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Guest Post: Feminism is the new misogyny – The Feminist betrayal of women

Guest post:

Anne Marie Waters is an English political activist and director of Sharia Watch UK, an organisation launched by UK lawyers in 2014 which has the support of the Baroness Caroline Cox. She launched Pegida UK in conjunction with activist Tommy Robinson and politician Paul Weston. She blogs at

A lot has been written about the absurd “Women’s March” that took place in Washington recently. Feminists from across the world bravely came together to protest against a man who has done nothing at all to women’s rights. They did so in “solidarity” with a religion that openly practices female slavery and gets away with it. The organiser of the “Women’s March” is a Saudi apologist who praises the very sharia law that ensures women in countries like Saudi Arabia are kept as property. Even so, Islamist Linda Sarsour led a group of gullible, privileged, clueless feminists though the US capital. Every bearded jihadi on the planet must have been laughing at that one, while the woman who suffers his oppression was told that Western feminists not only don’t care about her, but are actually marching in his favour.

The stupid women’s march aside, something else that caught my eye in the weeks since it took place has confirmed to me that modern feminism has nothing whatsoever to do with women’s rights. In fact, it threatens them. Feminism is now the enemy of women.

Feminists have decided not only to support the world’s most misogynistic religion, they also offer unwavering support to male-female transsexuals, once again at the expense of actual women (no, not “cis” women).

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Activist blogger Anne Marie Waters has a message for left-wing feminists



Activist blogger Anne Marie Waters has a message for left-wing feminists

Anne Marie Waters is a self-described activist blogger. I came across her hard-hitting open letter to left-wing feminists on her blog. She considers herself a real feminist in much the same way I do. My ideals and beliefs are not compromised for other cultures. I do not practise the racism of lowered expectations. I expect all women to have the same rights as men: no ifs, no buts, no maybes. When something is morally wrong, no ideology, no religion, no law, no government, no skin colour or culture can make it right. When it is wrong, it is wrong. We must right wrongs, not tolerate them.

I have no intention of launching an attack on Laurie Penny for her New Statesman article. What good would it do? All I want from her, and feminists who share her views, is that they read I write below and try to absorb it. This is important. It is a direct message to all feminists who support the massive and unprecedented immigration that Europe is experiencing now, and has experienced for the last couple of decades. It is not enough to dismiss us all as racists and bigots, this may make you feel more comfortable but it simply isn’t true. It isn’t bigotry or racism to observe and acknowledge reality, and there are some harsh realities that I wish you would take on board.

…Harsh reality number one – we are not “all equal”.

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A brilliant explanation of what causes Islamophobia ( Fear of Islam )

It is the actions of Muslims that cause the fear of Islam explains Anne Marie Waters in this debate.

Why don’t I see Islam as peaceful?  Because of the evidence.

-Anne Marie Waters