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Photo: Dr Rogozov

Photo: Dr Rogozov

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Turney claims too much ice, caused by warming, is killing penguins

Professor Chris Turney the expedition leader of the Ship of Fools just can’t stop digging.

He is now claiming that too much ice (caused by global warming) is forcing penguins to starve and die.

The article he links to claims this:

In normal years the Adelie penguins that nest at Cape Denison can feed in the open waters of Commonwealth Bay, but now they must walk over 60 km across the ice in order to find food. This giant iceberg has set up a natural experiment that tests the resilience of Adelie penguins to major iceberg calving and stranding events that we expect to become more common with climate change.

Hang on a minute…weren’t we told a few years back that lack of sea ice was killing penguins?? Read more »

BBC covered up secret ‘green propaganda’ training


One of those pesky bloggers has busted the chops of the BBC that is now mired in a scandal of its own making, attempting to coverup ‘green propaganda’ training for its top executives that would shape programming for years.

On top of that it was government funded at a cost of tens of thousands of pounds.

The BBC has spent tens of thousands of pounds over six years trying to keep secret an extraordinary ?eco? conference which has shaped its coverage of global warming,? The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

The controversial seminar was run by a body set up by the BBC?s own environment analyst Roger Harrabin and funded via a ?67,000 grant from the then Labour government, which hoped to see its ?line? on climate change and other Third World issues promoted in BBC reporting.

At the event, in 2006, green activists and scientists ? one of whom believes climate change is a bigger danger than global nuclear war? ? lectured 28 of the Corporation?s most senior executives.

Then director of television Jana Bennett opened the seminar by telling the executives to ask themselves: ?How do you plan and run a city that is going to be submerged?? And she asked them to consider if climate change laboratories might offer material for a thriller.

A lobby group with close links to green campaigners, the International Broadcasting Trust (IBT), helped to arrange government funding for both the climate seminar? and other BBC seminars run by? Mr Harrabin ? one of which was attended by then Labour Cabinet Minister Hilary Benn.

Applying for money from Mr Benn?s Department for International Development (DFID), the IBT promised Ministers the seminars would influence programme content for years to come.

The BBC began its long legal battle to keep details of the conference secret after an amateur climate blogger spotted a passing reference to it in an official report.? Read more »

Has Chris Turney lied about his support by institutions?

Chris Turney and his now infamous Ship of Fools are looking more and more foolish as evidence mounts as to the real purpose and backing of their little trip of fancy to the ‘ice-free’ waters of the Antarctic.

When this debacle unfolded people started rummaging through their website. One page, that of their supporters, raised alarm bells.

It appears that taxpayers funds may have been used to promote this little warmist holiday camp on ice.

The Taxpayers Union followed up by contacting the New Zealand organisations listed and found some pleasant news…for taxpayers…and not so pleasant news for Chris Turney.

Following the?well publicised?case of global warming scientists being stuck in record pack ice in Antarctica (ironically the?expedition?was intended to study the dwindling sea ice) and the efforts to rescue them, the?Taxpayers’ Union?began enquiries late last year?to find out precisely how much taxpayers’ money the NZ?Government?”supporters” listed on the?exhibition’s?website?had contributed.

It appears that thankfully New Zealand taxpayers’ haven’t forked out the huge amounts feared. In fact, it appears that the?Australasian Antarctic Expedition (AAE) is claiming at least one ‘supporter’ it doesn’t?have…

The?expedition’s?website?lists expedition supporters the Department of Conservation,?Landcare Research, and?the University of Waikato.

Despite asking the?AAE leader (via email?and his very active?twitter account), and the media contacts at the?University?of New South Wales, no one would tell us how much kiwi taxpayers had contributed via the three agencies.

On 1 January we lodged Official Information?Act requests with DoC, Landcare and the University of Waikato.

To DoC’s credit it responded by 8 January, stating that DoC were not participants in the expedition and therefore the information (i.e. what financial and non-financial support was given) does not exist. ? Read more »

Mark Steyn on the Ship of Fools

Mark Steyn comments on the hapless Ship of Fools in his latest column.

Yes, yes, just to get the obligatory ?of courses? out of the way up front: of course ?weather? is not the same as ?climate?; and of course the thickest iciest ice on record could well be evidence of ?global warming?, just as 40-and-sunny and a 35-below blizzard and 12 degrees and partly cloudy with occasional showers are all apparently manifestations of ?climate change?; and of course the global warm-mongers are entirely sincere in their belief that the massive carbon footprint of their rescue operation can be offset by the planting of wall-to-wall trees the length and breadth of Australia, Britain, America and continental Europe.

But still: you?d have to have a heart as cold and unmovable as Commonwealth Bay ice not to be howling with laughter at the exquisite symbolic perfection of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition ?stuck in our own experiment?, as they put it. I confess I was hoping it might all drag on a bit longer and the cultists of the ecopalypse would find themselves drawing straws as to which of their number would be first on the roasting spit. On Douglas Mawson?s original voyage, he and his surviving comrade wound up having to eat their dogs. I?m not sure there were any on this expedition, so they?d probably have to make do with the?Guardian?reporters. Forced to wait a year to be rescued, Sir Douglas later recalled, ?Several of my toes commenced to blacken and fester near the tips.? Now there?s a man who?s serious about reducing his footprint.

But alas, eating one?s shipmates and watching one?s extremities drop off one by one is not a part of today?s high-end eco-doom tourism. Instead, the ice-locked warmists uploaded chipper selfies to YouTube, as well as a self-composed New Year singalong of such hearty un-self-awareness that it enraged even such party-line climate alarmists as Andrew Revkin, the plonkingly earnest enviro-blogger of the?New York Times. A mere six weeks ago, pumping out the usual boosterism, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported that, had Captain Scott picked his team as carefully as Professor Chris Turney, he would have survived. Sadly, we?ll never know ? although I?ll bet Captain Oates would have been doing his ?I am going out. I may be some time? line about eight bars into that New Year number. ? Read more »

Ice veteran slams Ship of Fools

The Ship of Fools expedition is getting slammed worldwide…except here in new Zealand where we mustn’t mention that they were climate scientists investigating the effects of global warming.

Meanwhile anger from around the world is growing.

An experienced polar explorer has accused climate scientists who hired a ship now trapped in Antarctic ice of endangering passengers and crew ? by carrying out the expedition ?on the cheap?.

Dozens of scientists, journalists and tourists were evacuated by helicopter from the stricken Russian vessel Akademik Shokalskiy on Thursday after it became stuck on Christmas Eve.

The ship was being used by the expedition to follow the route taken by Australian explorer Douglas Mawson in 1912. ? Read more »

Planting trees won’t cut it, how about some hard cash from the Ship of Fools

The carbon footprint for the ill-fated Ship of Fools Antarctic expedition of warmist scientists that were trapped in thick sea ice in high summer just keeps on growing.

Now a US ice-breaker is being sent to rescue the Russian ship and the Chinese ice-breaker that has also become trapped. The Herald on Sunday reports.

A United States Coast Guard vessel will attempt to bash through the Antarctic ice trapping Russian research vessel Akademik Shokalskiy and the ship which had tried to rescue it, the Xue Long.

Akademik Shokalskiy became stuck in thick pack ice in Commonwealth Bay, some 3000km southwest of Bluff, on Christmas, Eve.

The 52 passengers, including six New Zealanders, spent eight days trapped before a helicopter from the Chinese ship the Xue Long transferred them to Australian vessel Aurora Australis, which is now making its way to Australian Antarctica base Casey Station.

But the Xue Long’s attempt to manoeuvre through the ice were unsuccessful and it is now also beset by ice.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) said today that the US Coast Guard would make its icebreaker Polar Star available to assist the two stricken vessels.

The Polar Star had been en route to Antarctica since December 3 to clear a shipping channel in McMurdo Sound to the National Science Foundation’s scientific research station.

The Polar Star would go on to do this after the rescue attempt, the AMSA said. ?? Read more »

Serious questions need to be asked of the Ship of Fools

Andrew Bolt and Anthony Watts ask some serious questions about the expedition by the Ship of Fools.

Now that they are?on their way to Casey Station in Antarctica, Andrew Bolt?starts off with these questions. I have a few of my own.

  1. Who paid for this expedition?
  2. How did the expedition team come to include?Turney?s wife and two young children?
  3. How serious was this scientific endeavor?
  4. Was the choice of ship wise, given it is not an icebreaker?
  5. How did the ship, in these days of satellite imaging, high quality weather forecasts and radar, come to get stuck in ice?
  6. How much did the rescue cost?
  7. Who pays for this rescue?
  8. Why have the ABC and?Fairfax?media,?so keen at first to announce this expedition was to measure the extent and effects of global warming, since?omitted that fact from their reports after the expedition became ice-bound?
  9. Why have all those reports ? and the expedition leader himself ??neglected to mention that sea ice around Antarctica has increased over the past three decades ? and is greater than the ice cover Douglas Mawson found a century ago?? ? Read more »

Alarmists alarming

Day one of the New Year and the alarmists are alarming again…this time we are all going to die in 200 years from an 8 degree rise in temperature.

If I was a university that enjoys taxpayer largesse I think I might have noticed a change in government and funding for eco-loons and their ridiculous forecasts of which NONE have come to pass might start to dry up.

Predicting 8 degree temperature rise in two hundred years time might have someone in Tony Abbot’s government take a closer look at how much funding this sort of nonsense receives.

Global temperatures could soar by at least 4?C by 2100 if carbon dioxide emissions aren?t slashed, new research warns.

Climate scientists claim that temperatures could rise by at least 4?C?by 2100 and potentially more than 8?C?by 2200, which could have disastrous results for the planet.

The research, published in the journal Nature, found that the global climate is more affected by carbon dioxide than previously thought. ? Read more »

Has Chris Turney become the Black Knight of the Climate Change industry?

This story just gets funnier and funnier.

Andrew Bolt dubbed climate scientist Chris Turney “The Black Knight” after this epic ‘explaining is losing’ explanation of why climate change and global warming is responsible for his chartered ship of fools being stuck in thick ice.

The leader of a scientific expedition whose ship remains stranded in Antarctic ice says the team, which set out to prove climate change, is “stuck in our own experiment.”? Read more »