Anna Leask

Colin Craig – a superb long summary of a day at court

Anna Leask is a rose among thorns at The NZ Clickbait.? A solid reporter.? And listening to the testimony personally and then seeing it written about, I can confirm this is solid reporting:? this is a fair representation of the day.

I’m going to do something I haven’t done for years:? send you off to read a NZ Herald article.

Rachel MacGregor on Colin Craig – in her own words – by Anna Leask

(Just one niggle:? douchebag is one word)


David “Tainted” Fisher complains that people think he is on Team Dotcom, but what else can you expect when he is back writing about Kim Dotcom, and worse quotes his own book in the article.

Kim Dotcom and his estranged wife, Mona, will be brought together in court today as witnesses in the John Banks trial.

The couple are scheduled to appear in sequence with Mr Dotcom taking the stand first to testify over donations he made to Banks’ 2010 Super City campaign.

Mrs Dotcom was to appear immediately after with her testimony forecast to support that given by her husband.

The court date comes about a week after the couple separated and follows confirmation of the separation by a lawyer acting for Mrs Dotcom.


In the?Secret Life of Kim Dotcom, Mr Dotcom told of meeting Mrs Dotcom in a nightclub in Manila in 2007.

He spotted her on the dance floor and claimed to be instantly smitten.?

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The Torture of Parole Hearings

? Herald on Sunday

Anna Leask reports?on what the parole system does to victims. It gives some idea of what they have to go through in ensuring that killers and abusers remain behind bars.

Stephen Franks asks why it is that Judges fail to see this:

Would that our judges could feel more of that in their approach to victims and the law’s role in keeping the scales of justice in balance. Instead?they think they are therapists?for criminals.

At elast with judith Collins as Justice minister we should get some meaningful change to the ongoing torture that parole hearings have become for victims of serious crime….thankfully too with the 3 strikes legislation this should lessen.

You think the repeaters could repeat properly

There is a story in the HoS by repeater Anna Leask about a cop who stripped off to catch the crim he was after.

Now I wonder where did they get that story from? Oh that’s right from Blondie’s post. And the pricks even quote Blondie. But is there a link to the source of the story? Not fecking likely.

Constable Grant Burrows will do anything to catch a crim – he’ll even strip down to his boxers in the middle of an upmarket Auckland street.

And his near-naked efforts have earned him high praise from a female passerby.

The woman, who would only be called Blondie, said he was “quite a dish”.

The Newmarket cop didn’t think twice when it came to getting his gear off and diving into the Orakei Basin to chase an alleged thief on Thursday night.

And the repeaters wonder why we think so poorly of them.