Antonie Dixon

Simple low-cost changes can lower prison suicides, but will they be implemented?

THE CORONER may have found a way to drastically reduce the country’s high prison suicide rate – but whether Corrections moves on his recommendations remains to be seen.

More prisoners are killing themselves than ever before with the suicide rate in New Zealand prisons now around 11 times higher than in the general population.

In the past five years alone there have been 31 suicides and at least a further 100 failed attempts at prisons around the country.

The suicides were spread among 14 prisons with seven – or 20 percent –carried out at Christchurch Men’s Prison, five at Rimutaka Prison, and three each at Auckland Prison, Northland Region Corrections Facility, Waikeria Prison and Whanganui Prison.

Bradley Steven Twidle is one of those 31 inmates who committed suicide while in the official custody and care of Corrections. He took his own life in December 2013 after asking to be segregated from a man who had been convicted of sexually assaulting him.

A police investigation into Twidle’s death found that he’d worked in the prison laundry, where he was considered a good worker, on the morning of December 6, 2013.

However, when a prison worker came to his cell to get him to work he’d appeared “slightly distracted” and was twice asked to get moving. Read more »

Labour cares more about criminals than they do about gay rights

Labour have been seeking a distraction from their race-baiting housing based on cooked up data.

They have finally found one in the death of a prisoner, allegedly by throwing him off a balcony in a prison.

There are fresh revelations tonight about chaos inside privately run Mt Eden Prison, with inmates making their own tobacco and alcohol and taking control of a unit for a day.

The minister in charge of New Zealand’s jails, Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga, has been caught out over when he was first told of claims a prisoner died after being thrown off a balcony.

The Corrections Minister is now fighting to save his job, with a recent inmate today revealing more about life inside the Serco-managed jail to Labour MP Kelvin Davis.

“It’s rampant. It’s out of control,” says Mr Davis.

‘Prisoner X’ describes both party time and fight time, saying alcohol is made from breakfast sugar, Raro and the yeast from porridge run-off or Marmite sandwiches. For cigarettes, the tobacco is prescription nicotine patches and tea leaves. Papers are provided from wax peeled off sugar bags, and a lighter is made by shorting a three-pin plug into a small spoon of shampoo.   Read more »

The folly of the crim hugging left

You’ve got to hand it to the left for their monumental stupidity.

Last night on TV One the Howard League (hijacked by Mike Williams and other Labour flunkies) claimed a coroner’s report will show prison guards could have stopped infamous scumbag Antonie Dixon’s suicide.

Corrections, sensibly, said their staff got it right by ensuring none of their guards were put at risk.


[T]he Department of Corrections has defended its staff, saying Dixon was a difficult prisoner and staff took correct action when responding to the suicide.

“During his time in custody there were numerous incidents including violence against staff and other prisoners; damage to prison property; possession of contraband including weapons he manufactured; positive tests for drug use and several concerted attempts at inflicting serious self harm,” Jeanette Burns from the department said.

“On the night Mr Dixon died, staff had to balance the safety of themselves with that of a serial, violent offender. Staff safety is paramount, and officers made the right decision at the time when unlocking his cell.”  Read more »

What’s in a name? Let’s ask “a decent journalist, trained and skilled”

Last week Herald on Sunday editor Bryce Johns engaged with me in a snippy and testy email exchange…where he tried to suggest I wasn’t “a decent journalist, trained and skilled”. Of course I have never claimed any such thing…but clearly he is upset and has set about proving just how decent their journalists, trained and skilled are. At least I know the difference between inimical and inimitable, even if I’m not a decent journalist, trained and skilled.

The argument was over the name of Antonie Dixon, and flourished as his “proof” a freshly minted birth certificate, obtained 3 days after their story ran.

Last night the NZ Herald ran a story about Barry Hart failing in his appeal for being struck off.

And look what should crop up in Edward Gay’s article:


Anyone would think editors would have their stories were correct and written by  “a decent journalist, trained and skilled”.

Which brings me to another matter…of all the pictures of Barry Hart they no doubt have in their archives why did they pick one of Paul Holmes to throw up on their home page for the Barry Hart story. Are they making some point about the dodgy criminal defense lawyer or Holmes with that picture?

Kathryn Powley, spinning like a top, still wrong

Yesterday I blogged about the appalling bad story about convicted killer Antonie Ronnie Dixon and how Kathryn Powley has bombed the story by misspelling his name.

One of my loyal army members emailed Ms Powley, who professes to being a ‘senior reporter’ and received this reply:

From: Kathryn Powley

Sent: Sunday, 27 January 2013 10:32 p.m.

Subject: RE: Antoine Dixon attack: 10 years on

Thanks for your email.  Before spelling it that way I spoke with Tony’s brother, sister and Simmone, all of whom told me his name is really spelt Antoine Roni Dixon – it has been misspelt by the media all these years.

Kathryn Powley  |  Senior Reporter
Herald on Sunday

Phone: +64 (0) 9 373xxxx
Mobile: +64 (0) 21 xxx xxx
Fax: +64 (0) 9 3739372
Mail: PO Box 32, Auckland, New Zealand

There is a slight problem for Ms Powley…the court documents, which presumably she has never read, but the rest of the journalists in the country have state very clearly that his full name is Antonie Ronnie Dixon.


Read more »

Still taking the piss, Herald Bomb of immense proportions

The old saying about not being able to polish a turd is certainly true today with this fine effort from the Herald. It’s an article about one of the women that Antonie Ronnie Dixon attacked.

But what does the Horrid call him? Antoine Roni Dixon. It’s not just a typo – they got his first AND second name wrong several times throughout the article!

This man – infamous and notorious – was the subject of a massive media storm when he first came to prominence and you would think every journalist would know his name. Not this idiot who writes for the Horrid. Hell, she could have double checked any one of the many articles the Horrid has produced over the years.

And what of the sub-editor? Asleep?



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Too Much Effort Already

Why waste time even investigating this?

Samurai-sword killer Antonie Dixon had been throwing his body at cell walls and trying to choke himself in the days before his death, however, the guards in charge of him had no idea, an inquest has heard.

Earlier the inquest heard that Dixon died after strangling himself with a piece of cloth torn from an “anti-suicide” blanket in an at-risk prison cell, and had traces of methamphetamine in his blood at the time.

Who cares?





This will be short

The inquest into the death of Antonie Dixon is due to begin today. Hopefully the coroner will have a quick rad of the file and declare that there is nothing to see here, next case please.

Not many people care too much how he died, just that he did, saving taxpayers millions in the process.

An inquest into the death of killer Antonie Dixon will begin in Auckland today, more than three years after he was found dead in his prison cell.

Dixon died in Paremoremo Prison in February 2009, the day before he was due to be sentenced.

At the time it was reported he died of self-inflicted injuries.

The 40-year-old went on a P-fuelled crime spree in 2003, severing and partly severing the arms and hands of two women at Pipiroa near Thames.

After the samurai sword attack Dixon fled to Auckland where he shot dead James Te Aute, shot at police and took a hostage, before giving himself up.

Dixon was found guilty of murdering Te Aute with a home-made gun and intending to cause grievous bodily harm to Simone Butler and Renee Gunbie.

Dixon’s defence in his trial was that he was insane when he attacked the women before driving to Auckland and killing Te Aute.

At the time of Dixon’s death, his lawyer Barry Hart spoke of his growing concern for his client’s mental health.

Barry Hart Guilty

NZ Herald

Barry Hart has a fair bit of niggle coming his way, being found guilty of misconduct is but the start of that niggle:

High-profile defence lawyer Barry Hart has been found guilty of professional misconduct when he overcharged his clients.

The Lawyers and Conveyances Disciplinary Tribunal found Mr Hart’s fee of $35,000 constituted “gross overcharging”.

Mr Hart, 70, is well known in legal circles and has represented high profile criminals such as samurai sword killer Antonie Dixon.

In its decision released today, the tribunal said that while Mr Hart was entitled to charge a high rate for his experience, the figures were more than twice the amount he should have charged.

The five-member tribunal – chaired by Judge Dale Clarkson – found Hart had also failed to tell his clients about his fees.

A two-day hearing into the charge took place at Auckland District Court last month.

Mr Hart did not attend after sending a medical certificate which said he had chest pains, breathing difficulties and fatigue.

Yeah I bet he chest pains, breathing difficulties and fatigue….from hiding all his loot.