numbers against Shearer as sure as night follows day….another of Latham’s comments:

?And inevitably, as certain as night follows day they will change leaders before the next election. They can’t possibly go to the next poll with Gillard.?

David Shearer, through his unwillingness to rein in Trevor Mallard is unfortunately doomed. It will be sooner rather than later.

Latham on Labor’s problems

? The Australian

Mark Latham would like a non-liar for Prime Minister of Australia.

THE high levels of public distrust and cynicism with politicians leave no margin for lying to the electorate, former Labor leader Mark Latham has warned, saying the ALP’s only hope for survival is to “bring in a non-liar as prime minister”.

Mr Latham, who has become one of Julia Gillard’s fiercest critics, told Sky News Australian Agenda that the lessons from the Queensland state election trouncing were clear.

He said Labor’s structural problem, where its party base had been replaced by aspirational and upwardly-mobile voters with no economic or emotional attachment to a trade union base party, was exacerbated by they way it conducted itself in government.

?When you start lying about stuff you risk this scale of avalanche of votes against you,? he said.

Former Queensland premier Anna Bligh paid the price at the ballot box over her breach of faith on Queensland’s asset sales, he said.

?If there is one lesson out of it for democracy – and I think this is important for the Prime Minister – if you make a promise, you’ve just got to keep it these days,? he said.

?The public distrust and cynicism about public life is so severe there is no room, absolutely no margin for lying to the electorate and Bligh paid the penalty.?

Mr Latham said this meant the only option for federal Labor was to ?bring in a non-liar as prime minister?.

David Shearer needs to show leadership

David Shearer has claimed he doesn?t like gotcha politics, yet yesterday senior MPs Trevor Mallard and Grant Robertson, along with aspiring senior MP and former party president Andrew Little launched a disgraceful, untrue attack on Judith Collins, Simon Lusk and me. They continued their disgraceful attacks in the House today.

This attack is typical of Mallard. Make shit up, throw it, see what sticks, and brazen it out afterwards. These attacks are all based on ?an anonymous email from a reliable source?.

The problem for David Shearer is while Mallard and his thuggish henchmen are running this kind of stupid, baseless attack all it does is continue to frame the Labour Party as the Nasty Party. It also detracts from Shearer?s leadership, as he looks like Goff did, when Robertson stood up to him and told him to be soft on Maoris or else.

None of this is going to go well for Labour. Ministers do not threaten defamation action without good cause, and as I know all parties involved in this dispute there is no way there is any link between Judith Collins and Simon Lusk. So school yard bully Mallard will be forced to apologise or will lose a defamation case. In the mean time his nastiness continues to brand Labour as the Nasty Party.

David Shearer’s leadership and chance of being Prime Minister is under threat by this kind of stupid attack where there is no evidence at all of what Mallard is saying. Politicians lying never goes down well with the public, as Anna Bligh recently found out. ?He should take Trevor aside and tell him to apologise in full immediately, or he will be stripped of his portfolios and returned to the back bench. In fact he should strip him of his portfolios and the Shadow Leader of the House anyway.

I don?t believe that David Shearer has anything to do with these attacks, but he is as much a victim as those Mallard has accused. Just as he was the victim when Mallard got busted scalping tickets on Trademe, and Goff was a victim when Mallard chose to indulge in an asymmetrical war against me where he couldn?t win and I had nothing to lose.

Mallard has a?history?of defamation, and a history of scurrilous anonymous smears.

A quick search of Google shows Mallard has form.

He defamed Erin Leigh.

He also defamed Amokura Panaho along with John Tamihere. They had to pay her $7500 each for that defamation.

Then there is the case of his defamation of Rosemary Bradford.?This story is interesting as there’s a claim Labour asked officials to provide the dirt on MPs spouses. ?A bit like the Erin Leigh issue.

Then of course there was the American Bagman smear that went nowhere. He still maintains he was right yet hasnpt produced a shred of evudence to back up his allegations.

Now has taken a step too far, together with Grant Robertson and Andrew Little they have defamed Judith Collins, for which she is suing them, and also Simon Lusk and myself. They ar too cowardly to step outside the house and repeat the smears against me and Simon and so I am left to?defend?myself via the blog.

David Shearer needs to?discipline?all three but mostly he needs to yank Mallard back into line. If he doesn’t then his leadership is finished and we will be talking sooner rather than alter about Grant Robertson’s ascendency to Labour’s leadership.

Bligh Quits

? Andrew Bolt and ? Brisbane Times

Anna Bligh has spat the dummy and quit:

Anna Bligh has quit the Queensland Parliament in the wake of Labor’s humiliating electoral defeat.

Ms Bligh told a media conference this morning Queensland had sent her and her government an overwhelming message.

She said today was a “heartbreaking day” for the Labor Party in Queensland and the party needed to focus immediately on rebuilding.

“This is not a task that can be achieved with me at the head of the team or indeed as part of the team,” she said.

Her decision to resign from the seat of South Brisbane, which she has represented since 1995, will become effective on Friday.

That will mean an immediate by-election and the?likelihood?that Labor will lose another seat.

Andrew Bolt isn’t impressed:

She still does not acknowledge any fault. There is again no sign to voters that Labor has learned anything and is sorry.

?It is equally true that there is a message in this for Labor generally.? But she does not say what it is.

Asked if she regrets targeting Newman?s family. ?I don?t resile from them.?

Bligh has wrecked her legacy – first by the foul smear campaign she waged, then by her graceless resignation speech, and finally by breaking a promise to stay on.

Face of the Day

Hugely talented?

? Brisbane Times

Julia Gillard thinks Anna Bligh is hugely talented:

“Anna Bligh is a hugely talented leader who has worked hard each and every day to deliver Labor reforms for her state,” Ms Gillard said.

Yes Julia, going from 51 seats to 7 is a huge talent.

Labor in Queensland now doesn’t even qualify for status as a political party (the threshold is 10 seats) and their funding will be cut hugely. This was a rinsing of mega proportions.

Annihilation and Decapitation

? Brisbane Times

The Liberal National Party ran a decapitation strategy in Queensland and it looks like it has succeeded, with only Anna Bligh just retaining her seat in the electoral rout of the Labor party. they are going to have serious problems for years to come with no leadership ready to take over and a massive majority to overcome:

It looks as though the LNP decapitation strategy has succeeded, with Labor divested of its future leadership contenders:

  • Deputy Premier and Treasurer Andrew Fraser has lost Mt Coot-tha to the LNP?s Saxon Rice
  • Infrastructure Minister Stirling Hinchliffe has lost Stafford to the LNP?s Chris Davis
  • Minister for Women Karen Struthers is out in Algester, to the LNP?s Anthony Shorten
  • Health Minister Geoff Wilson has lost Ferny Grove to the LNP?s Dale Shuttleworth
  • In Whitsunday, Tourism Minister Jan Jarratt has lost to the LNP?s Jason Costigan
  • Sports Minister Phil Reeves has also lost his seat of Mansfield to the LNP?s Ian Walker

Blood and Guts, Ctd

The awesome leadership struggle in the ALP is coming to a rather fast head:

Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd has announced his resignation at a press conference in Washington DC at 1.20am local time, 5.20pm AEDT.

Mr Rudd said he believed he no longer had the support of the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, and had no option but to resign.

“I cannot?continue to serve as foreign minister if I do not have the Prime Minister?s support and so I have decided to do the honourable thing and the honourable thing is to resign.”

He said the reign of “faceless men” and their iron grip on the control of the Labor leadership must end.

He called the leadership brawl a “soap opera” and said he would not have “anything to do with it”.

Mr Rudd said the “ongoing saga” was damaging the business community and “my good friend Anna Bligh” who is contesting the Queensland election.

“I feel very uncomfortable doing this from Washington rather than in Australia but I don?t feel I have a choice,” Mr Rudd said.

He called a press conference for 1:30am in?Washington…he has resigned so he can get on?the?next available plane and run the numbers over the weekend. If he had stayed away until Sunday as planned then that posed all sorts of trouble for Tuesday’s caucus.

There is blood in the water now.