Massive Underground City Uncovered!!!

Guest post

Professor Luis Forchi has uncovered a massive subterranean city in Brazil.

The Megapolis is an architectural marvel with highways and side roads connecting each chamber. Tunnels span most of the city and ensure good ventilation and provide the shortest transport routes ?everything looks like it was built by an architect, a single mind?. The entire structure covers 50 square meters, and goes 8 meters into the earth. ?It is the equivalent of building the Great Wall of China, a wonder of the world.

Ants. A liquid or a solid? Yeah, gotcha there, didn’t I?


Mental Health Break

Five years ago, I installed an ant colony inside my old scanner that allowed me to scan in high definition this ever evolving microcosm (animal, vegetable and mineral). The resulting clip is a close-up examination of how these tiny beings live in this unique ant farm. I observed how decay and corrosion slowly but surely invaded the internal organs of the scanner. Nature gradually takes hold of this completely synthetic environment.
The ants are still alive : the process will continue?