Anthony Weiner

Len Brown sex scandal goes global, CNN reporting

The Len Brown scandal has now gone global with CNN reporting the scandal.

?Months after sexting revelations dashed Anthony Weiner’s hopes of election in New York, a mayor on the other side of the world is battling for political survival following a lurid sex scandal that has electrified the usually sleepy world of local politics.

The crisis engulfing Len Brown, the recently re-elected mayor of Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, involves sex in the mayoral chambers, a former mistress who says she also shared a bed with an adviser to his rival, intrigue as to whether the mayor was victim of a political smear campaign, and a hunt for the sender of a mystery text message that triggered the revelations. ? Read more »

First Paul Findlay, now Len Brown. Are we catching up with Weiner?

“Ex”-QTopia board member Paul “Weiner” Findlay won’t face criminal investigation

Nicole Mathewson reports

A criminal investigation will not be launched after explicit photographs and messages involving a former Christchurch community board candidate were leaked online.

Hagley-Ferrymead Community Board candidate Paul Findlay withdrew from the election on Friday after explicit messages and photographs shared with a person believed to be aged 15 were leaked on an online blog.

The 27-year-old candidate for The People’s Choice party also quit his role on the board of Qtopia, a peer support group for gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex youth.

A peer support group run as an Incorporated Society that receives public funding.

Detective Senior Sergeant Neville Jenkins said an assessment of the material found ”insufficient detail” for police to take the matter any further.

”It does, however, highlight the foolishness and risk associated with sending private material which is of an indecent nature through social networks. There is always the prospect of it ending up with someone it wasn’t intended for,” Jenkins said. ? Read more »

“Grooming” trougher Paul Findlay chucks in the towel


The People’s Choice – Labour have severed the diseased limb and cauterized the wound.

They hope.

Media statement

RE Findlay withdrawal from race

A candidate for the Hagley-Ferrymead Community Board in Christchurch has withdrawn from the race following a leak from a personal conversation on a social media application.

Findlay said, ?In the heat of the moment I made a comment that I regret. This city has bigger issues in this election than this incident. For the sake of my team and the sake of the real issues that Christchurch is facing, I am withdrawing my candidacy.?

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New Zealand has its own Weiner: Dodgy LBP Paul Findlay

As Local Body politicians go, we’ve seen our share of dodgy ones. ?Dodgy with property, dodgy with money. ?But until now, dodgy with sex hasn’t been exposed in public.

It was only time, really, before we had our own Anthony Weiner “SXTing” incident.

Let me introduce Paul Findlay who is standing for the?Hagley-Ferrymead Community Board in Christchurch under the?The People’s Choice – Labour ticket.

Paul Findlay

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Now this is how you interview a politician

Dodgy democratic ratbag busted for sexual harrassment, and it isnt Bill Clinton

Politics is an aphrodisiac, it gets off the politicians, it also gets off the groupies.

Ultimately though the power play creates an uneven “play ground” for participants. Eventually though the truth will out…and the cover-ups and pressure plays always gets them in the end.

While we can all laugh at Anthony Weiner there are others out there like this dodgy democrat.


In 2011, at least three women warned the head of the?San Diego County Democratic Party?of stories in the community about then-Rep. Bob Filner making inappropriate advances toward professional women with whom he’d come in contact through his political position.

Former California State Assemblywoman?Lori Salda?a, San Diego County Democratic Central Committee member?Martha Sullivan, and Escondido City Council member?Olga Diaz?all brought uncomfortable incidents to the attention of?Jess Durfee, who was until the end of 2012 Democratic Party chairman for San Diego, the eighth-largest city in America.? Read more »

Support for Weiner goes limp

There are none so deluded as politicians caught with their pants down, believing that they have done nothing wrong.

Anthony Weiner is a political corpse, now he is just stinking up the joint as his carcass rots.

New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner’s free fall in the public discourse now appears to be fully reflected by his sinking polling numbers.

After leading the crowded Democratic primary field in a Quinnipiac survey earlier this month, Weiner dropped all the way to fourth place among likely voters in a?Quinnipiac poll?released Monday.

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn leads in the new poll at 27 percent, public advocate Bill de Blasio is in second with 21 percent of the vote, and former Comptroller Bill Thompson rounds out the top three at 20 percent.? Read more »

Dodgy ratbag vows to continue

What is it with ratbag politicians caught doing inappropriate stuff that they just continue on blaming others for their actions.

Anthony Weiner’s train wreck continues rumbling forward.

Anthony Weiner’s campaign manager, Danny Kedem, resigned over the weekend amid a growing chorus of Democrats calling for the former congressman to drop out of the New York City mayoral race, but Weiner has vowed to remain in the contest.

“We have an amazing staff, but this isn’t about the people working on the campaign,? Weiner said Sunday in confirming news of Kedem?s departure, according to the?Associated Press. ?It’s about the people we’re campaigning for.?

After more lewd exchanges with a woman who is not his wife emerged last week, Weiner admitted to engaging in inappropriate online activity even after resigning from Congress in 2011 over similar transgressions. ? Read more »

We have to stop laughing first

It is acknowledged that Anthony Weiner’s mayoral campaign is all but over. All for a few smutty and indiscreet texts. Some politicians will just never learn.

The mocking just won’t stop.

At a hastily called news conference, former Rep. Anthony Weiner conceded that he kept on sending smutty messages and pictures of his penis to women whose acquaintance he had not previously made even after he had been exposed, after he had apologized publicly for it, after he had promised to stop, and after he had resigned from Congress as a consequence. ?? Read more »