ANZAC Day – The Last Post


ANZAC Day – Some gave all


ANZAC Day – Cartoon

Credit:  SonovaMin

Credit: SonovaMin


ANZAC Day – For Skippy

I made this video some time ago for Skippy, my father-in-law.

Some of the photos in?the?video were taken by him at Nui Dat.

He was an Aussie serving with the NZ Army…he trained at Puckapunyal, Canungra and Singleton…many of the places mentioned in this song he has been to.


ANZAC Day – For our Aussie mates


ANZAC Day – The Battle of Long Tan

My father-in-law Skippy fought in the Battle of Long Tan.

This is the documentary made by Martin Walsh of that battle.


ANZAC Day – Gallipoli

Last year?Dad and I were at?the dawn ceremony at ANZAC Cove and then the service at Chunuk Bair.

I carried?the medals of my great-grandfather Harry Crozier with me. It was?100 years since ANZAC troops set foot on the Gallipoli peninsula in that ill-fated campaign.

Going to Gallipoli had?been on my bucket list forever…and last year, with Dad, I finally?ticked that off, and on the centenary as well.

It was and remains?a very special trip and memory. ?? Read more »


ANZAC Day – For our American friends


ANZAC Day – Lest we forget



Original Post: 25 April 2006

This is my ANZAC Day trib?ute post?ing. ANZAC Day means a great deal for me and my fam?ily. I sup?pose it is because we have a con?nec?tion to the orig?i?nal ANZACS in 1915 and Gal?lipoli and to a vet?eran of a war much fresher in our minds, Viet Nam.

Firstly, I pay trib?ute to my great-grandfather Harry Crozier. I never really knew him and he died many years ago. Harry served in the Gal?lipoli cam?paign and thank?fully came home alive, albeit with only one working leg. I know he spent con?sid?er?able time in Rotorua con?va?lesc?ing and learned to carve Maori carv?ings as part of his reha?bil?i?ta?tion.

The sec?ond per?son I pay trib?ute to is a guy who truly epit?o?mises the ANZAC spirit. He is an Aussie, liv?ing in New Zealand, who fought for New Zealand in Viet Nam. He is mar?ried to a Kiwi and has three Kiwi kids, and four Kiwi grandkids. He is also my father-in-law.

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ANZAC Day – The band played Waltzing Matilda