The perils of anti-depressants: Increased suicide risk


It is no secret that I have suffered, and still do suffer, from major depressive illnesses. Many people do and they either hide it, talk about it or plaster over the cracks.

You usually don’t realise someone you love is suffering from depression until they tip over somehow.

The problem is the medical fraternity almost always prescribe medications in various forms. I know, I’ve been on most of them, sometimes in a chemical cocktail. The very worst time of my life was when I was on anti-depressants.

Now there is another worry…it appears they increase the risk of suicide.

Antidepressants can raise the risk of suicide, the biggest ever review of its kind has found, as pharmaceutical companies were accused of failing to report side effects and even deaths linked to the drugs.

The review of 70 trials of the most common antidepressants, involving more than 18,000 people, found they doubled the risk of suicide and aggressive behaviour in under-18s.

Although a similarly stark link was not seen in adults, the authors said misreporting of trial data could have led to a “serious underestimation of the harms”. ? Read more »