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It’s official: The Internet Party exists


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Well, it’s all on now:

Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party, and it’s logo, have been registered by the Electoral Commission.

That means it’s clear to contest the September 20 election, but there’s still no news about whether it has struck a deal with Hone Harawira’s Mana Party.

To be registered, the party had to sign up at least 500 paid-up members, which it says it achieved within 24 hours using using a smartphone app.

The purple on its logo caused a problem when United Future leader Peter Dunne told the commission it was similar to his party’s logo, but that didn’t stop it getting through.

This personal folly of Kim Dotcom is actually going to contest the election and gather votes so that, maybe, perhaps, they will go into a coalition government so that, perhaps, they can make Kim Dotcon’s extradition a bottom-line no-no.

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The Dotcom wrecking ball commences the destruction of the Mana party

It looks like the political damage of Kim Dotcom is now taking its toll on the Mana party.

Sue Bradford has walked. I never thought I’d say this but good on her.

Sue Bradford and other leading Mana Party figures have walked out of the party’s AGM over its decision to continue negotiations towards an alliance with Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party.

After discussions which went into the night at Mataikotare Marae near Rotorua yesterday, Mana’s branches “unanimously” agreed to move forward with the negotiations.

The party has given its leaders a month to negotiate, before they put any proposed alliance out to the party’s local branches for consultation.

However, Mana President Annette Sykes this morning said : “Our movement, I was concerned that it may be fragile and some of our membership – I don’t know whether some have chosen not to come back today.”

“There’s quite a number. We’re not talking hundreds, but we’re talking people who I think are leaders young and old and they are principled people who I have respect for. They’ve gone back to reflect with their branches.”

Ms Bradford this morning confirmed she was among those who had walked out.? Read more »

MANA will join forces with the Internet Party today

This weekend will be a tough on for Sue Bradford and John Minto. ?Are they going to go with what they know is right, or will they take a huge dent to their credibility (such as it is) by yielding to the MANA party’s objective?

A tie-up with Kim Dotcom’s Internet Party is finding favour among the Mana Party’s younger grassroots members as a means of engaging young voters, Mana’s president Annette Sykes says.

The prospect of a tie-up with the Internet Party and the controversial German millionaire’s appearance has helped fire unprecedented levels of interest in the party’s annual meeting today in Rotorua, leader and sole MP Hone Harawira said yesterday.

Mr Dotcom’s speech to delegates this morning is his chance to convince the approximately 250 Mana members attending that an alliance is in their interests and won’t compromise their core values.

He is up against the perception that as a conspicuously wealthy man who initially cosied up to the political right in the form of John Banks, he is making a cynical grab for the chance of a seat or two in Parliament that a tie-up with Mana and Te Tai Tokerau MP Mr Harawira would offer.

“That’s one of the perspectives held strongly by some of our membership,” said Ms Sykes, who is also the party’s Waiariki candidate.

That would be the intellectually honest and almost sane part of the MANA party then. ? The only reason Kim Dotcom wants your obedience and supplication is so that he has a snowball’s chance of being part of the King Maker Party after all the votes are tallied up. ? Read more »

Ken Mair putting pressure on Mana

Ken Mair is heaping the pressure on the Mana party and in particular Annette Sykes and Sue Bradford.

The Maori Party is calling for the resignation of Mana Party president Annette Sykes and campaigner Sue Bradford.

“I actually respect the work these mana wahine do in their communities but if they have any integrity, then they will leave the Mana Party in protest of their party leader’s silly plan to sell their soul to a man who has never done anything for Maori,” said Maori Party co-vice president Ken Mair.

“I’d be extremely surprised if Annette and Sue allow their party to become Dotcomana because they aren’t the type of people to lay down and let others exploit them.

“It is obvious to me that Hone ain’t listening to them and that he would allow his party to be divided for the sake of dollars.? Read more »

Hooton on the addled thinking of Winston Peters

Matthew Hooton has no love for Winston Peters…once calling him a word that is no longer used on this blog, on television.

He writes in the NBR about what it is that Winston Peters may or may not want.

The left is in despair.

Eminent left-wing scribe Chris Trotter says the election is??all over bar the counting.?? He fears a collapse in both turnout and Labour?s support, humiliating David Cunliffe and resulting in an ?unparalleled National victory? for John Key.

From his comrades? perspective, he is undoubtedly too curmudgeonly.

With the exception of 1999, all MMP elections have gone to the wire.

Even in the weeks before Bill English?s nadir in 2002, there was a mathematical possibility of a National/NZ First/UnitedFuture/Act coalition, limiting Helen Clark to one term.

In 2005, National?s Don Brash, along with the leaders of Act, UnitedFuture and the Maori Party, held talks with Winston Peters about forming a government but Mr Peters chose to give Ms Clark her third term.

More recently, Mr Key scraped home in both 2008 and 2011 by the narrowest of margins.

If Ms Clark hadn?t so slavishly backed Mr Peters through the 2008 Spencer Trust fiasco, she would have won a fourth term.

Similarly, only the go-slow by Mr Cunliffe and his supporters in the last weeks of the 2011 campaign stopped Phil Goff from making Mr Key a one-term prime minister.

If unemployment stays higher than forecast, wage rises are a bit lower, doubts emerge over the fiscal surplus and the official cash rate is closer to 4% than 3% in September, then the gap between National/Act/UnitedFuture and Labour/Green/Mana will narrow.? Mr Peters will again decide who will be prime minister.? Read more »

“Pure Greed”


David Rankin, the?outspoken Ngapuhi leader, has criticised the claimants in the current Waitangi Tribunal water claim for acting out of what he labels ?pure greed.?:

?These claimants need to be honest. What they are after is a slice of the pie. This is not about culture, it is all about profit and personal gains,? says Mr. Rankin. He points to the Sealord fisheries settlement 20 years ago, and says ?after two decades, the vast majority of Maori have not seen a single fish. It is only the elite few manipulating the masses who get to enjoy the money that flows from these settlements?.

In the case of the current claim over rivers, Mr. Rankin points the finger at Maanu Paul and Annette Sykes. ?These two,? he says, ?are silent when one of our children is bashed, silent when one of our children is raped, silent when one of our children is murdered. But put some cash before their eyes, and they jump up and down pretending to be concerned about Maori rights. It?s disgraceful.?

Mr Rankin said that the claimants obviously put cash before culture. ?Traditionally, we all shared the water in rivers. There was never any sense of ownership, only a link of identity. That?s why there is the phrase: Ko wai ahau??

Mr. Rankin also questions the mandates of Maanu Paul and Annette Sykes. ?What rights do they have to speak on our behalf?? he asks. ?What is their whakapapa, and who do they really represent? These are self-appointed leaders ? known among Maori to be ?Claytons Leaders?, that is, the leaders when you don?t want a leader.?

No authority?

Tamati Mason thinks the Crown has no authority to try him for crimes?he is charged for:

The man accused of murdering Bellevue resident Sandra Brown believes the High Court does not have the authority to hear the case, although a trial date is set.

Tamati Mason appeared in the High Court in Rotorua on Thursday for a pre-trial application where he again protested the court?s authority.

At each court appearance, Mason has argued Maori never agreed to give sovereignty to the Crown, rendering New Zealand?s justice system powerless over him.

The 41-year-old is represented by the lawyer Annette Sykes ? an advocate for controversial Tuhoe members such as Tame Iti.

The pair was instructed by the court on Thursday to define their argument before the case goes to trial on August 27.

A further hearing to determine if the trial is to proceed is scheduled for May.

Mason is accused of murdering Sandra Brown, and attempting to murder her daughter, Katie, in their home on February 2 last year.

So he?believes?that he shouldn’t be held accountable for murder. I’ll bet you dollars to knob of goat poo that he’s been living off state?benefits since being born but suddenly doesn’t recognise the Crown?when in court for murder. If you don’t?recognise?the Crown then you can hardly avail yourself of the benefits of the Crown, which more than likely also includes legal aid.

As for his lawyer, Annette Sykes, she doesn’t?recognise the Crown but wanted to be an MP…how does that work?

Labour is the nasty party, Ctd

Mad-Butcher hating Darien Fenton is now training her guns on Annette Sykes and the Mana Party for daring to criticise her and Labour’s List.

Unfortunately for Darien, Annette Sykes did not write the offending item…but that didn’t stop Fenton.

Once again a list MP presents David Shearer with a challenge. Distinctly un-liked in any electorate, on the list by virtue of?affiliate?unions and nasty to boot, Darien Fenton epitomises everything that is wrong with the Labour party.

Even Hone has a campaign launch

Even Hone has a campaign launch:

Hone Harawira launched his Mana Party yesterday declaring he was standing for the rights of all poor New Zealanders.

“We are not just a party for Maori, we can no longer be a party just for Maori.”

The party was launched in Otara at Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Piripono with a campaign video called Tinorangatira Boy by Envisio. Candidates Angeline Greensill, James Papali’i, Misty Harrison, Sue Bradford, John Minto, Annette Sykes and Harawira addressed the full school hall.

Candidates told jokes as well as inciting a passionate and emotional response from the audience.

The most broken arsed lefty party in the land has a campaign launch. But Labour doesn?t. They were probably plotting how to be more nasty instead of running a launch.

Greens and Mana get everything ass-backwards

Yesterday the Greens and Mana were all up in arms over Taser statistics:

Mr Locke yesterday said the latest statistics raised a number of issues about the weapons.

“Certainly they’re being fired disproportionately at Maori. The reasons for that are something we should look into.”

Mr Locke was also concerned that police were too quick to use Tasers on people with mental health issues – 58 during the 11-month period.

Mana Party spokeswoman Annette Sykes said that despite Mr Harawira’s warning “there has been this disproportionate outcome for Maori and Polynesian individuals which is a sad indictment on us”.

Both Ms Sykes and Mr Locke pointed to the fact that Tasers had been drawn and pointed at people 499 times during the past year and fired 88 times. That, they said, suggested police were using them as “instruments of control” rather than as a last resort to be used to protect the lives of police and the public.

I would like the Greens and Mana to tell me why Maori and Pacific Islanders disproportionately commit crimes against other New Zealanders.

The simple fact is that if Maori and Pacific Island peoples do not want to disproportionately feature in Taser statistics then they shouldn;t also feature?disproportionately?in crime statistics full stop.

I?have?never had a taser presented at me because I have never over stepped reasonable behaviour that is expected of law abiding citizens so far that a Police officer has felt there is no other alternative other than to present a taser at me.

The solution to the “problem” lies with the individuals. Stop acting like complete morons and?inconsiderate assholes and the Police will stop pointing tasers at you.

What the Greens and Mana are suggesting is that the Police get called to an incident, get out of their car, see that it involves a Maori or a Pacific Islander and then leap straight to Brown = Taser in their decision making processes. Fanciful, I know, but this is the “thinking” that these drop-kicks are employing.

How about we have a little experiment? The police could demonstrate the Taser on Keith Locke and Annette Sykes, so they can really know how it feels. Then after that they can demonstrate a Glock on them and after?the?experiment ask them which they prefer.