Len Brown brings spying to Auckland and Fairfax shills for HP

Auckland is about to get super snooping capabilities with a multi-million dollar deal with Hewlett Packard that include Automatic Number Plate Recognition, Facial Recognition and video analytics.

Michael Field has taken a break from writing lies about Fiji and has turned his expert journalistic skills to touting for Hewlett Packard in what can really only be described as a native advertisement for them.

He has regurgitated large amounts of their press release in order to write his “story”.

To cap off the news article that is really an advertisement for Hewlett Packard they have even used HP’s own marketing video from Youtube.

Surveillance technology that uses high definition cameras and software that puts names to faces and owners to cars is coming to Auckland.

Surveillance will also include scanning social media and news websites.

Auckland Transport, the regional transport provider, has yet to announce the multi-million dollar deal, but California’s Hewlett-Packard Development Company said today it has the contract.

No dollar sum is given. ? Read more »

Cry Baby of the Day – Another whinger bleating

Cry Baby of the Day: Rose Black

Cry baby: Rose Black

Cry baby: Rose Black

The incident:?The police now have Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems being deployed in vehicles. Some people think that they will cause a disproportionate victimisation of poor people.

A new, hi-tech licence plate recognition system is copping flack from welfare groups who claim it could have a negative impact on the poor.

Police believe the all-new Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system is the key to identifying vehicles that are a potential hazard on the roads, and have been trialling the devices since late last year.

The ANPR – which sits on top of a patrol car – scans and records number plates of passing vehicles, instantly matching them to a police database.

If a vehicle is wanted for any reason – stolen vehicles, disqualified drivers, expired registration and wanted persons – a waiting patrol vehicle gives chase.

ANPR – which is capable of scanning up to 3000 number plates an hour – is an extension of the traditional process in which an officer would have to call a radio dispatcher to access information in the police database.? Read more »