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The dishonesty of our manipulated temperature records

James Delingpole explains the inherent dishonesty of climate change proponents and their manipulated temperature records.

How can we believe in ?global warming? when the temperature records providing the ?evidence? for that warming cannot be trusted?

It?s a big question ? and one which many people, even on the sceptical side of the argument, are reluctant to ask.


[B]efore I go into technical detail about why the temperature records are suspect, let me provide an analogy which ought to make it perfectly clear to any neutral parties reading this why the problem I?m about to describe ought not to be consigned to the realms of crackpottery.

Suppose say, that for the last 100 years my family have been maintaining a weather station at the bottom of our garden, diligently recording the temperatures day by day, and that what these records show is this: that in the 1930s it was jolly hot ? even hotter than in the 1980s; that since the 1940s it has been cooling.

What conclusions would you draw from this hard evidence?

Well the obvious one, I imagine, is that the dramatic Twentieth Century warming that people like Al Gore have been banging on about is a crock. At least according to this particular weather station it is.

Now how would you feel if you went and took these temperature records along to one of the world?s leading global warming experts ? say Gavin Schmidt at NASA or Phil Jones at CRU or Michael Mann at Penn State ? and they studied your records for a moment and said: ?This isn?t right.? What if they then crossed out all your temperature measurements, did a few calculations on the back of an envelope, and scribbled in their amendments? And you studied those adjustments and you realised, to your astonishment, that the new, pretend temperature measurements told an entirely different story from the original, real temperature measurements: that where before your records showed a cooling since the 1940s they now showed a warming trend.

You?d be gobsmacked, would you not?

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The great big list of failed climate predictions

Anthony Watts has a list of 107 failed climate predictions.

There are 107 of them…here are some of my favourites.

3. ?More heat waves, no snow in the winter? Climate models? over 20 times more precise than the UN IPCC global models. In no other country do we have more precise calculations of climate consequences. They should form the basis for political planning? Temperatures in the wintertime will rise the most? there will be less cold air coming to Central Europe from the east?In the Alps winters will be 2?C warmer already between 2021 and 2050.?

Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Hamburg, September 2, 2008.


5. ?Clear climate trends are seen from the computer simulations. Foremost the winter months will be warmer all over Germany. Depending of CO2 emissions, temperatures will rise by up to 4?C, in the Alps by up to 5?C.?
Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Hamburg, 7 Dec 2009.


6. ?In summer under certain conditions the scientists reckon with a complete melting of the Arctic sea ice. For Europe we expect an increase in drier and warmer summers. Winters on the other hand will be warmer and wetter.?
Erich Roeckner, Max Planck Institute, Hamburg, 29 Sept 2005.

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Using defamation to stifle free speech

Michael Tracinski has a great article about the current Mann vs Steyn defamation action being used by Michael Man in an attempt to shut down criticism.

I was reminded of this in coming across a little sidelight to Mann vs. Steyn, the defamation lawsuit filed by scientist-turned-activist Michael Mann in an attempt to suppress the speech of global warming skeptics, starting with conservative writer Mark Steyn.

As I have explained?elsewhere?Mann is attempting to legally punish any attempt to “question his intellect and reasoning”?that’s from the DC Superior Court, which preposterously backed his argument?on the grounds that Mann’s scientific claims have been investigated by multiple government panels, which have exonerated him.

This claim, by the way, is already falling apart. As Steven McIntyre?explains, one of the examples Mann cites is a British panel that did not actually investigate Mann?its focus was on the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit, the epicenter of “Climategate”?and in its announcement of its results criticized Mann’s methods as “inappropriate” and his results as “exaggerated.” At the time, Mann felt so exonerated that he sent harassing e-mails to the scientist who made that remark, demanding a retraction and an apology. Mann then went on to tell the BBC that such a retraction was forthcoming. It wasn’t. All of which tells you a great deal about Professor Mann’s credibility.

But that’s not the main issue. The main issue in the suit is Mann’s appeal to authority in the first place. He cites the various government investigations as reasons why, as the DC Superior Court put it, “to question [Mann’s] intellect and reasoning is tantamount to a [libelous] accusation of fraud.” Mann’s goal is to make it a legally punishable offense to question a scientist’s honesty or even his thinking method.? Read more »

Destroying global warming propaganda with a ruler

John Key has a Chief Science advisor…so does Barack Obama (Professors and Doctors, supposedly clever and sensible) …periodically these chumps come out with some prognostication on global warming to tell us we are catastrophically warming and we MUST do something…if they aren’t doing that then they are hosing down some inconvenient facts.

Barack Obama’s cheif warmist did that last week in this video:

Very early on they use a chart…that is…well..wonky as hell. it is an official White House video and the deceit is astonishing.? Read more »

Another government agency backs away from the Ship of Fools

Yesterday we blogged about the Department of Conservation backing away from their “supporter” status as revealed by the Taxpayers Union.

Commenters pointed out however that on the AAE Spirit of Mawson website the claims of official sanction by the Department of Conservation at odds with their now public position:


It seems either Chris Turney and his project are lying or the Department of Conservation is lying. Either way it isn’t a good look.

But things aren’t getting any better either. Anthony Watts has revealed that another government agency is distancing themselves from Turney’s Ship of Fools expedition.

Australian Antarctic Division head Tony Fleming says they?ll make efforts to recover the cost of #spiritofmawson?rescue

From radio 666 ABC in Canberra, Australia, full audio follows.

Tony Fleming, director of the Australian Antarctic Division tells Louise Maher the AAD wasn?t linked to the Australasian Antarctic Expedition despite an implication by the expedition head that he had an ?official stamp of approval?.

The expedition was brought to a halt when its ship became trapped in ice, stranding the 52 tourists and scientists on board.

A Chinese ice-breaker which went to its rescue of the Russian ship also became stuck in the ice. The ship?s passengers were airlifted to an Australian ice breaker Aurora Australis ? which is due to reach Hobart in about a fortnight.

Tony Fleming says the AAD will make efforts to recover the cost of the rescue which set back their own missions.

Listen to the audio:

It would certainly appear that Chris Turney is being extremely economical with the truth. If he has misled people in this manner what else has he misled people over?

As Jordan Williams from the Taxpayers union says:

So what’s going on? Are the Australian scientists or DoC fibbing? Or it is a case of the right hand of DoC not being aware of the left is up to? Is it just a coincidence that the Australian?equivalent?of the Ministry for the?Environment was mistakenly included as a ‘supporter’ with our own DoC?

Wait and see? Or demand more answers…maybe there is taxpayer cash propping up the Ship of Fools after all.

From my perspective it looks like Turney may well be fibbing.

Expedition stuck in ice is led by global warming expert

Chris Turney experiencing global warming in summer

Chris Turney experiencing global warming in summer

This is too funny. The ship that is currently stuck in sea ice is on an expedition led by Chris Turney, a global warming expert.

Three icebreakers are en route to Antarctica to help free a vessel carrying 74 people, including four Kiwis, which is stranded in thick sheets of ice.

The MV Akademik Shokalskiy has been unable to move since Christmas Eve after it was surrounded by thick ice, near Commonwealth Bay.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority was alerted to a distress signal sent via satellite from the vessel on Wednesday.

Australian scientist Chris Turney, speaking from the ship via satellite phone in blizzard conditions, said a Chinese icebreaking vessel was expected to arrive within the next 24 hours. …

It was a “relief” to know help was on the way, Turney said.

He had hoped a change in weather might help free the vessel but several low pressure systems had continued.

“We’re right in the middle of a storm at the moment but the forecast is a lot better for [today].”

We’re surrounded by sea ice, we just can’t get through,” Turney said in a video posted on YouTube.

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How to entertain the kids for just a dollar each

Anthony Watts explains on his blog:

My lovely wife is out doing last minute Christmas shopping and I?m home with the kids. While it would certainly be easy to just let them play video games all day, I like to challenge them to look beyond their surroundings and think. To do that, requires a fun puzzle, and I?ve been doing this one for a couple of years and they love it. In fact they love it so much that they requested I do it again this morning.

I?ve dubbed it ?Moneyhunt?, which is a variation on a treasure hunt, and it is simple and easy for me, but for them, not so much? and that?s the attraction that gets them off the computer games and using skills of observation. I thought it worth sharing, so here?s how I do it.

What I do is take a selection of loose change, typically $1 exactly for each child, and hide it around the house in places that they?d never think to look. I also make good use of camouflage as shown in the picture below:? Read more »


Uh oh…law of unintended consequences hits Climate Science

Anthony Watts reports:

Pollution controls have contributed to a more transparent atmosphere, thus allowing for??a staggering increase in surface solar radiation of the order of ?20% over the last decade.?

A new paper (O?Dowd et al.) from the National University of Ireland presented this summer at the?19th International Conference on Nucleation and Atmospheric Aerosols?suggests that clean air laws put in place in the 1970?s and 80?s have resulted in an increase in sunlight impacting the surface of the Earth, and thus have increased surface temperatures as a result.? In one fell swoop, this can explain why surface temperature dipped in the 1970?s, prompting fears of an ice age, followed by concerns of global warming as the air got cleaner after pollution laws and controls were put in place.? Read more »

Delingpole on countering well funded Climate Change loons

James Delingpole talks about the countering the well funded climate change loons.

I’m urging you to support?this hugely worthwhile new film project being organised by Lord Monckton.?The aim of the 50 to 1 project is to raise enough money to collate a series of interviews with the likes of Jo Nova, Anthony Watts, David Evans, Fred Singer and Vaclav Klaus, which will then be edited into a short, punchy film. It will demonstrate that no matter where you stand on the “science” of climate change the measures currently being used to deal with the “problem”? are hugely expensive and counterproductive.? Read more »

Leaked IPCC report says Maori affected more than others by Climate Change

clip_image001via Warwick Hughes and Watts Up With That

Over the Christmas holiday period thousands of pages of IPCC draft docuemnts were leaked to?Donna Laframboise?on memory sticks.

A week before Christmas, three data sticks containing 661 files and amounting to nearly one gigabyte of material came into my possession. They were created by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a UN body currently at work on a high-profile report.

Due to be released in stages?starting in September, this report will be promoted by government press conferences the world over. Officials will point to its findings and continue to spend billions on climate change measures.

The IPCC has confirmed the authenticity of sample documents on these sticks. Today, I?m making this massive collection of data, (with reviewer comments), which I call the Secret Santa leak, public. Some of these documents are already online. Many others would only have been released by the IPCC years from now. Still others the IPCC intended to keep hidden forever.

Amongst the leak documents it has been revealed that a 94 page fantasy ?on Australasia. There is a specific section for the ??impacts of climate change on Maori??.

Strangely the IPCC authors think there are ??inequalities in political representation?? in the last para ? and here was me thinking that teh Maori party have two ministers and help form the government.

You can?download all the documents at Anthony Watts?? But Chapter 25: Australasia ? is either?here?or?here

I have uploaded Chapter 25 to Scribd for you convenience. Chapter, the part with regard tot he impact on maori society is below:

The projected impacts of climate change on Maori society are expected to be highly differentiated reflecting complex economic, social, cultural, environmental and political factors (high confidence). Since 2007, studies have?been either sector specific in their analyses (e.g. Harmsworth et al., 2010; Insley, 2007; Insley and Meade, 2008; King et al., 2012) or more general in scope inferring risk and vulnerability based on exploratory engagements with varied stakeholders and existing social-economic-political and ecological conditions (e.g. King et al., 2010; MfE, 2007b; Te Aho, 2007).? Read more »