Anne Martin

Did NZ First president Anne Martin chuck her toys over her daughter’s demotion?

She says no, but I suspect the ousting of her daughter for a bloke who fakes his military service it is a major reason for Ann Martin stepping down as Winston’s president.

More changes for New Zealand First are on the way after the recent tussle for the deputy leadership and as many in the party look to the future.

NZ First president Anne Martin is stepping down and will be replaced by one of three candidates after a vote at this weekend’s annual conference.

Mrs Martin’s daughter Tracey Martin was the party’s deputy leader and the two were part of a five-strong panel that decided the party list and effectively who would make it into Parliament.

However, that influence – which caused friction with some within the party including former MP and North Shore mayor Andrew Williams – has now waned.

Ron Mark replaced Tracey Martin as deputy leader after a closely-fought caucus vote this month and Anne Martin has now confirmed she will not seek re-election as president.    Read more »

Paranoid Winston Peters dumps candidate?

Via the Tipline

NZ First is in dire straights. They only had two people nominated in Tauranga  – Murray Guy, the ex city councillor being the frontrunner. Both were rejected. Guy is pretty annoyed after being promised a high list ranking by Winston’s minion Edwin Perry…


This of course reflects the fact that all of NZ First being a “party” is a face.  It is nothing more than a Winston Peters cult.  And those who want to be on the ride only have to do one thing:  say nothing.   You’re just there for 3 years to take the money and to do absolutely nothing of substance.   Read more »

Do people like this have a place in politics?

A high-profile political figure has won the right to keep details of his divorce secret after a judge ruled he was a “vulnerable person”.

His messy divorce case included allegations of espionage, infidelity, dognapping, theft, the involvement of three Queen’s Counsel, and a disputed allegation the man grabbed or touched his wife’s neck, tried to kick in the door of their home and shouted abuse at her.

The couple were involved in a protracted legal battle through the Family Court. The ex-wife has sought the right to speak publicly and to her friends about the break-up, but the husband has fought to keep the dispute secret.

How can anyone be a high profile political figure and at the same time “vulnerable”.

If you enter politics, you get to make judgements about other people.  You get to influence policy.  You get to make decisions over the careers, lives and families.  This person, at the very least, should have no say or influence over many political policy areas.

But how can we make sure someone that kicks in the door and “grabbed or touched” his wife’s neck is kept well away?  Why the code of silence?

It seems to be an upside-down situation to have someone who has alleged involvement in espionage and theft in a high profile position in a political party be protected from public scrutiny and the public’s judgement as to this person’s suitability.   Read more »